Temperate Rainforest

With every item sold, we actively support the protection of our forests.

We have made it our task to help nature. We all love our hobby, camping. Nothing is nicer than setting up your tent in an intact nature and spending a good time there. Every year, many large forest areas die from the harmful environmental influences that we humans create. We want to do something about that. We would like to give something back to nature so that we and our children can enjoy our forests for a long time. With every purchase we support a nature conservation organization that is committed to the conservation of our forests.
For every order you place, we will donate 5% to a nature conservation organization. Doesn’t that sound great? We deliver great products and they do something for our environment!
ITF has been pioneering community led forestry restoration since 1924.
Our project partners in Africa and the UK regenerate and restore forests and woodlands,
conserve habitats rich in biodiversity, sequester carbon,
and help communities who rely upon forests develop prosperous sustainable livelihoods.

Help us protect our environment and our forests.
We donate 5% of each order to environmental aid.