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4-Wheeler | ATV | Quad

Here you will find your new ATV / 4-Wheeler. We offer you high-quality ATV’s to accompany you on long camping or hiking tours. Likewise, the quads can be used as work machines or for transporting people. For years we have been selling in our Store ATV’s various manufacturers. Now you have the possibility to order your new 4 Wheeler in our online shop and get free of charge. Of course, you can also view our offered ATV’s in our physical store here in Wyoming. If something is broken on your ATV, we can repair this in our specialist workshop. We also carry out various modifications in our shop.

Everything worth knowing about Quads / 4-Wheeler

Who is allowed to drive you, which accessories is necessary and how does it look like with security and approval? We answer all questions about quads and ATV.

Protective clothing is recommended
Training helps to avoid accidents
Check the driver’s license class before driving

Nasty tongues claim that Quads united the disadvantages of motorcycles with those of cars: they need almost as much space as a small car, and in the rain, the drivers become the same way as on the motorcycle. In addition, they are relatively often involved in severe accidents.

Nevertheless, they also offer some advantages: in the grounds, they bring a lot of fun because of their high driving dynamics. In forestry, they often belong to the fleet because they can be controlled in the forest that can not be achieved with larger vehicles.

Definition: What is a quad?

A quad is a four-wheeled motor vehicle with a bench for two, rarely also three people. They are available in different sizes and motorizations. The name comes from the English and is a shortening of “quadruplet”, which means fourling. Some quads are also referred to as ATV. This abbreviation stands for all-terrain Vehicle. In contrast to sports quads, these usually have a four-wheel drive, are therefore released and particularly suitable as tools. Another design is the so-called Side-by-Side Vehicles (SSV). Here drivers and front passengers sitting next to each other (Side by Side) under one roof.

How safe are Quads / 4-Wheeler?

Quads have special driving characteristics that are more likely to get used to quad newcomers and are not comparable to those of other vehicles such as bicycles or cars. Therefore, especially in inexperienced drivers, it often leads to serious accidents.

On the one hand, many mostly simple quads – unlike all other multi-lane vehicles – have no differential/compensation gear. This drives two wheels so that they rotate in curves differently quickly and the driver can guide the vehicle well. If a vehicle has no differential, turning all the wheels quickly and drive the vehicle straight out from the curve in extreme cases.

On the other hand, quads often have balloon tires that are driven with relatively little pressure and therefore address only indirectly on steering maneuvers. They react in curves time delay, but suddenly and violently on the steering angle. As a result, many drivers initially steer too much. Because of its high focus and narrow track, the quad can then tilt when the driver does not shift the weight sufficiently inside and quickly retard. The rule applies: the narrower the track or the higher the focus of the vehicle, the more pronounced are the described driving characteristics.

On the street, the evil can end, because here very precisely has to be driven, for which quads are only conditionally suitable for the above-mentioned points. If you still want to drive longer routes over paved streets, you should necessarily exercise sufficiently, because experience is particularly important for quad driving.

Where and how can you train the quad driving?

Our experts recommend: Familiarize at least one day with the technology and driving behavior of the quads and practice quad-driving in a locked terrain on relaxed as well as firm ground. For this purpose, for example, a traffic exercise place is suitable for this purpose.

Do Quad drivers have to wear a helmet?

We definitely recommend wearing a helmet to protect. Even if it is not prescribed in many states, you should always think about your safety. It can always happen that one has an accident with the 4-wheeler in the forest or on the road, a helmet protects the head of the driver and the passenger enormously!

Need ATV driver protective clothing?

Our experts recommend wearing protective clothing in quad driving in any case. Clothing from the motocross area is particularly well suited. Above all, good motorcycle boots are important, as in case of accident legs and feet the most common damage, as well as gloves.