Grill And Grill Accessories

Do you want to buy a grill and become part of the large BBQ community? Congratulations! But you just don’t know which grill is the best for you? No matter who you ask, everyone is somehow convinced of their grill. The gas grills rave about their gas grill, the charcoal grills about their charcoal grill. And there are thousands of recommendations, that doesn’t help either. Ultimately, only you can find the solution, but our questions and suggestions can make your decision a little easier. With us you will find various grills and the right grill accessories in our online shop. We also offer you many barbecues that are particularly suitable so that you can take them with you on your camping trip or easily stow them in your luggage or backpack.



Camping and grilling are two things that simply belong together. But which camping grill is the best for on the go? We give you an overview of common barbecues that are perfect for your next camping holiday.


Camping grills are available in different versions. But for many, grilling is more than just preparing food, it is a philosophy. And this begins with the operating mode of the grill. There are three options here:


Grilling with charcoal promises the typical smoky taste of the food. Charcoal barbecues for camping are available in different versions: from the folding grill to the table grill and the kettle grill. If you use a charcoal grill, you have to be a little familiar with lighting a fire and temperature control over an open fire or embers.

– Can also be operated with wood.
– Smoky aroma.

– Barbecues with open fires are not permitted on every campsite or in every holiday region. On most campsites, an open fire is prohibited or can only be implemented in designated places. One reason for a possible grill ban is e.g. an increased risk of forest fires.
– It takes time to heat up the coal.
– Chilled ash must be disposed of properly.
– Uneven heat development.
– smoke development.


The gas grill is easy to grill, because you can regulate the temperature very small. So there is hardly any smoke than with a charcoal grill. Gas grills can be operated with a gas bottle or cartridge. Depending on the version, there are also camping gas grills with a connection for the gas system of the motorhome. If the gas grill is connected to the gas socket of a camper or caravan, it must be designed for 30mbar. If you want to connect a gas bottle, the gas grill must be suitable for 50mbar. You should definitely pay attention to this detail before buying your grill, depending on the connection, either via the external gas connection or gas bottle, you just need the corresponding grill.

– Ready to start immediately.
– Easy temperature regulation.
– Can be used almost anywhere.
– Flexible grill duration, since the gas grill can also be used for several hours.
– No ashes to be disposed of.
– The grill is only operated with gas. Gas bottles can be found in almost every caravan.

– The grilled food does not have the typical smoke aroma, but comes very close to that with charcoal.
– The grill loses power if e.g. the cartridge becomes empty.


Switch on, put the food on the grill and off you go. Electric grills offer very easy handling and fine temperature control. They are available in different versions, e.g. as a table grill.

– Ready to start immediately.
– Even inexperienced grillers get along very well with it.
– Very little smoke.
– Easy temperature regulation.
– No ashes to be disposed of.

– You need a power supply for these grills. They are therefore not suitable for free-standing.
– The grilled food does not get the typical grilling aroma as with a gas or charcoal grill.
– The grill area is relatively small.
– Fuses at the parking space can be too weak.


Anyone who speaks of “grilling” has very different ideas. For some, grilling consists of placing sausages or steaks on the grill rack, while others want to prepare a complete meal on the grill. In addition to the corresponding accessories, it is also a question of the equipment of the grill, whether you can “only” grill with it, or also cook, cook or bake.

A small table grill is e.g. suitable for the preparation of grilled meat or vegetables and fish. With a ball gas grill you can also prepare casseroles or other dishes with the appropriate inserts.


In order to get the most out of your camping grill, there are numerous barbecue accessories. So you can provide a very special aroma when charcoal grilling with wood chips. Not to forget the charcoal. