Camping Under The Stars: Best Place in the US to Watch Stars While Camping

Sometimes smallest and simplest things can give you immense pleasure and happiness. If you are a camping enthusiast and love camping, then you must spend a night camping under the stars. Dark night, cold air, warm fire and bright stars studded in the sky – it can be an unforgettable moment of your life. Camping in a secluded place can help you to relax, spend some quality time alone or with your loved ones and breathe the fresh air amidst the nature. Nothing can be more fascinating and relaxing than this. If you are looking forward to go for a camping and spend nights watching the stars, then you are at the right place.

Camping needs proper planning for sure and not all places can provide you with a clear star-studded sky. If you want to spend a cozy and relaxing time camping away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then we are here to help you. Read on to get all the essential details about what you will need for camping so that you can watch the stars and what places are the best options for that.

Why to go for camping under the stars?

No one likes a monotonous life where one goes to work and come back home for some rest and again back to office the next day. You probably daydream about a vacation or to simply go to a place away from the busy schedule of your life where you can forget about everything. Does that ring a bell? Well, it is time for you to pack your bags and go for one of the best experience i.e. camping amidst the nature and watch the stars at night. Nothing can be more relaxing and unwinding than that.

There are some great perks to camp under the stars. Some of these are:

  • Helps you to relax: One of the best perks of camping in a place under the stars is that you can gaze the star-studded sky all night. This is quite relaxing and unwinding for many. Imagine you are lying down amidst the nature where you can hear the crackling sound of the fire and crickets. You are looking at the sky and it is studded with bright and beautiful stars. Doesn’t it sound really relaxing?
  • Induce better sleep: Too much of work pressure and stress can make your sleeping pattern a real mess. If you are not getting proper sleep, it must be because of the stress and worries. But when you are camping under the stars, it will soothe your mind and body completely. This can induce better sleep.
  • Makes you happier: Of course, people love vacation! And how often can you enjoy a quiet time alone with your friends or the loved one right under the sky full of bright stars? This can be a heaven for those who love night skies and stars. It will make you the happiest.
  • Great experience: There is no doubt that this experience can be a once in a lifetime experience. If you are in a dilemma whether or not to go for camping right in the middle of nowhere under the star-studded sky, then you must to do it. You find a unique peace in there.
camping under the stars

Hammock Camping: Hammock vs. Tent for camping under the stars

When it comes to camping right under the stars, people always get confused. The most common question that people ask is – is it better to sleep on a hammock or it is better sleep in a tent? Well, there is no straight answer to this. It depends more on people’s preferences and choices. While hammock can be quite fun, relaxing and can provide a better view of the sky, tents can be a safer option but you may not get a clear view of the sky. But the main purpose to camp under the stars is to enjoy the open sky and gaze at the stars till you fall asleep. Well, if you want that, then hammock is the right choice. When it comes with hammock vs. tent for your camping trip under the stars, hammock is always a winner.

Why hammock camping?

Hammock camping can provide you with one of the most amazing and best experience. The hammocks are much more affordable and are also easier to transport than that of the tents. No matter how the terrain is, you can still hang the hammock. With a slight swing, it can help you to relax and calm your mind and body down. Sometimes people love to sleep on the hammock as well while gazing at the sky full of bright stars in the complete silence. It is a pure bliss. Some of the best parts of hammock camping are:

  • Good view of the sky: One of the best part of the hammock camping is the openness. You can enjoy the clear view of the sky studded with stars. Hammock is actually the best way to enjoy the camping under the stars to the fullest. If you are sleeping inside a tent, you will not be able to enjoy the stars in the darkness of the night. But in hammock you can fall asleep while gazing the sky.
  • Relaxing & comfortable: Nothing is more relaxing that sleeping in the hammock. Though the beginners can have some issues at first about the adjustments, it can be quite relaxing and comfortable eventually. The best part is that the hammock can swing from left to right giving you complete relaxation.
  • Fun and unique: It can be fun and unique in a great way! We are all used to sleeping indoors where we can see the ceiling or the walls of our house as the last thing before sleeping and first thing after waking up. Now, imagine falling asleep in the open air right under the sun and waking up to the bright nature in the morning. Isn’t that really unique and amazing? You will not get the same feel in a tent.
  • Easy to carry: The hammocks are light in weight and also don’t take much space like that of the tents. Hence, it is quite easy to carry while you are going for a camping trip, be it by hiking or by car or with your bike. People love hammocks not only because they are quite relaxing and fun but also lighter to carry.
  • Fast & easier setup: Unlike the tents, you don’t have to struggle much with the setup. It is faster and much easier to setup the hammock. You have to have all the essentials. Also, you can setup the hammock even when the land is not plain or smooth.

As much as it can be fun, it also comes with some drawbacks. These are:

  • Hammocks can be tough for the beginners, be it for setting up or for getting used to it
  • Sleeping on the hammock will not keep you safe from the rain and you can get completely drenched
  • Can expose your to mosquitoes and flies but that is solvable with a simple roll-on or spray repellant

Hammock camping can be a great part of your camping right under the stars. But there are two most important things that you have to consider when you are planning for a hammock camping trip under the stars. These are –

1. You have to check the weather update first. The weather can be tricky at time and if there is any chance of rainfall, then the hammock camping can completely fail. Of course, there is no way you can protect yourself from the rain if you are planning to sleep on the hammock.

2. Next thing is to buy the right size and capacity of the hammock. There are different types of hammocks available in the market and you need to choose the one where you can fit properly. Invest in a high quality hammock for better safety and more comfort.

