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Our high-quality drybags keep their contents reliably protected from dirt and moisture. All drybags offered here are equipped with a PU coating on the inside and additionally welded at the seams. The light drybag is securely closed with a roll lock – even if it is not fully loaded. Our drybags offered here are available in different sizes, from 1-liter volume up to 40-liter volume, and are perfect for hiking, trekking tours, travel, and expedition equipment.

When you are on a hiking tour you no longer have to worry about your expensive camera equipment. If, for example, you stow your expensive camera in a drybag, you can even go swimming with the camera in the drybag or cross a river without any problems.

If the drybag is completely closed, you can even push it under water and the contents remain 100% dry. Thanks to a special lock, no water or dirt can penetrate the inside of the drybag!

The drybags are made of a special PU material that does not let water through. All edges are double welded. Even a knife cannot penetrate the outer skin so quickly!

A drybag keeps everything dry inside

Whether climbing, hiking or rafting. There is no better way to protect your valuables from moisture on an outdoor trip than with a dry bag. Why? We would like to bring that closer to you with this page. Regardless, you will find great tips. In addition, you will find the perfect bag with us and can buy it cheaply online.

What exactly is a dry bag and what material is it made of

Anyone who has discovered outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering or canoeing must always expect to get wet. In this case it is of course particularly important to keep your own equipment in the sports bag or the climbing backpack or hiking backpack as dry as possible. Although a simple plastic bag can of course help a little, in our opinion there is a better and, above all, more reliable alternative. What is meant is the so-called DryBag. With this special pack sack, which is absolutely waterproof and extremely robust, your clothes are ideally protected from water on every trip at all times. In the course of the article we would like to answer all the important questions you have about this drybag so that you can find the best drybag for you. But first things first.

As already mentioned, a drybag is a waterproof bag in the broadest sense. The dry bags were primarily designed for water sports, for example to protect valuables from getting wet. But other outdoor athletes quickly made use of the positive properties of the bags, which is why THAT ONE area of ​​application no longer exists. Even when camping with tents, the dry bag is becoming more and more popular. But what is the pack sack actually made of?

The material of a dry bag

As a rule, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) or special nylon are used in the manufacture of drybags. All of these materials have the property of being waterproof and at the same time extremely robust, making them ideal for outdoor use. Neither water nor dust can penetrate it and cause damage to your belongings. Depending on the manufacturer, brand and product, the composition of the individual substances can of course vary.

What sizes are there of the dry bag

The size of waterproof dry bags is given in liters by almost all manufacturers. This describes the capacity or the capacity of the bag or rucksack. Dry bags with 5 liters, 10 liters, 15 liters, 20 liters and 30 liters are particularly popular. There are of course exceptions here and there. In general, however, we can state that there is a suitable piece for almost every need. Valuables, important documents, changing items when hiking or essential climbing equipment when climbing will always find their dry and safe place. So it is only important that you think in advance about what exactly you want to accommodate. Because that is absolutely crucial buying the dry bag with the right capacity.

Where can the bags be bought and how expensive they are?

Here we can clearly recommend the Internet to you, especially the campers-shop store. In our shop you will definitely find the right drybag for your next adventure!

In addition to the extensive range, the ratings are of course a clear plus. Outdoor friends who have already tested one or the other bag will give you useful advice on choosing a backpack. And as sorry as we are for the retailers, the price is also the decisive factor. We can simply offer unbeatable prices in our shop. And sending waterproof bags usually only takes a few days

Here we are straight to the next topic … The costs. How deep do you have to reach into your pocket for a good dry bag? The fact is, less than you probably think now. You can get a really good desiccant bag that is waterproof, resilient and robust for around 20-25 dollars. A little depending on the capacity, of course.

What should you look out for when buying a waterproof dry bag?

Although we have already mentioned a few factors in passing, we would now like to go into a little more detail. Which factors are important when purchasing a dry bag?

Before you buy, you should do some research on the following things:

  • Quality
  • Protection against water
  • Additional functions
  • Size & capacity
  • Comfort
  • Look & design

All of our drybags offered here have of course been tested by us and have passed this test!


The decisive factor for a good waterproof bag is, of course, first and foremost the processing of the material. So the quality. So that should be paramount when making your purchase decision. If the seams are poorly processed, if inferior material was used or if the fasteners are not properly installed, the probability is very high that the dry bag is not “dry”. So that it is leaking and water gets inside. So keep your eyes open when buying bags.

Protection against water

As the name suggests, a dry bag is supposed to keep things dry inside. When describing the item, you should make sure that the item is declared according to your desire. It should be clear that the bag or backpack is waterproof and not just waterproof.

Additional functions

This point basically says nothing about whether a product is good or bad. Nevertheless, it is definitely an advantage here and there if the dry bag has a few gimmicks. A hidden pocket or cell phone storage case are just a few examples. In this way, of course, the manufacturers try to differentiate themselves from the competition.

The correct capacity of the dry bag

Depending on the project, the size of your bag should also be chosen carefully. A pocket that is too small can mean that not all of the material is protected from water. If the bag is too big, it can simply be too bulky for one or the other undertaking. In addition, if it is too heavy, it can even put your safety at risk. So make sure that your equipment fits in well without overloading yourself.

The wearing comfort

Regardless of whether it is large or small, whether it is a backpack or a bag … the best dry bag is of no use if it cannot be transported properly. Well-made dry bags usually have one or more shoulder straps. Even if you just want to put the bag or pouch in the canoe, there are always situations in which it is necessary to carry it.

Optics & design

As unimportant as this point is for the way it works, for the majority of people it is an essential factor in the purchase decision. Basically, it just needs to be said that the dry bags are available in an extremely wide range of colors and shapes. Everyone should find an appealing bag for themselves.

But now we wish you a lot of fun in our store! Have a look through our offered products, there you will definitely find the right drybag for you.