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A night in a hammock – tips

Spending the night in special outdoor hammocks can be very relaxing! Here are the instructions for the correct assembly …

Listen gently swinging into the forest and dawn away with a soft rustling of leaves: sleeping in special outdoor hammocks has something incredibly casual. You can find out how to make yourself really comfortable in your hammock in the article below …

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Here is the material you need for a hammock stay:

  • hammock
  • variably adjustable
  • fastening lines
  • Tarpaulin with pegs
  • Tension lines
  • Sleeping pad / underquilt
  • Sleeping bag

1. Select trees and stretch the hammock

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To attach the mat, find two trees that are as thick as a leg (distance from each other: 4 – 5 m) and loop the tension lines around them. Tighten until the mat rises at an angle of around 30 degrees from the lowest point in the middle (floor distance: approx. 50 cm). If you lie slightly diagonally in the mat, the hammock offers the most comfort.

2. Don’t forget rain protection

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In order to be able to sleep dry even during rain showers, you hang a tarpaulin over the hammock. High-quality hammocks with elaborately rounded sides and a clean cut flutter audibly less than cheap ones. The windier it is, the deeper you should stretch your tarp so that it doesn’t blow rain under it.

3. Driplines prevent water from flowing into the hammock

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Due to the wick effect, water runs over the mat tension lines into the mat and transforms it into a bathtub. This is prevented by “driplines”, short cords (10 – 15 cm) that are attached to all mat tension lines in the area below the tarp (anchor stitch knot). The rainwater runs off on them.

4. A sleeping pad protects against cold from below

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If you want to sleep in hammocks, you also have to protect yourself from the cold from below. The cheapest way to do this is with a thin sleeping pad that you put in – or push into the sometimes available compartment. So-called “underquilts” are more convenient: the ceilings, which are usually filled with synthetic fibers, are attached under the mat.

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