Caravan & Car Cover

Protect what’s important to you. Protect your caravan or car during the holiday season or during a standstill. This means that harmful weather or environmental influences can no longer harm your vehicle.

Find the right car cover

If you have decided to buy a car cover, you will find that there are many differences in car covers.

There are different criteria and corresponding prices for a wide variety of car covers. First of all, you can distinguish between two types of tarpaulin, the full and half-garage. A full garage makes sense if your car is neither protected by a carport nor by a garage. However, if you already have a carport or garage, a half-garage is suitable as a supplement to ward off dust and dirt or to protect the car against moisture. There are different sizes of tarpaulins. Some car tarpaulins are only suitable for special models, others are universally designed for various car brands and models and are often not less suitable.

Half garage, full garage – what’s the difference?

When we speak of a car cover, we usually mean a full garage. A full garage is a car tarpaulin that covers the entire car up to the rims. It is suitable for protecting the vehicle from the weather, dirt, scratches and dust. Full garages are available as both indoor and outdoor versions.

Semi-garages, on the other hand, only cover part of the car. Basically, they are stretched over the roof of the vehicle and the windows up to the side mirrors. This type of car tarpaulin is suitable, for example, as protection against leaves or frost.

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Advantages of good car coverage

– Protection against moisture
– Protection from animals
– Protection from UV radiation
– Protection from ice and snow
– Protection against leaves, tree sap, bird droppings
– Saves scratching in winter
– Assembled quickly and easily
– One-time and comparatively low acquisition costs
– Long service life with high quality car covers
– Easy cleaning of high quality car covers

Why is hail protection important?

Hail can occur in any season. It usually comes unexpectedly and the paint or the panes are almost always damaged. Of course it helps to own a garage or a carport. Unfortunately, not all of us get this luxury. High-quality hail protection garages can help here. They withstand the hail for a fraction of the price and protect your car or caravan. It is worth investing in a cover for your vehicle.

Indoor car cover – what for?

In addition to weather conditions and extreme temperatures, dust and animals also attack car paint. Even if a vehicle is in a closed garage, paint damage can occur. Cars that are not used every day are particularly affected. In addition to mice and martens, which can cause considerable damage, dust also causes scratches and lackluster paint. Insurance rarely pays for such impairment.

Seasonal vehicles, second cars and classic cars that are in the garage for a long time should therefore be protected with an indoor tarpaulin. Find out what to look for when choosing the right indoor car cover here.

What should be considered when buying an indoor car cover?

When buying an indoor car cover, different criteria apply than for the outdoor cover. Weather resistance and hail protection can be dispensed with. Even with indoor full garages, however, it should be ensured that the material is water-repellent. It is often very damp in separate garages, so that moisture can accumulate on the paint. A cover should keep moisture out and protect the car from stains and rust. Therefore, it is just as important that the material of an indoor car cover is breathable. This prevents the formation of condensation under the tarpaulin and the car stays dry.

In addition to breathability, the most important criterion of an indoor car tarpaulin is a soft material that does not scratch the paintwork of your vehicle. The material should therefore at best be padded on the inside and have particularly soft, well-processed seams. This ensures that there are no scratches during assembly.

The cover should also be suitable for your vehicle size. Therefore, choose a product that is, at best, explicitly manufactured in different sizes for your vehicle model. This will prevent the tarp from slipping or stretching.

Installation of an indoor cover

The assembly is slightly different from model to model, but basically easy to understand. The indoor car cover is usually attached from front to back for the sake of simplicity. To do this, it is first opened at the front and then stretched over the car to the rear. Many indoor tarpaulins are installed with an elastic band. But there are also variants with straps or for tightening. Tarpaulins that can be attached by an individual are practical. Heavy car covers often require two people to assemble. Before you place the car cover on the vehicle, the outside of the car should be cleaned completely. This is the only way to prevent scratches in the paint. If dirt and grime are already on the paint, they can be spread through the cover and cause damage.


– Dry and clean paint
– Protection from dust and animals
– Space-saving
– Quick assembly and disassembly
– No scratch