Electric Bicycle

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In our shop you will find the best electric bikes. We offer you high quality electric bicycles from well-known manufacturers. We deliver our e-bikes worldwide and with short delivery times.

What types of e-bikes are there?

E-city bike: As the name suggests, the city e-bike is intended for everyday short distances in the city. For example to work or to go shopping. The focus here is usually on comfort, i.e. a comfortable seating position and good features such as a removable battery or good suspension (for example for cobblestones). Mostly they are also characterized by a deep entry.

Trekking e-bike: e-trekking bikes are particularly versatile and are therefore among the most popular e-bikes. They manage the balancing act between city bike, racing bike and mountain bike. They are suitable for longer tours and excursions and can also be used in everyday life. As a rule, the motors are a bit stronger and the frames are more stable than conventional e-bikes for everyday use.

E-mountain bike: A mountain bike is all about a powerful engine, wide tires and good suspension – after all, this is the e-bike for the forest paths in the mountains. When it comes to the frame, a distinction is made between hard trail and full suspension (in short: fully). The difference lies in the suspension: on the hard trail there is only a suspension fork at the front, the full-suspension e-bike also has suspension at the rear. Anyone who frequently travels on unpaved roads should prefer a full-suspension eMTB.

E-bike folding bike: The electrically assisted folding bike is particularly worthwhile for cyclists who frequently change modes of transport and want to take the bike with them on the subway or pack it in the trunk, for example. It is characterized by its particularly compact format and, as the name suggests, the bike can be folded up using a folding mechanism. E-compact bikes, which are also kept compact, but do not have a folding mechanism, are just as practical.

Cargo e-bike: The advantage of the cargo e-bike is the large transport trays or luggage racks that allow you to take children with you, to bring large purchases from A to B or to transport moving boxes. Some cargo e-bikes can handle loads of up to 200 kilos.

E-racing bike: At first glance, a racing bike with motor assistance makes little sense, as the focus here is on physical activity. The electric motor is good support on demanding routes in keeping the pulse in the optimal range. In this way, the cyclist can better divide his strength. Even among the popular gravel bikes, there are now models with an electric motor. The gravel bike is a kind of off-road racing bike.

E-cross bike: The cross bike is primarily intended for longer bike tours. Accordingly, it has a strong engine, a stable frame and good suspension. This makes it easy to get around with the cross bike even off the beaten track. But the all-rounder among e-bikes also cuts a fine figure in city traffic.

Speed ​​Pedelec: The so-called S-Pedelec differs from the conventional Pedelec mainly in its speed: It supports the driver electrically at up to 45 km/h / 28mp/h.

What do I have to look out for when buying an e-bike?

Motor position: As with a car, there are also different positions for the motor on an e-bike. The mid-engine is usually the most practical, as it does not have an unfavorable effect on driving behavior thanks to the even weight distribution. In addition, it is characterized by low wear. Rear motors transfer the power directly to the rear wheel and particularly boast a more sporty driving style. But: They cannot be combined with a coaster brake or gear hub. Front engines are one thing above all else: inexpensive. That is why they can usually be found on very budget-oriented models. As a result, the e-bike’s center of gravity shifts a little forwards, which is rather atypical for the bike and can therefore negatively affect steering behavior and make driving on wet, slippery surfaces more difficult.

Weight: If you want to carry or transport the bike, the weight naturally also plays a role. When it comes to sporty e-bikes, there are many models that are made from very light materials. Another weight driver is the battery: Here you should carefully weigh up between weight and range. Most e-bikes have a permissible total weight of 120 kilos. But that also includes the weight of the bike itself. With your own body weight and possibly luggage, things can get tight. It may be worthwhile to buy a special cargo bike here.

Braking: You can reach significantly higher speeds with an e-bike than with a normal bike. Accordingly, the brakes have to be more powerful and have better deceleration. With an e-bike you should therefore make sure that it is equipped with hydraulic rim or disc brakes.

Gear shift: Buyers have the choice between chain and hub gears. Derailleurs are more resilient and can often be serviced and repaired yourself. The gear hub, on the other hand, is less prone to wear and tear and is often cheaper. To do this, you usually have to go to a professional for repairs.
Which e-bike battery is right for me?

The battery is also an important point when buying an e-bike. Two questions, in particular, should be asked here: Should the battery be removable or integrated? What range should it create? A detachable battery pack comes in handy as it can be plugged anywhere for charging. But a built-in battery cannot be stolen. When it comes to range, it is primarily about capacity, but you should take into account that this decreases over the life of the bike. Most e-bike batteries have a capacity of 400-500 watt-hours. However, one should note that the weight increases with the range.
What does a good e-bike cost?

The cost to be expected when buying an e-bike depends not least on what demands are made. For simple, cheap e-bikes, prices start at around $ 1500. Offers that are lower should be viewed with skepticism – a bike with an electric motor has its price. As a rule, you should plan on $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 to buy an e-bike. If the bike is to have special performance properties (e.g. particularly light frame, special gearshift, etc.), you have to expect $ 5,000 and more.

In our shop, you can find the best electric-bikes for a good price!