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Camping like a pro – 20 camping tricks from our community

If we had to describe camping in two words, we would say: personal freedom. You drive wherever you want and at your own speed. If you don’t like it somewhere, just go to another place. You are in a camper that suits you, maybe you have even expanded it yourself according to your own ideas. When camping, you go on vacation the way you want it.


Our community is doing exactly the same. Our campers are true experts in the field of camping trips. At our last meeting, we asked them to tell us their best insider tricks for camping. The result is a colorful potpourri of useful camping hacks, which we summarize in this crisp article.


The pack basics: what comes with it?

This is the crucial question: What should you put in your luggage for your camping trip? Sure, something to dress, something to eat, something to cook, something to sleep, something to wash off and something to wash yourself. It sounds sensible at first and not that complicated. Yeah, forgot anything else? Hmm, do you really need three sweaters for a weekend trip? And the inflatable boat? Do you use that at all? This is exactly what the inner dialogue looks like for many of us. Even though we packed our trunk for camping a couple of times.

After all, camping is always about minimalism. However, some utensils make camping life much easier for you and should therefore be on your packing list.

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We have various packing tips for you:


full refrigerator
Sheepskin on the camping chair
Garden water sprayer for rinsing or cleaning small things
Kitchen box for plates, pots, cutlery, salt, pepper, etc. so that everything can be completely removed when grilling and cooking outdoors

“Don’t forget the spice shaker!”, Take it with you. How often we had to buy salt on the way, even though there were still about 10 kilos lying around at home. By the way, pepper likes to hide in the cookbox and only reappears when you have bought a new pepper mill. Well, what you don’t have in your head, right?


If you need a detailed list to tick off, our article on packing lists might help.


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Travel independently: our community’s parking space hacks
What type of camping are you? Do you prefer to spend the night in well-equipped campsites or is the spontaneous search for parking spaces more your thing? The latter in particular can take you to unexpectedly beautiful places that hardly anyone else knows. Surprise with a dash of magic.


There are also some enthusiastic wild campers in our community. They try to be particularly self-sufficient on the road, which means getting water and electricity as far away from campsites as possible. Camping professional Achim therefore has a whole series of useful tips for how you can go camping without camping.


There is electricity at e-bike charging stations.
You get water from the cemetery with a watering can.
You increase the capacity of your camping toilet with a second cassette.
Stopover: residential area instead of rest area. There are often innumerable campers from local residents, between whom you do not stand out.

Would you like to learn more about how to find great places to stay? Check out our blog where we have more articles.


Well done: tricks for the campsite

For some, camping is the epitome of life in the great outdoors, for others, camping holidays are all about spending a good time with the family. Even a romantic vacation for two is sometimes even more comfortable with a little camping comfort. In Europe you will also find countless campsites in the middle of breathtaking nature. In an open clearing in the densely overgrown forest, your vacation will quickly become a fun hiking adventure. At the sea you suddenly discover an unknown world full of fascinating creatures. On the camping farm do you experience …?


We could go on dreaming forever, but we don’t want to withhold the hacks from our community. Stephan has already stayed in many parking spaces with his Northern Lights mobile. His tips for you:


park as close as possible to the sanitary block (for short distances to the toilet)
switch on the auxiliary heater in good time for a warm bus
Darkening of the windows to leave heat inside or outside

Andreas also advises that you should be the first to take a shower in the morning, because then there is still warm water.

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On the go: professional tip for the journey

Ready to go! You packed everything, stowed your travel bag and the other camping utensils safely. Everyone is buckled up and you’re ready to go. So you roll off. While driving, you suddenly hear a clatter and clink from the closets. Especially on the highway, it sounds like your complete tableware is celebrating a happy party in the kitchen cupboard. You are slowly beginning to fear that nothing will arrive safely at your destination.


Fortunately, camping crockery is designed for such a stress test, so it rarely breaks. You can see which alternatives are available when choosing camping dishes in the shop. No matter which one you choose, the clinking customs can be annoying in the long run.


The most important thing at the end: keep a good mood

Despite their individual preferences when camping, the members of our community are absolutely agreed on one point: the stress remains at home.

With these golden rules, our community campers always go on vacation happily:


-always stay cool
– arrive at your destination relaxed
– always enough wine on board

Do you have some great camping hacks in stock? Feel free to leave us a comment with your tricks and tips. We look forward to reading from you!

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