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“Camping? Excellent! There is nothing better! “OR” Camping? OMG, never! These gritty sanitary blocks! ”- There are only these two answers if you announce to the other person that you want to go on a camping holiday. Always have. Here are my camping tips, as always, very honestly.

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Finally camping again!
(Camping tips – travel reports)
Finally camping again, only in the rented campervan, but at least: pure happiness. After my three-month camping tour across Australia in 2013 and a few mobile home and glamping trips since then – the time had finally come again: for 14 days I was finally able to immerse myself in the exciting world of –

… of the organized parking space system, the problem of extension cable power, the “almost no need for a robe” credo, the “sitting long before the bus” feeling in the evening, the “pilgrimage to the bathroom at night” (stumbling over a dog at all times), the “no beer.” before four ”and“ getting wet immediately after getting up ”problem.

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A lot has changed since I started camping wild with my parents when I was four – on Lake Leopoldstein. But I have to say – even 40 years and several camping tours as a child, adolescent and student throughout Europe later – including Australia, I still like it. A lot. I love camping. Nevertheless, I admit that something, some things, many things have changed since then.

“So now we bring you – whether you want to hear it or not – our camping tour report” sing Pirron and Knapp. Here are my 15 (as always) honestly meant

Tips – honestly – about today’s camping.
1. Camping is by no means cheap. Unless you sleep on the air mattress in your own garden.
I swear: In 1992 I went shopping for 500 Austrian schillings for consumption in 1210 Vienna and was able to stock up on packer soups, noodles and Inzersdorfer cans for 4 weeks (!) Of a camper holiday in France. As a student, 500 shillings was a lot of money and I was sponsored by Mum. Today you get a parking space for one night for 2 people with WOMO and dog and electricity for 40 euros – at a so-called luxury campsite in Tyrol.

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2. Camping is not just camping. Today camping can be anything – including glamping.
Sleep in the tiny two-man tent or in the family living tent, in the 6m camper with wheel carrier, in the 8m motorhome with an electric car on the trailer, in the caravan (without a motor !!!), in the mobile home by the sea, in the barrel, in the tree or stilt house . We tried a lot – and also wrote about it:

3. A campsite is very rarely a “tent site” – more often a small town with sophisticated logistics and huge distances.
When I was 20 I was already at huge campsites in France and around Lake Garda, HUGE! At 45 on an equally large campsite in Croatia on Cres or Pag even more scary. But I have to admit: For families with enterprising kids, such a camping world is a huge playground. It was no different with us in Styria. Just smaller.

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4. Make no mistakes when you move into your parking space.
You are under surveillance – for sure. Take a look to the left of the long caravan from Germany: Yes, exactly. The one with the beer. Just.

Nowadays, choosing yourself is a luxury. If you want to have THE perfect parking space right on the water including dogs, you have to reserve everything in advance, just like everywhere else. So assigned parking space and there applies: there is always someone who is watching you. Especially if you park as a woman or if you accidentally have the wrong plug as a man.

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5. Never, really never forget the following utensils.
Extension cable, a longer extension cable, tension belts (ugs tensioner), washing-up liquid, waterproof slippers, another shred, another folding box, pegs and hammer (yes, also when driving a WOMO), clips (you can need for EVERYTHING, I emphasize EVERYTHING) , Sun protection in all forms (especially to build a sun sail). A clothesline is also good for many beautiful things (keyword sun protection). As I said: A summary of everything that a real camper needs for decades – give Pirron and Knapp (I always have tears in my eyes with laughter …)

This list is endless, as every camper knows. What you don’t really need these days, but was essential in the past: a can opener. Although: The colleagues from Lifetravellerz say: “You still need a can opener. Always. Still. ”And I believe them, because they are campers par excellence.

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6. In the past people asked for electricity when camping, today they asked for WiFi.
And you don’t have to be under 60 to do that. The most heard sentence in all languages by campers of all ages at the check-in at all campsite receptions across Austria during our camping tour was: “Do you have WIFI”? And I don’t have to say that many Austrian places can actually still be paid extra and by the hour.

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7. A caravan – this is the one without a motor to tow on …
– can be parked with children’s remote control nowadays. Gone are the days when we children and dogs had to stand at a safe distance and wait until the parents had set up the caravan with the adjusting wheel straight and flat – with pure man / woman power! Nope, now the plump German gentleman stands next to us, has a game remote control in his hand and the huge caravan buzzes itself into the right position. SPOOKY.

camping trip 12

8. Today’s camping dog
When we were children and camping in Styria by caravan, the Hundling at that time was always available somewhere close to the leash (mostly UNDER the caravan). No one asked about it, there were no extra dog regulations, no dog information sheets, no dog surcharge. We say goodbye to that now.

