camping in the usa

Camping in the USA

A dream that fascinates many more and more !!

A tour in the United States in a Camper? Wow, just what you need, to say finally I lived great!

But end it by dreaming too much, we have to make it real!

It is not impossible, the right tips and a great desire for freedom are enough!

You must always trust those who have a lot of experience, those who give lots of advice and those who recognize the best in this broad sector, especially in a country like the United States where the opportunities are thousands and only an expert in the sector can make you live an unforgettable holiday. … recommending everything you need so you don’t find yourself unprepared … a broad reason for why was born

The camping, especially in its more vintage version, was loved above all by those looking for an economic, practical and close contact with nature experience.

Today the campsites have evolved, they have built more and more comfortable alternatives to the tent, tending increasingly to the village formula both as services and as prices.

Camping is the form of tourism thanks to which you stay mainly in tents, caravans or campers in open spaces or in adequately equipped areas organized for a daily fee.

The most loyal customers of the campsites are families with children: these noisy kinship groups mainly choose seaside destinations.

In fact, if you have children, the choice is strategic, you do not use the car, the children are free to run around in the open air, they socialize a lot with other campers and you yourself are more free to enjoy the long-awaited moments of relaxation.

Precisely for this reason it is necessary that on the campsite there are facilities adapted to children.

camping on beach

Other regular patrons of the campsites are couples and groups of young friends. In the latter case, the aspect of economic affordability has a significant impact.

Camping is divided into two main strands: free camping and organized camping.

We say free camping with which the tent is placed in places where there is no organization (a beach, in the mountains, in a pine forest for example) and for which you do not enjoy any service. The thrill of this form of camping lies in being able to sleep in extreme and uncrowded places.

On the other hand, we call organized camping the one for which, after paying a daily fee, you place the tent, the caravan or park the camper and at the same time take advantage of a series of common services and equipped areas.

The concept of camping intended as a recreational and recreational experience was born in England in the early 1900s thanks to the intuition of T.M Holding who proposed to alternate a canoe cruise along Scotland with stops on the mainland to spend in tents. He was also the first to propose the birth of the first campers’ associations, subsequently spread also to the rest of Europe.


And who knows if Holding would have ever imagined that a new and exclusive form of camping would soon spread, known as Glamping: the camping that becomes glamorous.

An elegant campsite! As far as possible from everyday reality, in suggestive, natural and true environments without sacrificing comfort and a touch of flair.

So are Glamping all those campsites that can provide increasingly eccentric alternatives for sleeping and that do not give up elegance and attention to detail even in the middle of a forest or close to the sea.

camp fire

To rent a motorhome in the United States you must be 25 years old (some companies lower the minimum age to 21 but verified well).

After booking the camper, you must show up on the day and time established in the offices for collection.

As for the return of the camper instead, remember that you will have to bring the vehicle back within the established time to avoid additional costs and that you will have to clean the interior (unless otherwise agreed in writing on the rental contract). The company representatives will check the vehicle and then give you the ok to close the file without further costs (in particular for the generator and mileage as well as for cleaning and damage).

On American RVs there is really everything you need to cook and live comfortably. From the “basic” equipment (refrigerator, stove, oven …) very often you will also find a microwave oven, water boiler, American coffee maker, television, most obviously all dishes and cookware. And then the bathroom with the shower, the awning for the outside and the mosquito nets on the windows. Basically a small house! Two double beds and a single, in theory he would also have had a bed under the coffee table.

If you can adore living big, there is always the possibility to combine the experience of a fantastic camping with the “Coast-to-Coast” .. For an enrichment of life and soul, a set of experiences in a single chilling solution. Just thinking … !!

america camping

5000 km or, with some deviations even more than 6000 km, the “Coast to Coast” USA is one of the great itineraries of our planet that is worth facing at least once in a lifetime.

There are infinite versions of Coast to Coast and each will never be the same as another: the American territory is so large that it grants unlimited freedom in defining an itinerary from one coast to another.

You can perhaps go for the best known one departing from the bay of San Francisco, go south to Los Angeles and start following the historic Route 66, the most famous road in America which, crossing numerous states, reaches Chicago. From Chicago then head to New York, the big apple and the end of the road trip! Of course, there are countless variations and for all destinations we will find located throughout the national territory of camping to discover, and live: those who love blues music can deviate from Route 66 to follow the Mississippi to New Orleans, those who do not want to miss a jump to the famous parks of the west, before arriving in Los Angeles, could it cross Yosemite National Park and Death Valley or, why not, a few days in the salt desert of Utah? Everything is possible and infinite alternatives!

