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First-class camping furniture and practical accessories increase the vacation quality

When camping and almost every outdoor activity, very good camping furniture and a cleverly arranged equipment are very important if you don’t want to do without a relaxing holiday feeling. A good interior is very important for a caravan and mobile home, but nobody wants to spend their entire vacation in one room. Think about which elements are particularly important to you and what you do not want to do without at the destination or during longer breaks. Our range offers you camping furniture and matching accessories in a wide variety. When compiling our range, we paid particular attention to space-saving products. In most cases, these items can also be transported without a spacious living space in the caravan or motorhome. Many products are even suitable for transport in a small trunk or even in the saddlebags of a bicycle.

When the warm days invite you to spend the weekend or vacation in nature, everyone wants to use this time to relax and distance themselves from the stressful everyday life. This can mean that you go camping with the family, have a barbecue in the garden with friends or end the evening alone at the campfire. The easiest way to do this is sitting in comfortable camping chairs and hanging chairs or lying on camping beds, loungers and hammocks. Other very chic, useful and functional camping furniture for a relaxing outdoor trip are camping tables and cabinets. Now you just have to decide which camping furniture available here at will make your next trip even more relaxing. Have fun browsing!

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Today’s camping furniture is the multi-tasking professional among furniture for mobile people. They have to be robust, the camping furniture, space-saving anyway; that’s why camping furniture should ideally be foldable and stackable in order to take up as little space as possible. And at home they should be dust-free thanks to a cover. Today’s camper is particularly enthusiastic when it comes to camping furniture when it can be used for different purposes at different times: For example, when a practical chest is good for serving dishes at lunchtime and can be offered as a seat in the evening, or if nice camping neighbors come by for a chat. With such camping furniture, it goes without saying that ideally there is room for pillows and upholstery. In the large Camping Shop you will find high-quality camping furniture from well-known brands in the following categories:

– Camping chair
-Camping table
-Camping bed
-Hammock & hammock chair
-Cushions & upholstery
-Camping furniture accessories
-Camping cabinet

Camping furniture that simply belongs to the inventory – the folding chair

There is hardly a single piece of camping furniture that has as many people as precise an idea as a folding chair. When folded, it hardly takes up more space than a stick umbrella. It can be set up in seconds and often has highly enjoyable extras such as a sunroof, recessed cup holder or integrated footrest. In short: Among the chairs, it is clearly the most widespread and highest ranking. Because in such a comfortable folding chair you feel comfortable at breakfast in the morning: you can comfortably read, talk, eat, drink and listen to music in it. And in the evening, looking into the sparkling starry sky, which is reflected in the red wine glass, he does not let longing memories of the cozy couch at home arise. Camping furniture in the best tradition: the folding chair is one of them!

From minimalist to sophisticated – camping furniture is there for everyone!

Anyone who transports their luggage by bike or even on cobblers’ shoes actually has only one wish when it comes to camping furniture: they have to be stable – and they must not take up space. The good old folding stool is such a piece of camping furniture, which is of no importance whatsoever: thanks to its bow feet, it takes up almost no space in a backpack or saddlebag; at the same time, this foot shape is surprisingly stable, even on not quite flat terrain. But modernity has not left its mark on this piece of camping furniture either: Today’s folding chairs are not just part of the camping furniture basics. They have been available – especially for swimming pool, bathing lake or sea surroundings – with a very special coating. This so-called batyline fabric ensures that water flows off like a film. Camping furniture that is coated with this fabric is particularly airy, is extremely stable and tear-resistant and still complies with strict eco-textile standards with regard to the fact that only non-toxic substances may be used in the production of this camping furniture. But the high-tech version also applies to the folding chair, this archetype of camping furniture: First and foremost, it ensures that you don’t have to eat on the floor of the camping tent. And if you think even more minimalist when it comes to camping furniture: could it be a walkstool tripod stool? This tripod stool is much more than an extremely practical camping furniture. It has extendable legs, which makes it especially interesting for larger cyclists, hikers, anglers, campers … Of course, this also means that these extendable tubes can be pushed together very small and thus take up extremely little space. With this camping furniture in strictly minimalist design, the seat is made of comfortable and durable mesh, so that this extremely light camping furniture highlight lives up to its name, Walkstool.

On the other side of the open-top comfort scale when it comes to camping furniture, campers who prefer a permanent place for their tent or caravan for the most beautiful time of the year clearly have this camping furniture: camping beds in all variations, preferably as a beach lounger in bright summer colors, often striped in yellow and white or blue and white, with a roof that, depending on the weather, acts as wind or sun protection and under which it is wonderful to dream, doze, look at the water, sip cocktails and the white clouds lets look up. With such camping furniture, it is almost irrelevant whether you choose the heavier deckchair version made of wood with its sophisticated cruise celebrity feeling, or whether you prefer the lighter, more delicate version made of aluminum. The fact is: Whoever comes up with the topic of camping furniture on their sun lounger suddenly has it again, this yearning train around the mouth and the bright eyes that tell of wonderful summer experiences.

Camping furniture for living, cooking and eating outdoors – but please with style!

It is not just the modern campsites that amaze many visitors due to their extensive and attractive range of leisure activities, especially in the area of ​​wellness. The camping furniture itself today also offers exactly the luxury that an increasingly demanding clientele appreciates. Because camping is chic and very popular with young and old. The right camping furniture equipment starts with the right camping table. It is the center of the camping team. It is used for eating, playing, talking, discussing, celebrating with friends and especially in the evenings, this camping furniture factotum guarantees that everyone feels very connected to nature, but everyone has a place to put plates and glasses. So it is hardly surprising that today’s camping tables with their predecessors, e.g. B. the Formica tables, whose corners were chipped just as quickly as their surfaces looked dull, no longer have much in common. This can also be seen in how camping tables can be set up today. Anyone who remembers how often fingers or even the heel of his hand was trapped because the mechanism susceptible to rust never wanted as much as the person who tinkered with it will be pleased with the modern version: Camping furniture such as the folding tables from Outwell Halifax, for example, consist of functional aluminum and therefore come in an elegant design. And what’s best: you can set it up in a few seconds. By the way: You can confidently use the oilcloth blanket that was once ubiquitous on campsites to cover your garden furniture at home. Modern camping furniture, especially camping tables, have an elegant surface structure that does not have to be covered when you put on your shapely camping tableware, which glows in cheerful colors and once again accompanies you from morning to evening through a hopefully wonderful day at the campsite of your choice. Modern camping furniture can therefore rightly claim to be a pioneer of a new, more beautiful and more comfortable camping world, because that’s the only way camping is really fun.

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