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violence civil war

Emergency Evacuation Plan

The circumstances and situations across the globe have been volatile to a certain extent lately. Global warming has increased the occurrence rates of calamities including floods, as the melting ice has increased the water in the seas. If we also look at the political situations and developments across the world, we find that terrorism has …

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Camping Near Area 51

Camping Near Area 51

Alien conspiracists have been around for a long time. However, classified information is now available to the general public about extraterrestrial conspiracies; thanks to technology. One site in particular which is very heavily conspired against is known as Area 51 – a supposed hub of alien equipment and beings. And over the years, it has …

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nordic walking


Have you heard of Nordic Walking and want to know everything about this trend sport? Virgile Van-Rampelbergh, Nordic Walking trainer at the French Light Sports Association, tells you everything about this dynamic full-body sport, which offers many benefits for body and mind! THE ESSENTIALS IN BRIEF: Nordic walking is an effective cardiovascular workout and uses …


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