Boat Restauration and Repair Shop in Wyoming

We are glad to announce that we now repair boats and restore boats. Through the great demand in the topic of boat repairs, we have established our own department which takes care of your boat. For many years we have been specializing in the field of boat engine repairs and sale of new and used boat engines, so the logical step was also to offer the repair of boat bodies. No matter which repairs or conversions you want to make on your boat, we are the ideal partner in this area.

Specially trained staff can advise you extensively and competently on all necessary work steps.

Contact us today and we are happy to advise you.

Even complicated repairs or complex restorations are no problem for our team. Whether it is a boat of wood, GRP or aluminum. We are able to carry out all the repairs or reconstruction measures on your boat.

Of course, we will continue to sell new boat engines and boating spare parts as usual. These articles are available in the usual high quality and with the best service in our online shop!

If you are looking for a new dinghy, of course, you are still at the right address.

GRP repairs

It quickly can happen that a damage occurs on a GRP boat. Not taken care of the boat at the dock and already a crack is in the hull of the boat. We can help you fast cheaply. We repair the damage to your GRP boat and paint the affected area new, so your boat is ready for use after only a short time and no damage is recognizable. Even with the sale of a boat, it is important to repair all damages in advance to achieve a higher sales price.

GfK repairs
jet ski repair

Jet Ski Repair

Of course, sometimes something goes wrong with the jet ski. Either the shell has a crack or the jet ski engine is going crazy or not performing at full capacity. We can also help you with jet skiing. We repair all damage to a jet ski, regardless of the brand or manufacturer. Of course, we also have spare parts for jet skis in stock, so you don’t have to wait long for your jet ski to be repaired!

Aluminum Boat Repair

With boats made of aluminum it often happens that the connections of the individual aluminum layers become leaky. We can help you there by resealing the aluminum layers. We can also weld and repaint cracks in the aluminum sheets. If you want a special modification to your boat, we can of course do this for you and convert your boat as you imagine it.

Aluminum Boat Repair
Boat Customization

Boat Customization

Would you like to rebuild your boat? Would you like to have a special component on your boat? We can help you. We specialize in complex conversions of boats and dinghies. Do you want to have another or a different engine, a sunscreen on your boat or an interior conversion to your boat? Then you are exactly right with us. Our mechanics are always looking forward to new challenges.

Worldwide Shipping

Of course, we also ship all spare parts worldwide at reasonable prices. If you are looking for a special spare part for your boat, which we have not listed in our online shop, you can easily contact us and we try to get this spare part for you and then send it to you.

boat spare parts
Cosmetic Fiberglass Boat Repair

Cosmetic Fiberglass Boat Repair

If your boat, which is made of fiberglass, is damaged even more, we can of course help you. We can also rebuild complex structures from fiberglass and repair them. Our employees are able to redesign all shapes and components made of fiberglass.

Boat Engine Repair

If something is wrong with your boat motor or your outboard motor, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please read our special page about repairing boat engines.