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In order for you to be able to prepare homemade delicacies during your camping holiday, you need reliable and professional technical equipment for the gas supply. In addition to the equipment for cooking and washing up when camping, we also offer other devices that run on gas. For example, we have a wide selection of 12 volt lamps and instantaneous water heaters and other necessary accessories, such as gas pressure regulators, ready for you.

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With the high-quality ovens from our range, you can prepare delicious dishes just as easily as in your home kitchen. Leading brand devices in camping equipment, such as models from SMEV, Dometic Cramer or Campingaz, guarantee maximum safety and quality in daily use. For example, you get ovens as built-in or free-standing versions. Various options regarding the capacity enable you to find a stove in the size that suits you. We also offer various instantaneous water heaters and hot water boilers for the provision of warm water, some of which can be operated with electricity or gas. Our extensive range of accessories includes pipes and boilers, even special products for boats are available.

Gas and petrol lamps, on the other hand, provide enough light if a power connection should not be available. Spare parts such as glasses and mantle socks can also be found in our range. A good gas cooker is mandatory for everyone who does not want to do without a delicious, quickly prepared hot meal on camping holidays. We offer high-quality gas cookers, for example from Campingaz, Coleman or Primus, in different versions, regardless of whether with frame, lid, as a double plate, with or without a bottle. For cooking and washing up on vacation you will find various versions of sinks and stoves, as well as combinations of both. The best materials, such as stainless steel, make them particularly robust in everyday work in the kitchen. We also have all the spare parts and accessories you need for regular maintenance or to build your gas supply while camping.

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What could be nicer than spending free time and vacations in the open air? Campers, trekking enthusiasts and hitchhikers appreciate moving outdoors and enjoying the benefits of simple living amidst unspoiled nature. But even in the long run, you can’t do without a warm meal. A camping kitchen is part of the basic equipment for everyone who wants to use a certain amount of comfort on the go.

Camping kitchen – hot meals for camping and in the mobile home

Every camper who wants to go on tour well equipped will sooner or later buy a camping kitchen. Simple dishes can be easily prepared outdoors. Well-known manufacturers such as MSR, Campingaz, Nordisk or Landmann have adjusted to the increased demands of campers on a camping kitchen who do not want to do without a hot meal on the go. Here, with us, the specialist, you will find everything the outdoor enthusiast needs for an optimal camping kitchen. An outdoor kitchen today does everything it can to supply yourself easily on the go. A camping kitchen is quickly set up and those who rely on quality will find high-quality designs here.
Camping kitchen by the outdoor professional: high-quality designs at low prices

An outdoor kitchen is a must for every outdoor enthusiast. The individual requirements, the available volume and also the desire for extras are important selection criteria. In particular, hitchhikers who are backpacking must pay attention to the flexibility of a camping kitchen. Here you will find models that can be easily folded and yet meet all the requirements of an outdoor kitchen. For nature lovers who regularly spend their free time and the holidays camping or in the mobile home, it is worth buying a professional outdoor kitchen that also offers space for camping cookware.

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If you choose the unbeatable advantages of a camping kitchen, you should also consider the number of people in the purchase decision. Backpack campers usually get by with a lightweight as an outdoor kitchen. Here you will find a variety of space-saving spirit stoves that are quick to set up and easy to use. Fans of minimal equipment will find the Vargo Decagon Titan camping kitchen here, which is reduced to essential functions and yet satisfactorily serves its purpose as a camping kitchen. The extremely low weight, firmly anchored parts and the indestructible equipment are suitable for young hitchhikers and trekking fans who want to get quick supplies on the go. The space-saving pot holder is ideal for small pots and meals for up to two people. Camping stoves of this type work with alcohol and meet the basic needs of cooking. If you have to keep your storage space, you benefit from an outdoor kitchen in mini format. Here, at, you will find the practical pocket cooker from Esbit. The following applies: small but fine. Minimalists and day hikers will be delighted by the camping kitchen in mini format, because when folded, the pocket stove, which is operated with dry fuel, measures only 10 x 7.7 centimeters.

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Families are increasingly opting for the inexpensive option of spending a camping holiday. With an outdoor kitchen from us, even larger families save on utility costs. Gasoline stoves have a higher weight than alcohol stoves, but they also offer maximum comfort in the camping kitchen area. Coleman freestanding stoves are characterized by high performance, a long burning time and stability, so that meals for several people can be easily prepared. Anyone who prefers a gas stove, but is on tour with a backpack, does not have to do without this practical form of preparation. The manufacturer Coleman has also adapted to the needs of this target group and offers a superlative lightweight with the camping kitchen Unleaded Feather. The tank integrated in the outdoor kitchen, weighing less than 700 grams and with feet that are easy to open and increase stability, are advantages that campers and hikers will appreciate in this camping kitchen.

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