Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers and smartwatches are now part of the equipment of an athlete or hiker. It records all important data so that you can read this data later and check your performance or progress. A real must for everyone who is active a lot outside! In our store you will find the best fitness tecker and the best smartwatches for an affordable price for your next outdoor trip!

A fitness bracelet to increase activity – coaching goes smart

Fitness is now becoming smart! Now the inner bastard has to dress warmly. He gets a worthy opponent with a fitness bracelet that reminds you, among other things, of longer periods of inactivity. And fitness trackers can do much more. How do the individual models differ? To what extent do you benefit from a sports bracelet and which activity tracker is optimal for you?
What is a fitness bracelet?

A fitness wristband or activity tracker measures your activities and records them. If you were previously a fitness muffle, a sports bracelet now serves as an incentive to move more – and above all actively -. Does this approach cost you a tired smile because you do regular workouts or are out in the open every minute? Highly technical fitness trackers with sophisticated features support you in achieving your training goals even more effectively. And if you are traveling in unknown terrain, they will also show you the way home.

Our tip: Define your short, medium and long-term fitness goals in order to get the best support in the form of a fitness tracker that is tailored to your needs.

How does a sports bracelet work?

An activity tracker is designed to measure your activities 24/7 and – depending on the model – to analyze them. This means that you wear the sports wristband around the clock to ensure complete coverage. This also works if you don’t carry it on your wrist, but in your pocket, for example. If you want an overview of your heart rate, it has to get back to your pulse. Here is an overview of the basics:

  • The heart rate is measured optically using LED sensors. These recognize the amount of blood flow from the change in the size of your arteries. And that works amazingly precisely. You can also find fitness trackers that have an additional chest strap.
  • The basic function of a fitness wristband is based on step measurement. This is done three-dimensionally in order to distinguish real steps from other vibrations. In the evening you can see how much you have moved based on the number of steps.
  • Another basic function is distance measurement. The distance traveled is precisely determined in high-quality devices in combination with GPS systems. A plus for hikers, trail runners and mountain bikers are the altitude meters measured at the same time.
  • The combined calories are calculated from the combination of step and distance measurement. For devices where you enter body size and weight, the calorie consumption determined is correspondingly accurate.
  • The time, the date and an alarm function are also standard on most devices.
  • The reminder function, for example through vibration, draws attention to a long period of inactivity to motivate you to move.

– So much for the basic functions that fitness bracelets bring to get couch potatoes or people with sedentary activity in motion. It gets really exciting with the features that separate the wheat from the chaff.

Our tip: If you decide to wear a sports armband around the clock, keep an eye not only on the functions, but also on the design and comfort.

What features do fitness trackers have?

Activity trackers have a wide range of models, from heart rate monitors to smart watches with a coaching function. The first question is what you expect from a fitness tracker. Do you prefer a simple device that works without apps, provides monthly training statistics and at the same time functions as a clock and alarm clock? Do you want to make full use of all smart functions and synchronize your fitness tracker with your android or iOS-based devices? Below you will find an overview of features that really make you want to move:

  • High-resolution displays with backlighting show you clearly what is going on at a glance.
  • The heart rate is measured, recorded and played back. You get an overview of the current, average, minimum, maximum and optimal heart rate.
  • Your current, average and maximum speed is visible and is included in the evaluation.
  • A stopwatch extends the time functions of the time and date.
  • Thanks to GPS functions, altitude meters are displayed up-to-date and cumulatively and, like the kilometers traveled and the entire route, saved for subsequent evaluation. You have the best overview in the terrain, see the calculated time to the goal and the way back to the starting point.
  • Your number of steps, the calories burned and your sleep pattern are recorded and evaluated in further analyzes.
  • You switch between integrated activity profiles such as running, swimming, cycling, rowing, hiking, trail running, cross-country skiing or weight training at the push of a button. Depending on the sport, you can choose between indoor and outdoor versions.
  • Automatic multisport function enables you to quickly switch between sports, for example during triathlon training.
  • Depending on your needs, you can use the app to create custom training courses and include them in the recordings and analyzes.

The exact recording of all parameters, their recording and evaluation enable you to keep a training diary and achieve your goals efficiently. You can see where you have resources and when it is time for regeneration. You keep track of how your fitness is developing and you find the ideal balance between activity and relaxation.

Our tip: Many fitness trackers are splash-proof, but not waterproof. If you want to use your sports wristband for swimming, choose a device that is explicitly suitable for it as described.


With a high quality fitness tracker, you always have a mobile coach with you. Whether you want to end your existence as a sporty person or train for a triathlon: You will find an activity tracker that exactly matches your requirements and goals. Thanks to innovative technologies and intelligent functions, you benefit from motivation, analysis and coaching in a variety of ways. The individual added value, depending on the model, offers a further advantage. For example, you don’t need an extra watch, you have an overview of your heart rate at all times, and you can use a variety of well-thought-out apps. And last but not least: You make a sporty statement with your fitness wristband and at the same time wear a stylish accessory on your wrist.