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Interesting facts about e-scooters

With e-scooters, you can get from A to B quickly and practically. But when buying an e-scooter, a few points must be observed.

E-scooters are becoming increasingly popular. Anyone looking for an electric scooter will quickly find out that the selection is almost limitless. What should be considered when buying? What distinguishes a scooter?

At first glance, an e-scooter looks a lot like a kick scooter. It has a handlebar and handlebar but is equipped with a special motor. The prices, as well as the designs of these devices, vary greatly from one another. For example, electrically powered scooters cost between $ 300 and $ 2500. There are scooters for both adults and children.

Who is an electric scooter suitable for?

In just a few months, e-scooters have come a long way. Because these are increasingly found in road traffic. Adults, in particular, are increasingly opting for a scooter. It is a perfect alternative to the car in city traffic. Electric scooters are also very popular with commuters. Many people today use these devices for commuting to work or the last mile. In addition, a scooter is also suitable for people who are older and limited in movement. People who struggle to get on their bikes are well advised to use a scooter. Scooter owners can quickly drive to the nearest supermarket around the corner. But not only adults are enthusiastic about these devices, such a scooter also offers children unforgettable driving fun. However, it is important to know that an electrically powered scooter can only be used by children aged 14 and over. A driver’s license is not required for this.
Where can an e-scooter be driven everywhere?

For example, if there is a cycle path, this means that the e-scooter has to be ridden on it. It can also happen that neither is present. If this is the case, it is also possible to drive on the street. There are also federal states in which a scooter with a maximum speed of 12 mph can also be driven on sidewalks. However, this varies from state to state, so it’s worth doing your research.

Take electric scooters with you on the train or bus

The advantage of a scooter is that it can be folded up very compactly and easily. At the same time, this also means that these devices are perfect for taking them with you on public transport. For example, Deutsche Bahn announced that an electric scooter that can be folded can be transported free of charge. They can easily be stowed under the seat. But even in many buses, there is the possibility of simply taking a foldable scooter with you. If it is not foldable, there may be certain blocking times, as with bicycles.

E-scooters – what to look for when buying?

If you want to buy a new e-scooter, you have to pay attention to different things. First, you should clarify with the seller whether the scooter has the general operating license. This ensures right from the start that the vehicle complies with all the necessary official regulations. It should also be noted that the scooter:

  • Has two braking systems
  • Has a horn or bell
  • Has both a taillight and a headlight
  • Is equipped with side reflectors and a rear reflector
  • Conclusion on the use of electric scooters

Electrically powered scooters are becoming more popular every year. There are vehicles for both adults and children. Using a scooter is very simple and straightforward. It is important that the device has certain features in order to be allowed to be used on the streets.

Frequently asked questions about the electric scooter

What is an e-scooter?

The term e-scooter sometimes causes confusion. E-bikes are also referred to as e-scooters.

E-scooters officially fall into the category of electric scooters and therefore in the same class as e-motorcycles. However, they differ from these in many ways. For example, e-scooters do not have a rigid chassis construction with a bench for up to two people. Instead, the classic scooter served as inspiration for the e-scooter, which is why the vehicles are also known as electric scooters.

The practical scooters have a handlebar or handlebar and can usually be folded up. Some versions have a tubular seat saddle. More often, however, it is a question of standing scooters. E-scooters close the gap to larger electric vehicles such as electric scooters and are subject to road traffic regulations. Depending on the model, approved e-scooters can reach speeds of up to 62 miles per hour.

Who can drive an e-scooter?

Basically, the design-related maximum speed decides which e-scooters are allowed on the road. Depending on the speed, the following age restrictions apply:

Speed ​​from 2 to 10 miles per hour: 14 years
Speed ​​of more than 10 miles per hour: Not permitted in road traffic in many areas. Please inquire about the currently applicable laws in your country.

These rules only apply in public road traffic. However, the Road Traffic Ordinance does not apply to private and company premises. Therefore, the use of a faster electric scooter is also permitted here, for example.

Do you need a driver’s license for an e-scooter?

No, under the E-Scooter Act, a driver’s license is not required to use electric scooters in most states in the United States. Although the original plans provided for an inspection certificate, they were discarded. The explanation for this is very simple: Since most e-scooters are only allowed to have a top speed of 5 miles per hour, they are even slower than most bicycles. Since we also offer e-scooters in our online shop that are significantly faster, please inform yourself before buying an e-scooter whether you have to reduce it to a certain speed. Even our top models, which can achieve speeds of well over 62mp / h, can easily be throttled to a lower speed!

Road approval: where are e-scooters allowed to drive?

The usable traffic space also depends on the maximum speed. Models traveling more than 6 miles per hour are allowed to use bike lanes and cycle lanes. If these are not available, the legislature allows a switch to the street. Slower e-scooters, on the other hand, have to use the shared footpaths and bike paths. If there is no such path, the scooter may only roll on the roadway in built-up areas. But please always pay attention to the security. Never endanger pedestrians or other road users.

Are there any special safety rules for electric scooters?

There are some regulations to ensure that the driver of an e-scooter is safe on the road. There is no obligation to wear a helmet. However, the legislature places certain minimum requirements on the safety equipment of an electric scooter. These include in particular:

Two independently acting brakes
Front and rear lights (also removable)
Side reflectors
Control elements that return to their starting position within one second when released

How does charging an e-scooter work?

Usually, all that is required is a standard household electrical outlet to charge the electric vehicle. The charging time depends largely on the model and varies between two and five hours. Some versions also have a USB port. This makes it possible to charge the electric scooter using a power bank, which increases the range of the scooter.