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5 Tips For A Successful Microadventure Right On Your Doorstep

Do you dream of packing your rucksack and just setting off? You are not alone there! It is worth trying – thanks to Microadventure you can easily integrate more nature and freedom into your everyday life. We have collected six tips for you on how you can get started right on your doorstep – and do it as sustainably as possible.

Get out into nature, breathe fresh air instead of city foul, let the adventure come your way and simply forget the meticulously planned office and leisure stress – that sounds tempting? We have collected ideas for you with which you can escape your everyday life in a simple and uncomplicated way.

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What distinguishes a microadventure?

A microadventure is more than just being outside: it’s about doing something that you would otherwise never do and leaving your own comfort zone in the process. Alastair Humphreys from Great Britain is considered to be the forefather of the micro-adventure. He did not invent the mini-expeditions on his own doorstep, but gave it a name in 2014: Microadventure.

The most important basic rule: leave everything as you found it!

Which adventure you choose and where you are headed is entirely up to your own decision. The most important basic rule that you should adhere to is: “Leave everything as you found it!” So ​​that micro-adventures remain a pleasure for everyone, including flora and fauna, we would like to introduce you to options that are as sustainable as possible.

Tip 1: Sleep outside

Our tip for beginners and spontaneous micro-adventures, which can even be integrated into everyday office life: Sleep outside!

Have you ever stayed in your own yard? Or have you long wanted to visit your friends again, who have a large property with a garden pond? Spending the night on private land is not only a way of finally meeting the fox that sneaks around the house at night, but is also the most environmentally friendly way of spending the night in nature. Otherwise, we recommend that you look for legal trekking spots that you can find all over noth america and canada.

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Choose a night without precipitation and with pleasant temperatures above 50 degrees fahrenheit, then the experience will also be a pleasure and not a pain. So grab your sleeping bag and sleeping mat (or even your hammock) and additional equipment such as a headlamp or flashlight as well as a camping stove and some dishes and provisions. What equipment you actually take with you is primarily a question of your personal ideas about a night in the open air. In addition, you know best yourself whether you are more of a fan of ultra-light tours or more comfort.

Tip 2: Wild camping

For many the epitome of freedom and life: wild camping. It usually goes a little further than if you simply set up your sleeping place for one night in your immediate vicinity. Regardless of whether you are traveling by car, your own camper or even by bike: Choose your sleeping place carefully and get the permission of the owner on whose property you want to settle.

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Incidentally, depending on the federal state, different regulations apply, which you should urgently adhere to. One of the basic rules is that wild camping is prohibited in nature reserves and other protected zones. Making a fire is only permitted under certain conditions. We recommend you: Use sustainable hygiene products and: Follow the relevant regulations and leave no trace!

Tip 3: A touch of survival

Of course, you can also attend a survival camp for advanced learners. For the beginning, however, it could be a challenge if you go to your local forest or the next mountain and try to find your way there. Do without a smartphone or GPS tracker and try to navigate with a compass alone or with natural path markings. Make a fire without a lighter, look for edible wild plants and build your own home from logs and leaves.

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Tip 4: Backpack vs. bike tour

Is your backpack gathering dust in the corner or on the shelf? It doesn’t have to be – the most elegant solution to get your backpacking life going again is to start in front of your own front door and spend a weekend with your backpack exploring your own surroundings. The agony of choice: trekking tour or bikepacking?

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Tip 5: Microadventure with family?

“I can’t just tackle a micro-adventure, the children…!” Yet nature is an ideal space for movement and learning for children. Especially the little ones among us benefit most from such experiences and unimagined adventures in the natural surroundings. It doesn’t have to be that far away – a night in the yard at home, a piece of forest nearby, a canoe trip on the lake or the highest hill in the area are just as good a piece of the happiness of freedom. Even a camping trip with the whole family harbors a lot of surprises and adventures.

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Micro adventures let you feel the wind of freedom and are a great way to experience something new and recharge your energy reserves. There are countless ways open to you to experience your own perfect adventure and the best thing about it is: You can start right on your doorstep! You are responsible for yourself and your actions – therefore, remember to act as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible so that micro-adventures remain a pleasure for everyone.

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