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Gameboy Smartphone Case

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Cell phone cases in Gameboy design are now known. But ones that you can really play on? This is rather the exception. On these iPhone and Android cases you can actually play the classic Tetris or other well-known games. Who still needs game apps? 😉

Anyone who is totally annoyed by all these modern app games can now simply turn their cell phone around and enjoy a bit of nostalgia – with the playable Nintendo Game Boy cell phone cases. The phone case has an integrated Game Boy replica on the back and is still a top protective phone case! Available for all Iphone and Samsung models!

Game Boy 3

Play differently on your mobile phone!
But when boredom arises on the way, a university professor or colleagues in the office annoy you, you can quickly play a round. In addition, hardly any other cell phone case will attract so many jealous looks, that much is certain. 😉

The game that can be seen in the pictures and that you can play on the device is not the original Tetris, but a similar game with the same rules. The description also talks about other available games. On the one hand, there are numerous variations of Tetris, in which you start with existing block formations, you have to navigate the falling blocks through a narrow gap, or in which the playing field shifts after each block.

In addition, there are a few other games, such as a racing game in which you have to gradually overtake other cars, or a shooter in the style of Space Invaders, in which you have to shoot down the blocks coming towards you and of course the classic Super Mario is not missing either. All of these games naturally require imagination, after all, we are dealing with just 10 x 20 pixels. This screen resolution is totally enough to enjoy one of these great classic games.

Game Boy 4

The operation of the “menu” takes some getting used to. So you can navigate through the different games with the right button, with the directional pad you can select the speed of the respective game and different levels. But if you have spent some time with the GameBoy, you can find your way around quite well. All in all, we just think it’s great and we feel like we’re back in the 80s and 90s.

Still a stable cell phone case?

In addition to the function as a gaming platform, this is of course still a protective smartphone case. The back is made of plastic, and the display is covered by a thin plastic film that offers some protection. The frame of the case is made of rubber, which is bent around the edge of the iPhone or Samsung smartphone. Here the case is in no way inferior to other protective covers and offers sufficient protection in the event of falls from low to medium heights. Only the front is not protected here, since the edges of the case do not extend all the way around the iPhone. Not only a great gaming gadget but also good protection for your cell phone!

Game Boy 5

It takes a lot of effort to remove the cover. After all, it is really bomb-proof, which is actually a desirable property.

Like the GameBoy itself, the case is available in different colors – at least in black and white and various other colors. For Android phones, we also have the covers available here in the shop, but there are also suitable ones for iPhone 6, 7 and 8. Above there is of course a recess for the camera, so that you can use the phone as usual.

For me as a video game fan, it’s an absolutely cool idea and one of the coolest cell phone cases I’ve ever seen. It looks good, and the opportunity to play a round is always very convenient on the way.

A cool gadget for video game fans and retro lovers, and definitely a gadget worthy of the label. As such, it is of course also great as a gift, or to amaze the circle of friends and acquaintances.

Take a look at the Game Boy Case in the store.

Happy Gaming 😉

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