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Why you should go camping this year

Corona keeps the world in suspense and leads to uncertainty. Can you even go on vacation this year? Reason enough for a camping holiday: it is spontaneous, flexible and fun. You can find 10 more reasons here.


1st reason: feeling of freedom

Caravan hung on the car or the tent in the car, get in and off you go. As a camper, there are, at least it seems, an infinite number of options when it comes to summer vacation. Planning your summer vacation is particularly difficult in times of Corona – not so when camping. Driving out spontaneously is relatively easy here. If you don’t like it in one place, you just travel on. So, as a camper, you can travel flexibly according to the motto “here today, there tomorrow”. In addition, it is casual in your own caravan: Too late for breakfast – there is no such thing. Sweatpants and slippers instead of jeans and shoes – no problem either! Because unlike in the hotel, you can have breakfast when you want and how you want. In contrast to everyday life, pure freedom!

Reason 2: Vacation close to nature

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Holidays in nature are a perfect change from the stressful everyday life. Many campsites are located outside of towns and cities and therefore ensure pure relaxation. Here campers are often by a lake, by the forest or in the mountains: perfect for hikes, bike tours or walks. You can experience even more nature when camping in the wild. A big difference to the hotel: if you open the door of the room, you stand in the corridor. However, if you open the caravan door or the tent, you stand outdoors and can really breathe deeply.

Camping is also good for the climate: avoiding the plane saves a large amount of CO2. A growing number of campsites also attach great importance to climate friendliness, which campers can recognize through certifications, such as ecocamping.

Reason 3: Family-friendly vacation form

Camping is the ideal form of vacation for families: a campsite is often a single, large adventure playground for children. The children are not only much outdoors, but also often more independent. In addition, many campsites offer extensive childcare and entertainment for all ages in the summer months, so that there is no boredom even during a longer holiday. There children also meet their peers, with whom friendships quickly develop.

For families who can only spend little time together in their everyday work, school and hobbies, a camping holiday is a great opportunity for more time together. In the evening you usually sit together in or in front of the caravan, talk about the day, eat or play together. The caravan itself also does its part: due to the small space, you automatically slide closer together as a family.

4. Reason: Experience community

camping community

Hardly any other form of vacation brings people together as quickly as camping. Because all guests have one thing in common at a campsite: They prefer to travel in their own caravan, camper or tent. You usually get to know the neighboring camper particularly quickly. Conversations about past trips, funny camping experiences or just about the vehicles are real icebreakers. Helpfulness is also very important: if something is missing or something is broken, you are happy to help out. At campsites, people like to sit down for a cup of coffee, a barbecue or just to talk. So many friendships have already developed, some of which last for years.

5th reason: deceleration

On vacation you want to leave the stressful everyday life behind and come to rest. This works best if the vacation is designed the way you want it. This also means that there are not necessarily fixed times for breakfast or lunch. All of this is accomplished on a camping holiday. On campsites you take more time to chat with other campers, for an outdoor coffee or to start the day.

forest freedom

To get away from everyday life, the “Digital Detox” has also proven itself in recent years: It is about taking a break from social networks, e-mail inboxes and continuous accessibility. Many campsites now also have WLAN, but often only in certain areas or for a fee. This makes it much easier to put the cell phone away for a long time. On particularly remote campsites it sometimes happens that there is no cell phone reception. Deceleration works not only in nature (see point 2), but also very well on small and quiet campsites.

6th reason: price

A big advantage of camping is the price: Compared to hotels, a lot can be saved here. If you go on vacation with your own car, you save your wallet even more. Of course, it should not be forgotten that a caravan is not cheap to buy, but it (hopefully) will prove itself as a loyal companion for many years. And even without your own caravan, nothing stands in the way of a camping holiday: with the tent you not only feel closer to nature, but also save a lot. In the meantime, however, there are also many platforms on which caravans are available for rent.

A camping holiday with your own vehicle usually proves to be much cheaper, especially for large families: the accommodation is already available and the food can be prepared in the kitchen itself.

However, the costs are also heavily dependent on the campsite: Large sites with many offers and a lot of programs are usually significantly more expensive than those that concentrate on the essentials. Here it is important to consider in advance what is more important.

7th reason: dog-friendly

dog friendly

Holidays with your four-legged friend, especially the search for suitable accommodation, can quickly become a challenge. You have found perfect accommodation, but dogs are not allowed? The dog is a family member that you don’t want to be without even on vacation. So something else has to be looked for. This problem rarely occurs at campsites: dogs are allowed on most pitches, and large pitches often offer areas for campers with dogs. In many places there are also other offers for dogs, including fenced meadows, dog showers or separate dog beaches.

Another important aspect is that vacationing for dogs is often very stressful. They do not know the area and are far from enthusiastic about long car journeys. If you travel with the caravan, you can familiarize the dog with it beforehand and get used to it.

Reason 8: minimalism

Camping is a minimalist way of traveling, true to the motto “less is more”. There are now caravans with very generous space, but in most of them there is a lack of space. With families in particular, only the bare minimum can often be packed. The limited payload capacity also plays its part: in order not to overload the caravan, you have to concentrate on the essentials. Those who travel with the tent have even less space for luggage. And after a few days you realize that many things that seem essential for survival at home can still be dispensed with. Maybe the camping holiday also inspires you to really clean up at home and to separate yourself from everything superfluous there.

Reason 9: No bad surprises

Have you ever had the bad luck of being disappointed by a holiday in a hotel? Maybe the hotel room was not as clean as you expect it to be? Or was the breakfast buffet not as extensive as you wanted it to be? You won’t experience such nasty surprises in your own caravan or tent. Here you know exactly how the beds are, how clean it is and what you can expect from breakfast. Thanks to camping guides such as the parking space radar, nasty surprises at the campsite can be avoided.

10th reason: nostalgia


Were you on a camping holiday with your parents or grandparents as a child or teenager? If you answered “yes” to the question, you will probably remember beautiful moments, exciting experiences and possibly friendships that resulted from this. So why not revive the nostalgia and maybe visit the campsite you were at as a child? If you have your own children, you can tell stories from the past and have exactly the same experience with your own children. In many years they will probably think back just as nostalgically.


Thank you for reading our block. I hope you enjoyed it and you were able to take some useful tips with you.
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