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8 things you shouldn’t do at a campsite

We campers are a special people – and a committed community. That is why campsites are known to be quite relaxed and everyone can live (and vacation) as he wants. However, there are a few things that can really freak us out.

Here is our – not always meant seriously – list of the eight biggest pitfalls.

Mistake 8: Make unnecessary noise

Even if you are on vacation and your camper colleagues are generally relaxed, you should take a little consideration of your fellow human beings. Caravans and motorhomes have thin walls, so pay attention to the volume during celebrations, disputes or other (nightly) activities … This also saves you one or the other embarrassment!

Mistake 7: Do not empty the toilet in time

30 degrees in the shade – not only the holiday feelings sprout. The toilet chemistry also reaches its limits from a certain temperature. Therefore, in hot climes prefer to take away the Porta-Potti more often, the neighbors thank you!

Mistake 6: misuse common sinks

One painstakingly cleans his underwear, the next dumps his dirty water, the next but one rinses the family cutlery. In principle no problem as long as you don’t use the same pool for this. Most campsites have separate areas, which are also marked accordingly. If you are not sure, just ask!

Mistake 5: Ignore rest periods

There is sometimes a strict regiment, especially on German and Dutch campsites. This also includes the holy noon time, which must be observed. In these one to two hours, no motorized vehicles may be moved on the course. So if you want to leave the campsite at noon, you should plan your escape well and park outside in good time – otherwise you will be mercilessly locked up or at least sharply reprimanded. The same applies to the “curfew” in the evening.

Mistake 4: Do not clean sanitary facilities

Tufts of hair in the drain, mud on the shower floor, traces of sanding in the toilet – anyone who shares the sanitary facilities with what feels like 100 other people should take care and at least remove the roughest marks after use. Then nothing stands in the way of a harmonious and hygienic coexistence.

Mistake 3: Leave dog droppings

Most campers love dogs, but no one finds their legacies tingly – especially not at the campsite. Anyone who in the morning has no idea how to tap into the toilet in flip-flops and get stuck in a heap knows what we’re talking about. Incidentally, also an absolute no-go in view of the many children playing!

Mistake 2: Take camping too seriously

As a camper you automatically become part of a large, sociable community where formalities are out of place. Even if it is not explicitly offered to you – among campers this is “you”. Anything else could bring you irritated or even reproachful looks …

Mistake 1: Don’t greet

Even if you throw all the previous advice into the wind and go into the isolation you have chosen, you should never break an iron rule: Greetings at the campsite. Because hardly anything hurts our delicate camper soul more than being ignored by our neighbors.
So always keep in mind: A friendly “hello” or at least a polite nod is also welcome at the fifth meeting a day 🙂

What mistakes have you made while camping? What particularly annoys you about your fellow campers? Write us your experiences in the comments, we would be very happy to hear from you.

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