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Packing list for a vacation by the sea: tips for your beach vacation

The best time of the year is just around the corner: a beach holiday!

Our packing list for a holiday by the sea makes your holiday preparations even more relaxed.

Packing suitcases per se is only a small part of packing lists. So that your dream vacation does not become a nightmare – if you suddenly discover at the airport that your passports are on your kitchen table and health insurance does not count abroad – you should carry out a well-thought-out travel preparation . It’s so easy with our packing list or holiday checklist for a holiday by the sea:

  1. What should you clarify and get in advance?
    Time-consuming preparations such as extending your passport are important to spend a stress-free vacation. Also check in advance whether you and your family are covered by the appropriate travel and foreign health insurance and whether you have all travel documents together. You will be informed accordingly about recommended vaccinations. Comprehensive travel protection is important if you want to travel to distant countries. Also check the entry requirements of the holiday country so that you can apply for a visa in good time. Check promptly whether the flights go on time or the motorhome is ready. Ask your bank how you can withdraw cash abroad if necessary or whether you have the right credit card. Once all the bureaucracy is done, you can now turn to more enjoyable vacation topics to enjoy your summer vacation.
  2. Weather report from the holiday destination. How is the weather there?
    Before your summer vacation, take a look at the weather for your destination. The nights can cool down considerably compared to the days. A couple of pullovers or long trousers could be put in the suitcase for your summer packing list for beach holidays consisting of shirts, bikinis, swimming suits or shorts. Wind or rain jackets are always useful on windy islands and do not take up much space in your suitcase.
  3. Put together the first aid kit according to individual needs. What do I take with me?
    So that nothing stands in the way of relaxation, certain tablets or ointments belong in every first-aid kit – allergy tablets, blister plasters … Everyone knows their weaknesses: you yourself know whether you should take something against the fear of flying, whether your skin is very sensitive in the sun or whether you need a means of repelling mosquitoes and other insects in tropical countries. Get advice on mosquito repellent. There are big differences here. And definitely think about the international health insurance!
  4. Planning ahead: What actually needs to be in your suitcase?
    Before you start packing, you should think about what you really want to take with you and what the travel size looks like. In our packing list and luggage list for holidays by the sea, we recommend that you clarify in advance whether towels, beach mats and hairdryers are already available on site – you have already saved space in your suitcase. Find a few outfits that you don’t want to miss for the different activities during your vacation. If you are more likely to stay on the beach, you can take more than just a bikini or swimming trunks with you. General tip is a toiletry bag with sufficient equipment such as shampoo, toothbrush, hairbrush and nail scissors. Is it really worth taking four different sports shoes with you if you only want to do outdoor activities in a few days? Also think about your charger for your cell phone or smartphone, a socket adapter and sunglasses. My tip: create a well-designed holiday checklist that you can use for your arrival and departure.
  5. Space-saving and crease-free: How do you pack your suitcase?
    The biggest challenge when packing suitcases is to make optimal use of the available storage space. Especially if you are planning a flight, you will certainly encounter restrictions of the airlines regarding the suitcase size or weight. Roll up the jeans and shirts and fill up the shoes with your socks to make room in the suitcase. Your favorite pumps will stay in shape at the same time. Pack your blouses, dresses and shirts in transparent plastic sleeves: this will not crumpl your clothes. Do not cram your suitcase. You might need additional space for souvenirs or things bought on site for the return trip.
  6. How do you keep your suitcase tidy?
    You should put heavy pieces in the lower part of your case so that the other contents are not pushed down. Liquid cosmetics should be placed separately in sealable plastic bags. You can also put shoes in a plastic bag. This will keep your clothes clean and dry. Delicate laundry or underwear can be placed in a laundry bag. For the return trip, you can plan additional bags for your dirty laundry. Also think about a backpack and a packing cube, the so-called clothes bag. These are good additions to the case and also ensure order. The toiletry bag should not be missing either.
  7. What is the best way to mark and secure your suitcase?
    In addition to your address details, you can personalize your suitcase with a colorful suitcase strap or a sticker so that you can take the right luggage with you when you pick it up. Basically, of course, the more obvious the case, the better.
    Lock your suitcase with a fixed lock. If necessary, you can wrap it at the airport with stretch film and have it sealed to prevent dirt, scratches, tears and unauthorized access.
  8. What do you pack in your hand luggage?
    With your travel checklist, you should note that there is always a risk that your suitcases will be lost when traveling by air. This could be fatal for important medication. So carry the necessary medication with you. If necessary, you can obtain a written certificate from your doctor and inform the airline in advance. Everything that is valuable should remain with you. Think about a money belt. So pack your valuables such as jewelry, electronics and important papers in your hand luggage.

We hope you enjoy preparing your trip with the packing list for your vacation by the sea. Come back healthy and relaxed!