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GPS tracker for dogs – use the GPS tracker to locate a dog or cat anywhere

The invention of a GPS tracker for dogs is a blessing for every dog owner.

As a dog owner, you know that a dog has its own head every now and then. Males in particular tend to explore their environment very carefully. He runs away and you as the owner don’t know where he is. Good advice is expensive at the moment, because where should you look for it? The solution: GPS for dogs. This way, you can locate each dog in a matter of seconds using a direction finder.

With a GPS transmitter on the dog collar you will find your dog again immediately. The best GPS transmitters for dogs in comparison all result in similar success values. There are various GPS devices and trackers on the collar for tracking dogs as a pet finder on the market.

Our clear favorite as a tracking transmitter for dogs is the TKSTAR model, which you can attach to the collar as a tracker. We would like to present this GPS tracker for dogs and cats in detail here on this website.

How does GPS work for dogs?

A small transmitter is attached to the animal’s collar. This weighs only a few grams and is suitable for all dog breeds but also cats weighing approx.4.5 kg or more. The GPS transmitter uses the cellular network. That is why he is able to transmit the location across borders.

The GPS device we prefer cooperates with many mobile network operators. The tracker always logs into the best available network. Depending on where the dog – or the cat – is currently, he is always looking for the best transmission masts.

The GPS transmitter for dogs and cats requires the GSM mobile network for data transmission. Therefore, normal cell phone reception is sufficient for its operation.

Do you live in a very remote area where there is no mobile phone reception? Then this pet finder on the collar is not suitable for you. However, if there is a GSM cell phone network, the GPS transmitter for animals also works via an app on your cell phone or tablet. The location is of course also very easy on your PC.

It is extremely easy to use a tracker to locate and know where your dog is right now. You can now buy the GPS tracker for dogs right away. In this way you ensure the safety of your beloved animal as quickly as possible.

gps tracker for dogs
gps tracker for dogs

What does a direction finder for dogs cost?

There are different models of direction finders for pets on the market. We have tested and tried out some devices for us. Our personal test favorite as the best tracking transmitter with GPS for almost all dog breeds from TKSTAR is at a purchase price that starts at under $ 50. The price of the device varies depending on the variant.

In addition to the purchase price for the GPS device based on GSM, there is also a monthly fee for your mobile phone provider. Because in fact you always want to be able to locate your dog or cat at any time and as often as you want. To do this, locate the GPS direction finder via the GSM network. The tracking device on the dog collar uses the mobile GSM network to communicate with the tracking server. This means you can locate the pet finder around the clock, 365 days a year.

Because the cell phone network is used, it is clear that there are also low fees for the phone, as for the cell phone with the SIM. So you have the free choice and opportunity to choose your cheapest mobile operator. You always see the results of your location immediately via tracker and know where your dog or cat is.

Of course there are also GPS transmitters for dogs and cats from other manufacturers. We saw some very interesting and good direction finders for dog tracking or for cats. The way the trackers work differs a bit from each other. But the best GPS Dog Tracker that we tested is from TKSTAR, because you can choose the mobile operator freely and do not have to subscribe. We were also very impressed by the accuracy of this GPS Dog Tracker and the relatively cheap price. Of course there are cheaper GPS dog trackers on the market, but these are usually not of such high quality or accuracy. Therefore, you’d better invest a little more and have a very good quality.

Our personal favorite in our comparison is the TKSTAR DF transmitter on the dog collar. You can do the fitness test yourself at any time because you have a right of return if you order the transmitter online.

Your advantages when locating by GPS with TKSTAR: dog is found immediately

  • You can locate your pet (dogs, cats and other animals) as often as necessary.
  • You can terminate the contract at any time and register again later.
  • You can also use other runtime models for the tracker.

best gps tracker for dogs and cats
best gps tracker for dogs and cats

What tracking options does the dog tracking device offer?

Live tracking for dog tracking

The easiest way for you to know where your pet is right now is live tracking via GPS tracking. You can find the exact location of the tracker on the collar in real time on your smartphone or on the Internet. So you can follow every movement of your dog or cat.

