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Chilled drinks should not be missing on holiday at the campsite or in the great outdoors. While compressor cool boxes with electricity are used in a mobile home, passive cool boxes are preferably used on day trips. With us, you will find practical camping cool boxes with or without electricity, cool boxes for the car and cool bags for picnics and festival visits. This means that drinks and food always stay fresh even when you are out and about.

At Campers-Shop you benefit from the following advantages:

  • A great variety of brands
  • Thermoelectric cool boxes for permanent use e.g. in your car
  • High energy efficiency of the devices
  • Powerful models (cooling up to 30 degrees below ambient temperature)
  • Passive cool boxes without electricity for day trips

Passive cool boxes – the perfect solution for day trips, camping trips and festivals

The simplest and most popular solution for chilled drinks and food on the go is the passive cool box. The models are mostly made of light but robust plastic and have high-quality PU insulation. The drinks and food stay fresh for up to 22 hours with the right cooling elements, making them suitable for day trips, picnics and festival visits.

With a low weight between 3 to 6 kg and a volume of 22 to 37 liters, enough provisions fit into the passive cool boxes. In addition, the compact box is easy to transport, it fits in almost every trunk and often even behind the back seat. A sturdy lid ensures optimal cooling and a practical handle makes it easy to take with you.
Tip: With the right camping utensils, drinks and food taste just like at home, even when you’re out and about.

Electric cool boxes for the car

Electric cool boxes are often used on longer car journeys. The boxes can be operated with a power cable and can simply be connected to the cigarette lighter for the car.

Advantages of our camping cooling boxes

With the cool boxes, you don’t have to go without cold drinks and fresh food on the go. The passive cool boxes and cool bags are without electricity and are lightweight, ideal for day trips to the park, camping or visiting festivals and can be transported quickly and easily in the car.

For a longer stay in the motorhome or camping tent, electric models are the best choice. The compressor cooling can be connected as a so-called hybrid cool box to the power supply in the mobile home or as a thermoelectric cool box with 12 V in the car. With the absorber cooling you also have a loyal companion on camping trips in the wilderness, as it can be operated not only with electricity, but also with gas.