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Just a few keywords nowadays: dog fence demarcation, dog fence prohibition, dog zone, dog prohibition zone, gas bag dispenser, dog number limitation, dog bathing ban, dog leash obligation and very important: the DOG HERING. Even more bulky: the DOG PEG. All dog owners obviously have it. Except us. But it was the last time we camped with a dog without a dog peg.

If you need tips on camping with a dog – we are also experts – you can read here. Of course, also completely honest.

9. You no longer register at camping or wait until the farmer comes to the cashier and with the registration slip in the evening, but you “check in” – just like in a hotel.
You do this at the “reception”. You also have to wait on it, sometimes miserably, often with the petitioner’s nimbus.

You reserve online, receive confirmations, queue up, wait, be let go, have to show your passport or ID card (also in Austria) (“No, we don’t accept your driver’s license as ID!”) And once I even had to use my press card as an insert Leave night at the reception. In Croatia it is even customary to leave your passport at the camping reception throughout your stay. Not a good feeling.

There used to be a sign on the camping site: “Quiet from 10 p.m.” – Today, when you check in at the camping reception, you usually receive a miserable instruction about the opening times of the reception, billing times, dog regulations, bathing regulations, parking regulations, parking space regulations, breakfast roll ordering, wellness times, Access descriptions, magnetic card for the sanitary rooms, WIFI code, secret key, evaluation sheet etc. etc.

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10. Caravan campers nowadays travel with long drainage pipes and external holding tanks.
They stand and lie under the caravan all the time. Unsightly idea, right?

But it is even more unpleasant if you have to constantly look at these external drains on the evening campground promenade. We campervan drivers are more discreet. Incidentally, these waste-holding tanks (whether subtle or not) are always carried by the men to the chemical toilet – mostly pulled like a trolley – which I find incredibly funny. Here too: women, dare! Unfortunately I have no photo of that for you today.

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11. Then as now: Nothing is more exciting than the morning and evening promenades to the sanitary facilities.
You never stop learning. There is so much to see. First of all: other dogs. Afterwards: extraterrestrial-looking laundry spiders, dog camping beds, anti-sun constructions, luxury e-bikes, electric cars, dog bike trailer solutions, lounge furniture in the awning, cooking landscapes, functional outfits from combat campers, brilliant grillers, and much more.

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12. Campsites also have stars and rating portals. Hard competition.
Please answer everything on the questionnaire, then on Holidaycheck, then on Tripadvisor, then on the camping portals on Google, on Facebook and then please write a real report. Yes, sure, gladly.

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13. Lashing down Stow | Supply – “the famous three words” that every camper understands.
Or translated: something always clings. We already had it in Western Australia.

Or you just listen to the camping song by Pirron and Knapp (LEGEND! CULT!) Then you also know what it’s about. But you always have everything with you for a short stop in between: snacks, chilled drinks, fresh dog food – spontaneously at the most beautiful resting places and swimming lakes.

camping trip 18

14. What to wear to wear? Fewer. Even less.
Only what dries quickly. And rain protection. But more books. Always.

camping trip 19

15. “Right now is good”. Whose campervan is crooked at night notices every degree of inclination in the morning. I guarantee that, that’s what I stand for with my name.
If you are not a luxury camper and therefore have a spirit level integrated in the fitting as an indicator and you also have NO trained eye, you can download a spirit level app. You can also take a woman to camp with you, because all women I know have already installed a virtual spirit level in their invisible third eye. But men always prefer to have a technical gadget that they can trust. And I can assure you that my back will remember every degree that it is not completely horizontal. By the way: I had previously seen every degree that the app displayed on my cell phone.

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CAMPING: Two more clues – under the hand – among us:
Camping today (if you consider it a vacation) requires meticulous preparation. Spontaneously is different.
Unless you have your own camper almost ready packed in front of the house all year round (lifetraveller ore, I envy you!). If you don’t have that, start writing lists weeks in advance. Long lists. Otherwise, you tend to get angry about anything that you forget and that you have not thought of. We had everything with us this time. Everything. Except for the dog peg. The most beautiful pitches, the lowest surcharges, the best views, by the lake, by the river and with a dog zone – in between panoramic roads with nice rest areas, cultural spots and lots of nature – everything has to be organized and considered. If you don’t want to be a permanent camper.

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Even if it sounds unsportsmanlike, retro, old-fashioned and snoring boring: When camping in a tent, caravan or campervan, afford yourself the luxury of taking your own upholstery with you from home. Worth it.

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NOTE: We found our campervan at Gebetsroither Timelkam and paid for everything ourselves. Renate Moser was very accommodating to us with the pick-up times, thanks again for that! The bus was brand new and a Sunliving Flexo SP. By the way, dogs are allowed in all rental WOMOs, caravans and camper vans from Gebetsroither.

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Are you interested in a camping trip? Why not pack a few things and go out into nature. Camping doesn’t have to be expensive either!

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