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Checklist: make caravans and motorhomes winter-proof (with video!)

We will finally spend the winter in the south this year – but many campers are already busy winterizing their caravan or motorhome. We explain what there is to consider in our freshly updated post.

Make motorhomes and caravans winter-proof: to be done inside

  • Clear all food stores – so mice and insects find no food and liquids cannot freeze!
  • Empty, defrost and clean the refrigerator (if necessary, attach winter cover for ventilation)
  • Keep the refrigerator door and freezer compartment lid open with a towel or a dry cloth
  • Clean the kitchenette and stove
  • Clean furniture with gentle agents (e.g. mild soapy water)
    Place upholstery for better air circulation or place something underneath (prevents mold)
  • For a fixed bed: open the bedding box or raise the mattress
  • Clear out cupboards, leave cupboard doors and compartments open if possible
    Clean heater or heater box
  • Remove moisture-absorbing materials (carpets, clothing, bed linen, towels, paper, toilet paper, etc.)
  • Thoroughly clean the bathroom
  • If available: disconnect the on-board battery (negative pole first !!!), store it in a frost-proof and dry place (alternatively: charge the battery vigorously before winter so that it survives the frost period)
  • If necessary, remove electronic devices such as televisions
  • Oil / grease locks and hinges
  • Treat seals with care products
  • Make the water system winter-proof: Clean all tanks with the respective special liquids and completely empty them (e.g. with wm aquatec Hygiene-Trio). Please do not forget the hot water boiler, shower head and pumps, there is usually still residual water here! – “Blow out” lines if necessary
  • Leave the taps open
  • Close the gas shut-off valves in the interior
  • Set up the room dehumidifier with dry granulate

Make motorhomes and caravans winter-proof: done on the vehicle

  • Thoroughly clean the outside walls (don’t forget the wheel arches!) And preserve if necessary
  • Repair damage to the body
  • If possible: underbody wash
  • Gently clean windows and skylights with a sponge or a soft cloth and special gentle acrylic glass cleaners
  • Close the gas valve on the gas bottle, let the gas escape from the lines, remove the hoses
  • If possible: remove gas cylinders and store in a dry place
  • Clean and dry awning / awning (e.g. with awiwa awning and awning cleaner)
  • With the awning permanently installed: Grease the joints
  • If present: Remove dirt from the antenna / satellite system
  • Set up the vehicle straight, if necessary compensate for unevenness with ramps or chocks – Fine adjust the caravan with the supports
  • Increase tire pressure (up to 0.5 bar above the usual value is recommended)
  • Raise the vehicle moderately with the “trestle” (this relieves the wheels and axles and prevents standing plates!)
  • Attach theft protection

Especially for caravans

  • Grease the hinges, handbrake and jockey wheel
  • Put the protective hood on the drawbar (e.g. universal cover from innislink)
  • Possibly. Attach the protective hood to the drawbar box
  • If you use a tarpaulin: Please make sure that it does not lie directly on the caravan – otherwise the air cannot circulate
  • approx. 1 x per month:
  • Move the caravan to avoid damage to the tires and axles
  • ventilate
  • Replace dry granules

Especially for campers

  • Fully charge the vehicle battery
  • Fill up (ideally with winter diesel)
  • Drive slowly and brake lightly so that the brakes “run dry”
  • Then secure the vehicle with ramps, compensate for unevenness and release the handbrake
  • Fill in anti-freeze for the engine and windscreen washer system
  • Fold the windscreen wipers forward (rubber lips should not be against the windscreen)
  • approx. 1 x per month:
  • Move the motorhome to avoid damage to the tires and axles
  • ventilate
  • Replace dry granules
  • recharge the battery (e.g. with a mobile charger)

Further tips and recommendations for vehicle care inside and outside:

  1. To wash your caravan or motorhome, you must go to official washing stations. Some cities have their own motorhome wash boxes, otherwise truck wash systems are also ideal! Vehicle washing in public spaces is prohibited for environmental reasons.

2.If an inspection and / or gas test is due soon, you can of course have it done before you put it away – then nothing stands in the way of a spontaneous trip in nice spring weather next year.

3.Less is more: Please use environmentally friendly cleaning agents in economical dosage – nature thanks you!

4.We use the following products for caravan maintenance:

  • Vinegar from the spray bottle for gentle disinfection of the fridge and freezer compartment: Simply put the solution on a soft cloth and wipe the surfaces carefully.
  • A mild lye made of water and natural soap for furniture surfaces and worktops
  • Soda and lemon juice for heavy soiling on the gas stove
  • A mixture of water and a few drops of detergent for the sink and toilet bowl

Cleaning the toilet cassette:

  • Simply fill the emptied and cleaned tank again with a little water and sanitary liquid, swirl it well and let it stand for 1 to 2 days. Then empty as usual and rinse thoroughly with clear water.

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