Route 66 was established in 1926 and remained in the American highway system until 1985. From Chicago to Los Angeles and Santa Monica via Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and finally California.

Today the old poster design has been restored with the denomination Historic Route 66 and those who wish can still walk the famous road, the protagonist of songs, literature, films and a symbol of American freedom.

In the USA and Canada, you find over 15,000 campsites.

From the most spartan campsites in national parks to large luxury campsites with swimming pools, supermarkets and restaurants. The most recommended and well known are the KOA campsites, Route 66 kampgrounds of America, which offer over 500 sites between the United States and Canada. In North America, in many campsites you can connect to the water, electric and sewage system (“full hook-up”). For electricity, you can choose between 30 or 50 amps, depending on the size of your camper and the number of people traveling with you. Another option is to choose between “pull-through” or “back-in” modes. Pull-through means that you can enter / exit the campsite without having to reverse. While “back-in” means that to enter you will have to reverse.

Many want to camp inside national parks. Most of the parks in the parks are spartan, and facilities such as swimming pools or full hook-up equipment are almost impossible to find. The campsites located within the national parks are in great demand and the places run out quickly. If you travel in spring, summer or even autumn, it is important to book in advance. Park campsites can be expensive, but the advantage is being right in the middle of the park, so you can be the first on the most beaten paths or on the most spectacular viewpoints. Free camping is not allowed inside national parks.

route 66

Often those who choose to travel through the United States are a lover of nature and boundless spaces or just American: one of the ways to discover this country by experiencing nature from very close is certainly camping!

This mode of travel and discovery is very familiar to American culture: almost every star-striped citizen has had this experience as a child and the country offers several options to satisfy everyone.

First, we specify that “camping” means both the most canonical tent camping but also the one with the so-called RVs (recreational vehicles), campers, caravans and vans, or even more comfortable cabins.

Clearly the basic and more spartan option that you can choose is to take advantage of a pitch in which to camp with your tent: keep in mind, however, that in this case, you may not find electrical connections or water points, personal or group (while RV spaces are equipped with both). The pitches usually have a bench with seats and a pit for the barbecue. Bathrooms are not the rule, and showers are often absent, so make sure before you opt for one facility or another.

Whether you choose to take your tent with you or rent an RV (on the net you will find several sites through which to rent a camper), the campsites are divided into public or private structures. On the Camping USA website you will find all the structures with the related information, divided by type and country.

Public facilities are certainly the cheapest and also include State Parks and National Parks, which depending on the type of services offered (wi-fi, hot water, showers, electricity, etc …) can also vary a lot in the price. If you are thinking of camping inside a National Park, know that places are limited and it is always advisable to book your pitch.

The private facilities are certainly richer in comfort and inside you can find everything you need, from shops to the spa! Here too, the accommodation arrangements can be varied: tent, RV, cabins, but also more curious and fascinating solutions such as airstreams, teepee, yurt, or tree houses! Take a look at the many offers scattered across the country by the famous camping chain KOA (Kampgrounds of America), specialized in everything that the camping experience can give you, but without losing sight of the comfort and enriching everything with activities various, especially dedicated to children, so that it can be a unique and unforgettable experience. They offer over 470 facilities located near major American cities and close to natural parks.

In many structures, it is customary to self-register at check-in: you will find a pencil and a sheet in which to indicate the free pitch of your choice on the plan, pack it together with the money and hole it in a special box: the rangers will pick up the money and to check that everything is in order!

The alternative for the more adventurous is that of free camping, in this case it would be advisable to inform you well and in advance since some States do not allow it, but also because, especially in the “wildest” areas, it will not be difficult to come across potentially dangerous animals , such as bears, coyotes, snakes …

caravan rv

The United States is a huge country where you have huge spaces where you can experience nature and get to know different worlds.

A truly unique country, where all the states that make up the nation are able to offer a vast range of worlds to explore. different from them and all with unique features that are truly worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

You could list hundreds of places where you can go camping, these are perhaps the best known and appreciated or in any case some of those that should not be missed on our camping excursions during the year under the banner of American beauty, adored and fascinating, which attracts even millions of tourists who go to America every year, from all parts of the world, primarily Europeans but not only.

