Checklist: Before departure with the motorhome

Before going on a long trip with a caravan or motorhome, less experienced campers have to think of many things: Are all loose objects stowed away safely, all doors, windows and skylights closed, the supports retracted? Is the tire pressure correct? Is there enough engine oil? And and and…

So that you don’t forget anything, we have put together a small checklist for you – just print it out. It is best to print them out twice, then you can use one copy for the outward journey and one for the return journey!

Oh yes, and also not unimportant: Please take a look at your inspections in good time before departure

Towing vehicle & RV technology

  • Check tire pressure / tire visual inspection for damage
  • Check engine oil
  • Check the headlights, indicators and taillights
  • For motor vehicles: attach an additional mirror
  • Snap the detachable towbar firmly into place

Caravans & Motorhomes – Furniture

  • Close and lock drawers, cupboard doors, skylights and windows
  • Secure blinds
  • Store heavy and loose objects
  • If present: pull in antennas
  • Attach the room divider
  • Close storage compartments and secure them if necessary
  • Cabinet contents: Close containers with liquids and stow them away
  • Close the toilet slide (!)
  • Retract the awning
  • Turn off the gas (on the gas bottle and in the camper) and let it escape from the pipes!
  • Switch off the light in the camper
  • Connect the caravan
  • Put on the tear rope
  • Raise and secure the drawbar wheel / supports
  • Connect the car connection cable
  • Check lights (turn signals, reverse gear, brake lights, hazard lights)
  • Remove the chock / ramps
  • Empty the waste water container and stow it away safely
  • Top up fresh water (if necessary)
  • Switch the refrigerator to the car battery
  • Lock caravan / camper doors and loading flaps / drawbar box
  • Check the parking space (was something forgotten / left behind?)
  • And last but not least: release the handbrake on the caravan – Have a good trip !!!

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