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Best places in US for camping under the stars

Are you ready to experience the amazing idea of camping under the stars? You have made one of the best decisions of your life and you will cherish it forever. But to ensure that you are having the best fun and most exciting experience, you have to find the best spot to camp right under the stars. Not every place is right for this type of camping. There are certain places in the United States where you visit to experience it to the fullest. Some of the best places in United States are:

Bryce Canyon can be a great place where you enjoy the splendid and beautiful night sky studded with the stars and planets. It is a perfect place to camp under the sky as the night sky at Bryce is quite dark and you can see thousands of bright stars on the moonless night. Because of the high altitude, you can see an extended horizon stretching vastly across the sky. Also the clean and dry air makes it quite possible for you to have a clear visibility of the sky.

Bryce Canyon National Park

There are two campgrounds available in the park where you can set up your own tent or the hammock to enjoy the stargazing at night. This is surely the best place to consider because in the morning, where you cannot gaze stars, there are many beautiful spots nearby that you can visit. The best time for camping in Bryce Canyon is during the fall season. The temperature slightly drops down attracting lesser people. You can have a quiet and peaceful surrounding at that time.

  • Glacier National Park (Montana)

If you are an experienced camper and love to camp even at the extreme conditions, then one of the best camping sites in US is Glacier National Park. It is located in Montana where you can enjoy the crackling sound of the fire while sleeping right under the stars. This place looks amazing and splendid at night bathing in starlight. In the morning, you can enjoy the breathtaking terrain and a full panoramic view of the outrageously beautiful mountain peaks.

Glacier National Park

It has about 13 different dedicated campgrounds where you can setup your tent. The best time to camp here is in July and August i.e. the summer months. You can enjoy hiking, boating and much more besides stargazing at night. You will surely fall in love with the mesmerizing scenic beauty of this place. So, be it during the day or during the night, you are going to enjoy every bit of this place.

  • Joshua Tree National Park (California)

With about 9 most beautiful and amazing campgrounds, Joshua Tree National Park offers a great place for you to camp and gaze the sky studded with stars. The landscape that it offers is simply the best. As the terrain can be quite undulating with heaps of massive boulders, it is better to use hammock here. You will be stunned by its jaw dropping natural beauty during the day time and a spectacular clear star-studded sky during the night.

Joshua Tree National Park

You can literally feel the sky arching right over the campground and you can feel much closer to the sky than ever. To get a clearer view of the sky, the best time to visit this place for camping is either in the early spring i.e. March and April or during the late fall i.e. October and November. You can make a well-planned camping trip to this place and enjoy the being right under the stars.

Be a part of the nature while camping under the stars

Camping is quite different from that of the vacation. While vacation may not be nature-centric, camping is always about nature. While you are camping, you can literally be part of the nature, the universe! And that feels so soothing and relaxing. One of the best parts of camping is that you will be away from city life and much closer to the nature. You can find that you are just present amidst the nature right on the lap of the mountains, forests or anything. You will surrounded by nothing but nature. There will be no city-like feel around you.

People, nowadays, are more inclined towards technology. They are always surrounded by phones, laptops and tablets. With buzzing sound of the phone and mails popping up on your laptop, you hardly get the chance to even look up and appreciate the nature. Well, camping can help you to disconnect completely from the technology and connect yourself with the nature again. Instead of the bright lights of the city, you will enjoy the starlight and moonlight nights. Instead of the phone buzzing, you will enjoy the crackling sound of the campfire.

The fresh air, birds chirping, clear blue sky in the day time and star-studded sky in the night, sound of the leaves and winds blowing can make you feel much closer to the nature. You can feel so close that you will be a part of the nature for that moment. While you lie on the ground and enjoy the dark night sky arching right above you with bright stars all over it, you will feel that you are a part of this huge universe. Nothing can be so calming, pleasing and peaceful than camping under the stars.

Why is it so cozy to camp away from civilization?

Camping can help you in many ways and it is always cozier and better to camp away from the civilization. You can enjoy the solitude, the silence and the peace that you miss a lot in the hustle-bustle of the city life. So, once in a while it is always better to camp away from the civilization. Some of the reasons why it is cozy to camp away from the city life are:

  • No disturbances: You enjoy a great quality time with your friends or family while camping away from the civilization. No honking of horns, no crowds and no one to disturb. You can spend some major quality time only with your family and friends.
  • Weak network connection: Weaker the mobile network, cozier you will feel. This is because it will give you a break from fiddling through the social media and the mail. You can disconnect from the phones and be more connected with your partner or friends and family.
  • Quality time with friends and family: One of the best parts of camping away from the city or civilization is solitude. You and your companions to the camping trip are the only one there. You can talk to them without distractions. This can be chance for you to build a stronger bond strengthening your relationship.

Hence, it is always better to camp away from the civilization. Not only it helps you with less distractions and more family time, it also offers clean air and scenic beauty.


Now, start packing your bags for a nice camping trip. With all these amazing benefits and perks of camping under the stars, you cannot miss the chance to experience it once in your lifetime. Nothing can be more relaxing and unwinding amidst the nature under the clear sky full of stars, wind blowing, warmth of campfire and great company. Start planning today and pick up one of the best spots from the above mentioned three places to camp. You can enjoy the stargazing, hiking, camping and more to the fullest. Make sure to have a full-proof well-researched plan and you have all the essentials with you. While you are planning to camp and stargaze, don’t forget to bring binoculars and chart of the planets, stars and moons. These two can be quite handy for your stargazing camping tour.

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