To understand which campsites are inside national parks, you need to go to the official page of the national park you are interested in and look for “campground”. There you will find the description of the campsites and the link to the site where to book them, if they are bookable.

sunrise national park

1) Acadia National Park

It is located in Maine, among the things to do there are hiking, cycling, camping, carriage rides, and seeing the many natural features of the park during a tour by car or on the practical Island Explorer buses. You will find restaurants and hotels in hotels, resorts, holiday homes, motels and cabins in Bar Harbor and other cities outside the park, where you can also rent canoes, kayaks, sailboats and motorboats and sign up for fishing trips, whale watching and nature cruises. Autumn foliage is at its best from late September to mid-October.

2) Denali National Park

Let’s not forget that the large and beautiful Alaska is also part of the United States. The highest mountain in North America that exceeds 6000 meters in height, Different areas for camping within the park.

3) Yosemite National Park

Beautiful Sierra Nevada in California, one of the American states that have made camping a real lifestyle!

Yosemite National Park covers a large area, but the most spectacular and iconic section of the park is Yosemite Valley. This is a relatively small portion of the park, open all year round, where you will find many of the most popular attractions, including Yosemite Falls, Half Dome and El Capitan.

4) Saranac Lake

Beautiful place in the state of New York.A natural paradise of peace and tranquility with many activities and excursions, not far from the busy city that never sleeps …

5) Big Bend National Park

You know Texas is a bit characteristic … you have to appreciate it as part of a diversity that exists and is beautiful to visit, where you can admire characteristic landscapes and rocky places .. places that make Texas unique in its kind .

6) Sawtooth National Forest

It is located in the state of Idaho and includes 81 campgrounds, numerous bike tours, horseback rides, redfish Lake in Sawtooth Valley has a lodge with a marina, and hot springs across the forest are open to the public.

7) Arches National Park

Great place in Utah, in this place you can find over 2,000 natural sandstone arches, the best in the world. The Devils Garden Campground has 51 campsites available for reservation and is in close proximity to mountain bike trails and Dead Horse Point State Park.

8) Joshua Tree National Park

In California, Ryan is one of two campgrounds (the other is Black Rock) at Joshua Tree National Park that has a designated horse camp, Great, isn’t ‘it ??

yosemite national park

Obviously the list goes on for miles …. and we know them in detail to offer you the best support in an unforgettable holiday dedicated to discovery, charm, and freedom; for example Biscayne National Park, Florida. …;Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. …;Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina. …;Isle Royale National Park, Michigan. …;Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota. and many others…

There are different types of campsites to stay in: those of the large chains of RV Parks (such as Koa, SunRvResort and ThousandTrails), independent ones and those in State Park and National Park.

if you want to experience the crazy emotion of immersing yourself in the night peace of the American national parks (silence of nature, then man can make a nice mess and maybe a few bears), sleep under the starry sky of the Yosemite Valley or among the giant sequoias of the Sequoia National Park, or in the heart of the Zion or inside the Arches National Park or in the middle of Monument Valley, then yes, the pitches must be booked in advance, well in advance!

Each American state has a unique charm for campers, each has what is beautiful and characteristic that distinguishes it and which attracts the tourist camper, but these five stand out from all the others in that camping is a real institution, loved by all in addition to having very large beautiful pearls of outdoor space that deserve to be experienced: Colorado, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico and New York.

It is also very interesting to visit L, “Ocean Lakes Family Campground”, a division of “The Jackson Companies”, which is the largest campsite on the east coast and one of the largest in the United States.

waters nature mountains

The American has made camping his own choice and passion, A good part of the Americans as soon as they can organize themselves for an excursion of several nights in one of the thousands of available and beautiful places that the American state offers its inhabitants and where they can practice different activities and different sports during the stay.

The American people are perhaps the ones who most of all in the world practice camping even for short periods … in the company of friends, couples or families, where children can learn a lot while having fun.



With a passion that has lasted for some time, it is obvious and natural that there are also different ways of camping; all with their exact function where the camper can decide which one to choose based on his preferences, the time necessary, and the type of holiday he wants.

Tent trolley

It is a cart towable by a car, very well equipped inside which contains the poles and the rest of the tent structure.

When you arrive at the appropriate stop, the trolley is detached from the car and is opened with an umbrella, the structure so as to form a real tent. This type of camping is very convenient as it acts as a container for all the necessary equipment, and also the structure is robust and avoids flooding in case of rain to different from the simple tent.

The tent was the first and oldest equipment of the camper, being also the most economical solution.

