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18 must-have accessories for the caravan

We show you the most important camping accessories for every caravaner. You should always have these 18 things with you. Plus: tips on what to look out for when it comes to camping accessories.

After buying the first own caravan, there are still yawning emptiness in its cupboards and compartments. Suitable accessories are required to make the vacation possible at all.

Since every caravaner has different requirements, a general packing list is not possible. Anyone who likes to eat pasta needs a colander rather than someone who doesn’t enjoy Italian pasta. But many other utensils are indispensable for camping holidays.

Particularly pleasing for the wallet: Some things can easily be packed away from home for the trip. For example, caravaners do not have to buy bed linen and towels separately. It can be different with sheets: Because caravan mattresses are often cut unusually, some manufacturers offer tailor-made products. However, if you are bothered by loading and unloading after a few vacations, you can add these things later. For some parts, the purchase of special camping items is advisable – or even necessary. Because with the good, heavy porcelain dishes you have little or no joy on the go. That is why unbreakable, lightweight camping tableware made of melamine, enamel or bamboo is a sensible, yes necessary purchase.

Sample list for camping accessories

We have put together a practical basic equipment from our range. Of course, the selection can be adjusted according to personal requirements. If you are sure that you will always find a fresh water connection directly at your place, you may prefer to get the hose cassette instead of the filling can. The same applies to disposal: if a waste water tank is installed, the wheelchair can be dispensed with. The basic package costs around $ 200. And if you pay attention to quality, you will enjoy good accessories for a long time.

18 essential camping companions

Support plates made of high-quality plastic, which are supplied in a set of four. The documents prevent the crank supports from sinking into soft ground. Practical: the handle makes it easier to place it underneath.

Don’t save on the cable drum. Use a robust, splash-proof version with a plug suitable for camping and a thermal protection switch. Ideally, 25 meters of well-insulated rubber cable with three 2.5 mm² strands are ideal. In addition to the CEE socket, this version also has two protective contact sockets, all protected with a hinged lid.

The fresh water supply is quickly replenished with a filling can. The pouring spout is provided with a ventilation channel so that the water can flow out easily.

Anyone who has a fresh water tap nearby is well served with a fresh water hose. The water tube with connections and accessories is particularly compact and therefore easy to store. The robust flat hose can withstand up to 25 bar and has an automatic safety feature, which prevents the cassette from being destroyed if the hose that is not unwound is inadvertently pressurized.

If the campsite has its own sewage drain, a sewage hose will do a good job. There is no constant water disposal. The highly flexible spiral hoses available for this purpose are available by the meter in different diameters.

The gas content meter recognizes the filling level of gas bottles. Suitable for steel and aluminum gas bottles.

Tissue-reinforced universal adhesive tape, so-called power tape, is Camper’s all-purpose weapon for makeshift repairs. It is extremely resilient, waterproof and sealing. Short pieces are easy to tear off and it sticks like the devil.

The small camping light is the handy light source for the evenings in front of the vehicle.

Cleanliness is also a virtue for caravans. To sweep sand or leaves out of the caravan, the folding broom is well suited – the small pack size is ideal for campers. Its brush width can be increased from 19 to 26 centimeters with one hand. Thanks to the telescopic handle, it is easy to stow away and the matching dustpan is included.

Sun sails, awnings or awnings can be fixed to the ground efficiently and without great effort using screw pegs. We have put together a comprehensive starter kit that covers almost all eventualities with several screw pegs in two sizes, 30 hooks, 2 stone drills and the necessary combination tool – all neatly packed in the storage bag provided.

The tent hammer made of impact-resistant aluminium is ideal for hammering in conventional pegs or tent pegs. It is robust and feels good in the hand. The hook at the end of the handle helps you to pull out the anchors later.

The camper needs ramps to compensate for uneven terrain. Classic wedges create a height compensation of up to 10 centimeters and can be loaded with a maximum of 4 tons.

An additional adapter is required for connection to the vehicle. This rubber cable with 3 x 2.5 mm² is 1.5 meters long and has a CEE plug for power consumption on the cable drum as well as a CEE angle coupling with a Schuko socket on the back for external connection to the caravan.

