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Camping with baby: tips from professionals

Close to nature, flexible, mobile and inexpensive: Camping is undoubtedly a nice way for families to go on vacation. But how does it work if you have a baby with you? The answer: surprisingly uncomplicated! Don’t worry, a camping holiday is also possible with children. In the following I will give you an insight into what you should pay attention to when camping with a baby so that the holiday is relaxed for everyone.

The possible types of camping

The good news: Camping with a baby can be very relaxed, because especially in infancy, little people don’t need a lot: food, a place to sleep, regular rest and a lot of time with the parents are enough. And in principle, all of this is possible on a camping holiday.

The most common and original type of camping holiday is camping. This is also possible with a baby, but not entirely comfortable: the weather conditions and the hygienic conditions should be mentioned here. What if the tent is under water and moisture penetrates the bedrooms? What if the air in the tent becomes unbearably stuffy and warm due to the heat outside? If the needs of the infant are taken into account, camping can still be an option, although it should be reserved for more adventurous parents.

Camping with a baby in a caravan or motorhome means much more comfort. Specifically: Not tied to one place, protected from wind and weather, flexible and well equipped. From my point of view, vacationing in a caravan is a very practical way for a family vacation. The baby always has the same sleeping space, enough space to play and there is a lot of storage space.

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The most comfortable form of camping is a vacation in a rental accommodation. Even if this type of vacation has less to do with the original camping. It is more like a vacation in an apartment. A fixed place, a fixed bed, often electricity and enough space to guarantee play area and still have space for yourself, make huts or bungalows particularly attractive.

Travel time and travel destination for camping with a baby


Camping is basically possible everywhere, but you should make sure that the temperatures are not too extreme, especially with children. Australia in the middle of summer or Norway in winter are perhaps not the most practical travel times for a camping holiday with a baby. Find out in advance when the mildest time for a vacation is in your desired travel destination. Europe in particular has countless great camping destinations to offer that are neither too hot nor too cold, neither too dry nor too rainy.

When choosing a camping site, you should always keep in mind that camping means outdoor vacation. Even if you are traveling with a camper or caravan, a lot happens outside. Weatherproof clothing and sun protection should not be missing from family camping. Especially if there is an infant with you when camping, you should pay attention to shady places without much sunlight.

Pack for a camping vacation with baby

The first camping holiday with youngsters is exciting and there are many questions before departure. What shouldn’t be missing for the baby? How much clothing do I have to pack? If you are planning a classic camping holiday and do not plan to camp in the wild for several weeks at a time, you need not worry about the number of items of clothing.

Because most campsites offer washers and dryers where you can wash without problems. So pack clothes for about five days or a week. You will get along wonderfully with it.

Depending on the travel time and duration, you should definitely note that you have to pack both summer and winter things. The choice of shoes must also range from firm and protective to shoes that your baby can wear at the lake. In addition, you should keep in mind that the baby grows during longer journeys – and therefore some items of clothing one size larger should be included in the luggage.


5 essential gadgets for camping with baby

Lanyards: The key fobs are practical for attaching cuddly toys, toys and pacifiers while driving. You no longer have to stop regularly to collect baby things.

Night light: A light battery or battery-operated night light is extremely practical for camping nights, so that you don’t have to resort to flickering ceiling lights or the flashlight.

Camping blanket: A picnic or camping blanket with a water-repellent side is the perfect underlay when camping with a baby. Whether on a meadow, on the beach or as a picnic blanket during a hike: the blanket is always a practical companion.

Changing mat for on the go: This is not only a practical companion when camping, but generally when traveling. Garbage and laundry are certainly enough – a handy, reusable mat for wrapping is just right. Disposable changing pads are best avoided.

Folding bowl: Especially in summer, a foldable bowl is a practical accessory. So you are independent of the sanitary facilities and you do not need to squeeze yourself into the narrow mobile home shower with your baby. A 15 liter folding bowl is a perfect travel companion for the summer for a short bath or splash around.


You should pay attention to this when camping with a baby in a motorhome and caravan

When camping with children, make sure that you are safe both while sleeping and while driving. This includes securing the interior of the mobile home and luggage, as well as the correct attachment of the child seat and seat belt. Unfortunately, Isofix is not yet part of the standard equipment in most motorhomes.

Secured or closed windows and a safe place to sleep have top priority. Depending on the age of the baby, the journey of discovery starts: The baby crawls or crawls and does not shy away from window handles. The infants should therefore never be left on the bed unobserved.

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Conclusion on camping with a baby

As you can see, camping with babies can also work wonderfully. If you pay attention to a few things and take the needs of the next generation into account, there is nothing standing in the way of a family camping holiday with a baby.

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