There are vast types of existing tents, from the shape (classic Canadian tent, modern igloo tent), to the size and size (2-6 places); and also the materials from which it is made are different, such as: water-repellent cotton or synthetic fabric.

They are roughly made in the same way, a series of support poles and an external sheet and an internal breathable chamber

Caravan or Caravan

This is a species of living cell built in a special material (generally sandwich panels in aluminum or fiberglass) which is towed by a car; Inside it contains all the necessary elements of a home: gas stove, fridge, tables, chemical bathroom beds …

This type is usually used in a static campsite, although it can happen to see it used in a different way.

Furthermore, in the latter type it can be equipped with another accessory, the so-called veranda, which is nothing more than a tent with a metal structure, which is applied to widen the housing perimeter, the veranda is for daily use, while the caravan is used for the night.

Camper or motor home

The camper instead is a vehicle specially equipped to stay there at the time of stops.

Itinerant tourism is used as it allows you to stop anywhere without needing anything else, and must follow certain laws dictated by the highway code.

Air camping is a simple tent structure, which is applied directly to the roof of the car which can be accessed with a special ladder.


Mobile Homes: increasingly popular, these are prefabricated buildings with the amenities of a real apartment. Usually small in size but well organized, with bathroom and kitchen.

The Bungalows: these are wooden constructions, small spaces where the presence of the kitchen and services is not always foreseen.

Tucul: a very popular new entry, these are large cylindrical curtains inspired by those used in many areas of East Africa but decidedly more fashionable.

Yurt: it is a type of round-shaped tent of Mongolian origin which today represents a large tent equipped with every type of comfort.

Pod: an accommodation that embodies the concept of tent and bungalow. It is built in Scandinavian wood and has, for this reason, the great advantage of respecting the ideal thermal balance, it guarantees the coolness when it is hot and the warmth when the weather is harsh.

Teepee: in this case it is going to inconvenience nothing less than the American Indians, they are conical tents, very fashionable in detail and extremely accurate in detail.

In a nutshell to make a camping, it is useful to have a simple equipment necessary for the preparation of food, which consists of:

. portable camping stove, to carry also in the appropriate picnic areas, trekking etc … equipped with a flame guard to prevent it from going out easily. rudimentary cuisine; . dishes and special utensils, possibly in steel and bags of pre-cooked food;

. tables chairs etc ….

camping tent 2

Campers, caravans and tents offer completely different types of holidays, have different costs, and satisfy different needs. Nobody is better than the other, they are just more or less suitable for each of us, the difficult thing is to understand which is the “right choice”. Hence the question Is it better the camper the caravan or the tent?

Generally, young people start to approach the plein air world with a tent; Let’s say that it is often almost a requirement, you make your first holidays independently and you have little money available … What better choice then than a campsite and a tent that often costs only a few tens of euros?

The feeling of freedom, the sleep “in the open air”, the “rustic” life, the fact of being able to take my curtain and to be able to move where I wanted most in a few hours without the need for reservations, all these things for me they were priceless.

In addition, technology has brought significant improvements over the past 20 years. Long gone are the days when you became crazy to assemble the “Canadian” with all those “sticks” and you woke up all “crooked” for sleeping on mattresses the thickness of a cracker.

Today there are tents that can be installed in a few seconds or that even swell making the job even easier, limiting everything to putting a few pegs on the ground to anchor them to the ground. And to sleep? There are inflatable beds and mattresses that will not make you regret the one at home and sleeping bags that will keep you warm even if the temperature drops.


Tenda is also synonymous with simplicity, a few dishes, the bare minimum of cookware, a gas stove to cook the food you get daily because, being without a refrigerator, everything must be purchased at the last moment. For the most pretentious or for those who decide to make a long holiday in a tent while staying in one place, there are mountable cabinets and camping kitchens on which to place multi-burner stoves and other ingenious inventions to facilitate your stay, but know that the only one the limit in “furnishing” your tent in the best way is only your imagination.

In short, the versatility of a tent holiday is undeniable and still remains an excellent solution for those who travel by motorbike or bicycle. The advantages are: Economy; Practicality; Quick installation

Freedom to change your destination at the last moment; Versatility, while the disadvantages are humidity; Purely seasonal use; Often sharing with other tents on a pitch during peak seasons;

Privacy reduced to the bone; Being able to fold everything and put it back in the bags …

The caravan is undeniably cheaper than the camper and apparently with less maintenance costs.