Sanitary liquid poured into the cassette of the toilet prevents the formation of undesirable odors and helps to effectively decompose faeces and toilet paper. Blue additives such as sanitary fluids or those produced from an ecological point of view are common
Special toilet paper is ideal for cassette toilets. The two-ply. It is soft and particularly easily soluble, which prevents blockages in toilet and sewage systems compared to commercially available toilet paper.

Fresh water cap with hose connection and usable on the common filler neck with bayonet lock. It is suitable for water tanks with or without an overflow, because the spring-loaded sealing surface allows air and water to escape automatically at the filler neck even at low overpressure.

The pride of every camper is an accurately set up awning. A boom tensioner does a good job with the crease-free construction. Its hook is clamped to the tube, and the locking mechanism allows the rod to be clamped with the desired pressure without dislocations and with little effort.

A tank is ideal for disposing of waste water. The mobile waste water tank is placed under the caravan and its flexible connection hose (1 meter) is attached to the drain pipe. The pull-out transport handle, the solid wheels and the large emptying opening make it easier for the camper to dispose of waste water.

Does it have to be a branded product?

In numerous comparative tests, the retailers’ own brands have repeatedly proven that their quality can keep up with the most expensive brands. We also sell certain items under our own label that are manufactured by the accessories specialist.

With camping-specific equipment such as tables and chairs, money can be saved without having to accept major losses in quality. The supply of water and electricity is essential. There are a few rules to follow: The power cable must have a diameter of at least 2.5 mm ^ 2. If a cable drum is used, it must be water-protected and equipped with safety plugs. Due to these regulations, not every extension cord may be used.

Many practical items can be found here in the shop. For example, a quick coupling and screw connections with different diameters for the tap. Especially on older campsites it can happen that the hose cannot be connected to the tap. It is therefore advisable to have a large watering can on board. For hygiene reasons, hoses at the tapping points should not be used.

Would you have thought of equipping your caravan with a toilet brush? This is as important as many other things. Because the brush is small, light and costs little.

Even though almost every holidaymaker can find the address of their travel destination using their smartphone, information printed on paper provides security. A map is always advisable. Because if the navigation device and smartphone fail, the journey home will otherwise be an odd journey.

Supply and disposal accessories for campers

A camper must not shy away from sewage and sewage tanks. Emptying them with simple rubber gloves is more convenient and hygienic. For the sake of the environment, however, please do not use disposable models such as the so-called AIDS gloves. We have durable and robust designs for a small price.

So that the toilet does not smell unpleasant while on vacation, various sanitary additives are available. They are available as liquids or as practical tabs and are already pre-dosed to the volume of the sewage tank.

A clean garden hose is sufficient to fill the water tank. Although it is not food-safe, it is practical and inexpensive. It is important that it is always clean and kept away from waste water disposal. The easiest way to connect to the shore power is via a cable drum. These are available with a fixed plug.

Special dishes for campers

Camping-specific equipment should be used for mobile homes and stoves. Pots and dishes are noticeably lighter than conventional household goods – and less fragile. They are usually offered in sets for two or four people. Crockery and glasses should be made of insensitive material.

A cleaning agent should not be missing either. The spray bottle is suitable for almost all surfaces in the caravan and thus saves an extensive range of cleaners.

It’s the little things that have a big impact on comfort. A wide variety of objects can be attached to the caravan using Velcro strips. There are adhesive pads with Velcro for this. You will never have to search for the TV remote control again if it is attached to a horizontal or vertical surface.

It is particularly nerve-racking after arriving at the holiday destination when the contents of the cupboard have been mixed up while driving. This is remedied by anti-slip mats. Tip: The soft foam rubber-like material offers more grip than the hard plastic mats.

Large and heavy loads must be adequately secured while driving. Either lashing straps or tensioning straps are suitable for this. Ideally, they can be hooked into an outside storage compartment. The basic principle is to place heavy objects close to the axis and as deep as possible.

Professional tips for the right camping accessories

Do not save on quality – the basic equipment for camping is often used for years and should last accordingly long.

Store safely – the basic equipment should be ready for use quickly. It is ideal if you put together functional groups, such as energy or water, and store them in transport boxes.

Browse and browse – We are always offering new and practical accessories. Check back often with us.

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