7 more camping hacks for the comfortable life in indie campers

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Either you love it or you hate it. I love it – CAMPING. My parents shaped me as a child. The best vacations were with our caravan in Italy and France. I am a camper girl. The past few years, however, I have been traveling more with my tent at festivals. For our summer by the sea in Portugal, however, I decided to go two weeks with an indie camper through the country.

The first few days you have to find your way around a little, find a place for every object and ideally keep it there again and again, because otherwise you won’t find anything else in the confined space. However, once you have settled in, absolute freedom is simply amazing. How many times have we slept on a beautiful cliff overlooking the sea. No hotel can offer you that. To make camping life a bit easier for you, I have collected my 7 camping hacks here, which will make life in the van a lot easier and more pleasant.

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Camping Hacks # 1: The most important item – the clothes peg

This small device, which we pay little attention to in everyday life, is essential for camping. First of all for its intended use – to attach laundry to the line. The coast is sometimes quite windy and if you don’t want to look for your clothes on the cliff, fasten them with clothes pegs.

muell zumachen mit waescheklammer

They are also perfect for locking everything. I find it most practical for the trash bag. Pinch open, garbage in, pinch closed and done! By the way, I would never leave rubbish on the floor outside. Either an ant colony is approaching you, or the next dog or cat is enjoying it. And what else the clothespin can do: hold toothbrushes.


Camping Hacks # 2: Best camping lighting ever – a water bottle with a flashlight

The sun has set, you still want to eat comfortably in front of the camper, but – there is no light. Candles are highly romantic, but you can’t really see what you have on your plate with them. The best light source when camping is a 7 liter water bottle, to which you either stick a flashlight or simply hold the flashlight app on your smartphone. That makes a phenomenally good light. I was really blown away.


Camping Hacks # 3: A cleaner for all situations
If you don’t have something in the camper, then there is space.

That’s why you have to try to take as little as possible and pack multifunctional things!

We had to hand in our indie camper with table and surfboards clean and cleaned again. We had DanKlorix with us because it can be cleaned so much that it is totally practical for the trip with the camper. I chose the original hygiene cleaner with active chlorine. Especially in the camper, if not everything is always 100 percent clean and you spend a lot of time outside, you need something to clean that also eliminates germs and bacteria.

surfboard reinigen

What you can use the cleaner for:

Cleaning equipment and camper and removing algae. There is a lot of dirt, algae and bacteria on the surfboard in particular.

Removal of bacteria (e.g. in drinking water canisters, water bottles). But also for surfaces on which food is prepared. Then rinse carefully with clear water.

Cleaning shoes. When you are back home and your sneakers look a bit worn after your vacation on the beach, you can use DanKlorix to clean the shoes and keep them fresh. This is not only possible with white shoes.

But always read the exact instructions.


Camping Hacks # 4: Your friend and helper – the dry shampoo

Those who want unlimited freedom are often far from sanitary facilities. For the beautiful view, you can also do without the daily shower. If you still want to look a bit handsome, I recommend using a dry shampoo.


You can buy this in theory in a spray can, but you can also mix it yourself much cheaper and with ZERO WASTE in mind. I just mixed corn flour with a little salt and a few drops of fragrant oil. My dry shampoo is ready. If you have dark hair, add a spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder.

trockenshampoo selber machen

Camping Hacks # 5: Wrapped up and tidied up

During my camping holiday I quickly noticed that there are a few objects that just always fly around in the van. For example, the toilet paper. On the coast, especially in Portugal, it is often really damp, so that after a few days the toilet roll is just a damp or dry piece of paper with which you can no longer do anything.

Therefore put the roll in a water bottle. So it is protected from moisture and you have a pretty cool toilet paper holder. In some toilets there is no toilet paper, even on campsites, so you have to bring your own. The role is in every toilet 1A.


Camping Hacks # 6: Holds everything tight – the tension rope

The first thing I bought after a day in our indie camper was – a tension rope. This is also multifunctional. You can use it to fasten your suitcases while driving, fix the kitchen roll and use two tensioning ropes as a clothesline.

spannseil als wascheleine
kuechenrollen halter
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Camping Hacks # 7: Also good to know

Now a few general tips:

Take a jute bag with you on every camping tour. You can pack your cosmetic bag in early when you walk to the sanitary facilities or bring your groceries home.

When you go to the beach, you can hide the valuables in an empty sunscreen. Nobody steals that.

Also good – hide money in the tube of an empty lip balm.
If you want to grill – a mega good lighter is simply tortillas.

Have fun and remember:
Leave everyday life behind and still be at home!
Avoid everything superfluous and yet miss nothing!
Get to know the foreign and still feel familiar!
You can move on at any time and still not leave your nest!

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