Caravan Accessories

Here you will find plenty of accessories for your caravan as well as electrical accessories. You get everything you need for the journey with your caravan from us.

Attractive and versatile accessories for caravans, RV’s, and camper

The term caravan accessories and mobile home accessories causes lively discussions, both terms are often used interchangeably for two different vehicles. However, the difference is very quick and easy to explain.

We offer you a lot of practical accessories for your caravan or caravan. We have specially selected the accessories we offer so that they can make your life a lot easier and offer more comfort. Our accessories are specially tailored to the camping. Our offered articles are all extremely high quality and fulfill their purpose 100%.
With us you will find everything to prepare your caravan perfectly for the next camping trip.

Caravan vs. Camper

A caravan must be connected to a separate car via the trailer coupling. For this reason, the living space is clearly separated from the vehicle. It does not have its own motor for locomotion and is therefore dependent on a car for long-distance transport. After uncoupling, the car can be used alone. Comparing a car to a trailer is the most obvious.

The motorhome is an inseparable combination of a vehicle and the living area. Depending on the version, the living area is either already accessible through the driver’s cab or is only shielded by a partition. The most obvious comparison is with a bus that has a rear compartment. Depending on the version, these vehicles are very large.

So you can assign our articles

In some cases, our accessories for caravans and motorhomes are not specially classified because there is no agreement on the terms mentioned. The best way to get your bearings with our caravan accessories and motorhome accessories is this process: Call up the item description. Check if the product is compatible with your own motorhome or caravan and then make your decision.

Our versatile range of high quality caravan accessories and camper accessories

In our caravan accessories and mobile home accessories, you can discover awnings, windows and roller blinds, bike racks, roof boxes, exterior mirrors and other outdoor items on a virtual tour. You will also find attractive caravan accessories and mobile home accessories for indoor use. These include, for example: bed systems, door curtains and a whole range of special products for interior fittings. Of course there are also articles on safety, hygiene, vehicle technology, repairs and much more. This category therefore contains all essential items and also some special designs that may be important to you. With the caravan accessories and motorhome accessories you can completely equip, maintain, secure your motorhome or caravan and create a beautiful environment with an attractive feel-good atmosphere.

Questions don’t cost anything

If you are not sure about the compatibility of products from our caravan accessories and mobile home accessories or if you have not found a specific item, we will be happy to help you. Use our experience and possibilities to your advantage. Our nice team looks forward to your inquiry.

You can simply write us a message via our contact form and we will answer you as soon as possible. You can be sure that an expert will answer you who also has experience with this product or your problem.