You go into live mode and you can see the location of the tracker on a map. Of course, you can also follow and check the animal’s path afterwards. You will then know where your dog, cat or other pet has been. The tracker records everything exactly.

The home zone – here your dog can move as he wants

The home zone gives you the advantage of always being informed when your dog, cat or other pet runs away. To do this, you define a specific area in which the pet can move freely. If the animal leaves this predetermined area, you will immediately receive an alarm from the pet finder on your cell phone as a push notification.

This message about the DF transmitter on the collar then says, for example: Luna leaves the home zone. You can then react immediately and ensure that nothing happens. Because one thing is clear: you can only rely on the GPS. Dogs and cats themselves are unfortunately not always reliable when it comes to their behavior.

In the broadest sense, the transmitter is something like a virtual dog fence. However, it does not stop the dog from straying like a dog fence. It only enables you to understand your animal’s path.

The archive function in the tracker – you can see where your dog was everywhere

You can also use the map in the location portal to look back where your dog or cat has been. So if the animal occasionally “bulges out”, you can check where it was. This is made possible by GPS recording. The device is therefore not only a kind of direction finder for a current location, but also allows a look into the past.

Many animals like dogs and cats often have recurring behavior patterns. Maybe your dog was in a certain place more often? Then there is much to suggest that he will go there again later. A cat often has a favorite place that you can locate in this way.

gps tracker dog
gps tracker dog

Where does the direction finder for dogs and cats not work?

There are hardly any restrictions when using a tracker. Wherever you have GSM cell phone reception, you can usually locate your dog using GPS. However, if your dog is in a closed building or underground, the bearing will not work. If he has crawled into a badger building, you will only see the last located position beforehand. The same applies if he is in a house or garage.

This is due to the fact that the location of the dog via GPS depends on “visual contact” with the satellite. The clearest possible view of the sky consequently improves the location and makes it possible in the first place. If there is a larger development above the location where the tracker is currently located, the location will not work.

Dog tracking in the dark is possible and increases safety

Your dog is out at night and does not budge. You located it, but is there a dark area? Thanks to the integrated light in the locator on the collar, you can see your dog at night. Of course, this works in the same way for a cat.

Another advantage of light: If your dog is out in the dark, the light on the dog collar will also see him earlier. This significantly increases the safety of your dog in the traffic area.

Which devices can be used to call up the GPS tracker?
You can access the location portal with any internet browser. Or you can simply use your smartphone. IPad, iPad Air and all iPhone devices from generation 4 S are supported in iOS.

With Android devices, all versions from Android version 2.3. supported. Tracking using a tracker is also possible without a cell phone, as long as you have access to the Internet.

You can then simply log in with your access data via any internet-enabled computer. So you can immediately see where the GPS for dogs has located your darling. This works really easy with the tracking portal for dog tracking or cat tracking.

How long does the tracking transmitter battery last for dogs?
Basically there is no clear answer to this question. Because depending on the reception quality and area of ​​use, the tracker consumes more or less battery capacity. On average, the battery of the GPS transmitter for dogs lasts about 2 – 5 days.

How long does it take for the GPS transmitter to be charged?
If you want to fully charge the GPS tracker, you need a maximum of 2 hours. If there is still battery capacity in the device, it is even faster. So you can easily fully charge the device again in the evening.

dog tracker
dog tracker

What are the dimensions of the GPS tracking device for animals?

You are dealing with a miniature device. The technical data of the mini GPS transmitter speak for themselves:

The weight: only 35 grams

The dimensions: 51 x 41 x 15 millimeters

How do I attach the transmitter to the collar?
There are two fastening clips for the collar as accessories for the Tracker. Depending on the size of the collar, you can use one of the two. The clip is very practical and holds. Alternatively, you can of course attach the GPS transmitter in another way, for example on dog harnesses.

This is useful, for example, if you want to locate your dog while hunting. Because in tough hunting use, attachment to the collar is not always feasible. When hunting, you risk losing your GPS in unfortunate circumstances. Dogs are simply “used” differently in hunting than in their home environment. but because that is the case, the company TKSTAR has developed a special direction finder for hunting.

