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What does glamping mean?

Glamping is a holiday trend that is becoming more and more popular. The phenomenon originally comes from the USA. The word is made up of the terms camping and glamor, which aptly describes the character of this vacation option. Glamping combines two types of vacation and combines several types of vacation. A glamorous camping holiday combines originality, closeness to nature, and a stylish ambiance to create a pleasing whole.

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What exactly is glamping?

Glamping is a luxurious variant of a camping holiday and despite its comfort, it offers the pleasant feeling of freedom and adventure. Most of the luxury accommodations are located in a separate part of a “normal” campsite so that glamors can be among themselves and enjoy a somewhat elitist feeling. The campsites are by the sea or have their own swimming pools.

If you do glamping, you can rent a suitable property here, so you don’t need to bring a tent or caravan. The booked accommodation has everything that is needed for a comfortable holiday. Even if the camping character is recognizable, glamping accommodations differ significantly from the classic 4-person tent or caravan with a canopy. You don’t have to make do with communal washrooms either.

A special highlight is an overnight stay in the treehouse. These treehouses have nothing to do with the wooden huts that we built as children. Some glamping accommodations are so spacious that there is room for a free-standing bathtub. Whether it’s a safari lodge with a four-poster bed or a luxury mobile home, you can also take advantage of on-site offers such as wellness for glamping.

Who is glamping for?

Glamping offers considerably more comfort than classic camping, and often even an extraordinary living experience. Nevertheless, nobody needs to do without typical camping flair. Glamping is, therefore, suitable for everyone who wants to be a little more comfortable on vacation. The concept appeals to couples and families, especially seniors. Glamping is appealing to them because they don’t have to bring a tent, sleeping bags, bed linen or groceries with them. You don’t even need to rent or buy a motorhome. Comfortable beds and good sanitary facilities are waiting for you at the campsite. So that parents can also really enjoy the comfort, they should choose campsites with childcare offers.

What else do you have to consider when glamping?

Glamping is the spacious and comfortable alternative to cramped camping in nature. Even if the typical camping equipment with folding chairs and a table is superfluous, you should bring hygiene items, sun protection, insect spray, flashlight, medication and the first aid kit with you in addition to clothing. Make sure you have separate sleeping areas for parents and children, a well-equipped kitchen and your own terrace / veranda. In lodge tents, you usually camp without doing anything yourself, which makes the holiday a bit more expensive.