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Fishing equipment – what does fishing equipment include?

More and more people enjoy fishing. Especially in times when society has to face growing stress and time pressure, it is good to bring body and soul into harmony. Meanwhile, more and more hobby anglers are discovering the sport on the river, lake and ocean. As with any hobby, however, you have to invest in fishing equipment. We have therefore put together the most important information on the subject of fishing needs so that one or two fish bite when fishing.
Fishing papers / fishing license

In addition to the right fishing equipment, you basically need a fishing license, colloquially also called fishing license, to be allowed to fish in water. To obtain this certificate, the fishing test must be passed. The cost of this note varies from state to state, a rough guideline is between $ 50 and $ 100. There is no all-round equipment in fishing that is suitable for pike or carp fishing as well as for fly fishing.
Fishing permit

In order to be able to fish in certain waters, you need the so-called fishing permit in addition to your fishing license. Only with this license will you be allowed to fish in certain waters. Always carry this with you on your fishing trips – otherwise you may face a complaint about fish poaching. Criminal charges, fines and the removal of the fishing license can result.
Catch result card

In order to be able to note how many fish you have already caught, a so-called catch result card must of course not be missing. You will also need a ballpoint pen to hold on to your catch.

Fishing tools

Landing net

In order to pull the fish ashore, an underwater landing net is required. Here, however, you should make sure that especially heavy fish are not pulled out of the water, otherwise the landing net could break. Therefore, when buying, think about the size of your caught fish and choose the size of the net accordingly. The mesh should also be made of rubber and not of mesh so that the mucous membrane of the fish is not injured. Ideally, the net is removable – so it can be cleaned easily.
Hook release

If a fish has bitten, then of course you want to remove the hook from it. You need a hook release. Alternatively, many anglers also use the so-called hook release pliers.

Tape measure

As a measure of a lot of fish is already mandatory, you should always have a measuring tape with you to measure the size of the fish. Measurements are taken from the mouth of the fish to the end of its tail.


If the fish caught corresponds to the standard size, the fish must first be stunned. The fish is anesthetized with a punch on the hindbrain with a blow. This procedure is prescribed by the Animal Welfare Act – only then can the fish be killed.

Fishing knife

In the end you need a fishing knife – then the fishing tool is complete. With the fishing knife you kill the fish quickly with a heart attack.

Fishing rods

Of course, the fishing rod must not be missing when fishing. There are different models here. Each has both advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the performance, everyone has to decide for themselves which copy best suits the respective performance. The best thing to do is to get advice from a specialist in a fishing shop.

Some popular fishing rods are the following:

  • Basic rod
  • Carp rod
  • Feeder rod
  • Spinning rod
  • Trigger rod
  • Match rod
  • Pilkrute
  • Winkelpicker
  • Fishing reels

With the help of the fishing reel, the fishing lines can be easily picked up and unwound. Ideally, the fishing reel should be light, as this will make the whole fishing tackle lighter. The cord thickness indicates how many meters fit on the reel. Here, too, there are different models. Depending on your personal preferences and ideas, you can choose a suitable copy.

The following fishing reels are available:

  • Stationary roll
  • Multi role
  • Fly reel
  • Fishing lines

The fishing line is of course also part of the fishing needs. Here you should make sure that the length of the line also matches the type of fish and the line capacity of the spool. Tip: The heavier the fishing rod and reel are, the thicker the line should be. This prevents the cord from tearing.

The following types of cord are available:

  • Monofilament cord
  • Braided cord
  • Fly line
  • fishing hook

As with the selection of the fishing line and reel, the fishing hook is also selected according to the type of target fish. The diameter of the fishing hook should be a little thinner than the main line and as stable as possible. It is best to get advice from a competent person when purchasing.

The following different specimens of fish hooks are available:

  • Single hook
  • Twin hook
  • Triplet hook

Fishing lures

In order for the fish to bite, a bait should not be missing, of course, because very few fish get caught on a bare fish hook. There are two types of bait: natural bait and artificial bait.

The following are examples of artificial baits:

  • Indicator
  • Crackhead
  • Wobbler
  • Wister
  • Rubber fish
  • Jerkbait
  • Pirk

The following variants are known as natural baits:

  • Worm
  • Made
  • Insect bait
  • Fish
  • Corn
  • Bait from potatoes
  • Bait from batter
  • Loaf
  • Cheese
  • Boilie (particularly suitable for carp)
  • Dog biscuits

In summary: the basic equipment for anglers

The basic equipment consists of a large landing net with a rod length of at least 2 meters, a bucket with a capacity of more than 10 liters, a hook loosener, blackjack, rod stand and a suitable knife. This equipment can be purchased for $ 100. The most important are of course the rod, a reel, a line and an assembly of float and shot or lead. Of course, hooks and baits are also included. Good equipment of this kind can be bought for $ 200, but you should switch to a higher quality equipment if you have discovered this hobby as “the” hobby. There are often also set offers where you can save.

Special equipment for anglers

The most expensive is the specialist equipment, such as rod and reel. Professional equipment offers high-quality and durable materials, but they also charge their price. There is hardly any upper limit, so that professional equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Basically, you should find a compromise and be clear about the purpose for which you need the equipment. The last aspect to consider is that in many waters you need a certificate from the owner to be able to fish legally. To avoid the formalities, many facilities offer day tickets for fishing at customer-friendly prices. In conclusion, it can be said that fishing is a hobby and of course also connected with costs.

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