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7 ways to have coffee outdoors | Outdoor-hacks

Regardless of whether you’re bivouacking outdoors or going on a multi-day hike: Many don’t want to (and can’t) do without coffee in the morning. We reveal how you can get your “black gold” in the wilderness without having to carry a lot with you.

1. For the hard-boiled: brew “Turkish”

Admittedly, this variant is something for the hard-boiled, but it doesn’t taste bad at all. Similar to “Greek” or “Turkish coffee”, you simply pour the coffee powder into the pot or jug and let it boil once. Let it rest briefly, then the powder settles nicely and you can drink the coffee without any lint between your teeth.


2. For glamor: mini espresso machine

We have developed a small, light and amazingly functional espresso machine for outdoor use. It contains a light water tank, a measuring spoon for coffee, a pump, a filter holder and filter as well as a coffee mug. Only the hot water and the coffee powder have to be added. The water is then pushed through by means of a manual pump – completely without gas or the like. Finished.


3. For Italophiles: Caffettiera

The classic Italian caffettiera, colloquially also called “espresso pot”, is absolutely nothing new and yet also works perfectly outdoors. Water in the kettle, coffee powder in the funnel insert – let it boil on the gas stove or over the campfire. The disadvantage is that you have to carry a lot of extra weight here.

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4. For those who are traditional: the filter coffee

Even a simple coffee filter, through which you can let hot water flow, has proven itself outdoors. For camping there are even separate, space-saving coffee filter holders that can be folded up.


5. For the exotic: Good Morning Vietnam

A combination of press and filter attachment is used in coffee-crazy Vietnam. EOE Achat brought the idea of travel with them and adapted the filter so that it fits in any normal drinking cup and thus saves space in the backpack. Lightly press the coffee powder and pour in hot water.


6. For weight savers: All-in-one cooking systems

If you are traveling for several days and are already planning to cook yourself at the campsite, you can use a space and weight-saving cooking system for the backpack, such as Jetboil offers to fall back. The “coffee press” is included as an insert.


7. For brewed: coffee powder

Pour on, stir. It couldn’t be easier.

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