Is the location of the animal with the tracker accurate?
You will usually be able to locate the tracker with an accuracy of approx. 10 meters. There may be differences depending on the environment. Basically, it always depends on the network coverage and the device on which you are locating. With good network coverage and a clear view upwards, the location of the tracker on the collar is usually perfect.

Is longer live tracking possible with the direction finder?
You can use TKSTAR live tracking all day long. However, the battery capacity for GPS is then used up for dogs. Depending on the quality of reception, the battery on the tracker lasts about 1 – 2 days with live tracking.

Can you locate the dog simultaneously using multiple devices?
That’s fine. You can all locate independently on different smartphones. So you or your spouse or the children all see separately where your dog is. Dog tracking is possible in parallel, i.e. for everyone at the same time. Of course, this also works if you track cats with the Tracker.

Is the GPS tracking device waterproof for dogs?
Yes, you can use the GPS tracking transmitter for dogs and cats in any position. The transmitter on the dog collar is completely waterproof. According to the manufacturer, tightness is guaranteed up to a water depth of 1 meter. As a result, the dog is allowed to jump into a pond or stream on the way without harming the pet finder.

gps dog tracker battery
gps dog tracker battery

Can I locate other animals with the direction finder, for example cats or other animals?

It is absolutely possible to locate cats or other animals. What is suitable for dog tracking is also suitable for cat tracking. The GPS transmitter for dogs can therefore also be used without restriction as a GPS for cats. In addition, the use of the GPS system for animal location is also possible at any time with other larger animals such as horses or farm animals. Any pet of a certain size can be located with the tracker.

Even the smallest animals fall out of consideration because the GPS transmitter would simply be too large. But for almost all cats, horses or other valuable animals, the Tracker can be used without restriction. That’s why the term GPS for dogs is actually somewhat misleading. Because the tracker could also be called GPS for cats or pet finder or direction finder for locating animals and so on.

Or simply track your children with this device. Simply stick the tracker in your child’s jacket or pants. So you always know where your child is right now.

Does the tracking of the tracker on the collar also work with the iPhone?
Yes, dog tracking with the iPhone is generally very simple and practical. For more information, please read the iPhone dog tracking on the corresponding subpage.

A prerequisite for location using a mobile phone is of course a corresponding transmitter, which is worn on the collar. The phone then communicates via the location app that you previously downloaded from the app store. This communication runs via a manufacturer’s location server with the tracker on the collar. The pet finder replies to the server and gives the exact location of the dog or cat.

Can I find a lost animal with the GPS tracker?
You can locate the dog’s collar at any time using the transmitter. Of course, the transmitter must still have enough battery power. If your dog, cat or other pet has run away, the pet finder is the perfect way to find the animal immediately and to locate it precisely.

The device allows you to catch your lost dog or cat again. Prerequisite: Dog or cat are in the open air. If the animal is in a closed building, you will not receive a signal from the tracker.

Most of the time, an escaped animal moves outdoors. There, thanks to the GPS transmitter for dogs, you have good options for pinpoint GSM tracking. The Tracker also ensures the safety of your pet.

Can the GPS transmitter also be used as a remote trainer?
No, a GPS device for direction finding and location does not send any impulses that the animal could feel. Therefore, such a tracker cannot be used for you as a remote trainer. This is not the point if you use a tracker on the collar. Rather, it only serves as a tracking device on the dog collar.

Has the direction finder integrated a camera?
No, the Tracker device is only intended as a direction finder for tracking dogs or cats. There is no built-in camera for live visual tracking. There are other devices for attaching to the collar. However, these in turn are not suitable for location like the direction finder from our store.

Is the direction finder also suitable for small dogs?
In principle, the direction finder for dogs is one size. In principle, it is suitable for all dogs – whether small or large. However, there are a few dogs of a rather dwarf shape. It could be a little tight then. Since the GPS transmitter for dogs only weighs a good 35 grams, almost all dogs can easily cope with the weight.

Many cat owners use the GPS transmitter, which is actually designed for dogs, also for their cats. If a cat can wear the tracker, even a small dog can easily.

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