The caravan is towed

It is necessary to check on the booklet how much is the weight that can be towed from your car and if you have a fairly powerful car, calculate that in addition to the cost of the caravan you must also add the assembly of the tow hitch and the homologation of the same.

Cars and caravans attached must not exceed a total of quintals or you will have to hire a license extension under the laws of the state.

Once the caravan is attached to your car, after having mounted the additional rear-view mirrors, you will find yourself driving a vehicle that will easily exceed 10 meters in length with a central joint and with everything that follows in the maneuvers, travel in winding roads and high-speed roads such as highways.

I believe that these difficulties mean that many caravans end up in campsites transformed into second holiday homes with lots of lovely wooden verandas becoming part of the famous “permanent”.

But if all this does not scare you, you will have at your fingertips a truly versatile vehicle that can be used 12 months a year. In fact, the caravans are completely autonomous like campers and have heating and water systems. Once you have placed your vehicle in a campsite you will have the freedom to be able to go around with your car and reach places that are difficult to reach with a camper because of its size. You can choose a “base point” to visit an area and return to sleep in the evening without having to necessarily move everything. By limiting your choice to a few basic points, you can therefore have an itinerant holiday.

you can also decide to “park” it in a campsite that will make you a seasonal flat rate and you can go there quietly every weekend without having to go crazy to load / unload the stuff every time, perhaps deciding to do the winter months in the mountains and those summer at the lake or the sea.

Advantages: Cheaper than the camper; Usable all year round

Convenience of having the car available;

Disadvantages: You need to have a suitable vehicle to tow it; Installation of the hook plus any exam to be faced for license extension;Difficulty driving and maneuvering it.

camping in a tent

… as far as the camper is concerned, they can be found in all sizes, in all shapes, with sloping ceilings, semi-integrated, vans, motorhomes, with or without garages, twin beds in the queue, transformable dinettes, drop-down beds … undoubtedly for all tastes, hard not to find what it does for you …

With the camper you will have full freedom to travel wherever you want, sleep in fabulous places, choose whether to stop in a campsite, a rest area and, if you feel like it, make a free stop in a normal parking or on the street …. The camper is the symbol of itinerant life, one day here and tomorrow somewhere else, just turn the keys of the vehicle and start looking for a new place we like, Advantages: Being able to plan holidays at the last moment; Usable all year round; It is like a second home, the vehicle is ready for every departure, just turn the key … Disadvantages: Cost of purchase and maintenance; Cumbersome vehicle sometimes difficult to find parking spaces; Camper vans are not always tolerated, especially in areas with a high tourism rate.

old camper

Of all the types of tourism, only one is synonymous with “living traveling”. Those who choose this road not only invest in a house on wheels, but embrace a very particular philosophy of life and a concept of tourism. A trip by camper, van or caravan is an incredible and unique experience of its kind, which allows you to choose where and when to stop depending on the occasion, changing your plans in the race.

Even in a tent you have the advantage of being able to enjoy your holiday in a family environment. The tent is owned, it has been carefully chosen, it has been equipped to make it more welcoming and more responsive to your needs. It somehow mirrors ourselves. From the dishes to the sheets, we took care of washing and checking the quality. For this reason, the tent is a bit like home. A welcoming environment which we must not answer to anyone and where relaxation is the maximum.

The tent holiday is definitely recommended for those who love to make good friends. The campsite is in fact the ideal place to meet people of all types and nationalities. Everything seems simpler when camping. Your neighbor is always ready to help you if you miss something and if you arrive late and have to assemble. Your neighbor invites you to the barbecue, he tells you about his adventures but he also knows when not to intervene and “get things done”. Your neighbor can become a great friend of yours.

The tent is easy to move around and you can always choose the area you prefer. The holiday in a tent or camper or caravan also allows you to make a huge number of friends, because all the neighbors and campers in general are people “at hand”, not a day goes by that we do not exchange favors or find ourselves eating with one or more families and, in a world where we no longer even know the faces of the people who live in our building, I believe it is something that enhances life.

For children, then, the tent is synonymous with adventure, it is a way of changing the air, of being outdoors for a long time in company with the people we care most about, who can like the sea to others, the mountain, well camping you can be at the beach or in the mountains or … even in both at the same time and therefore why spend more if there is a camping that has more things

All you need are certainly experts in the field who will tell you all the tricks and all the material you will need without forgetting anything, to live a great experience in all American was born precisely for be able to meet all needs, finding the best solutions based on your experiences, needs, preferences, to make your dream come true.



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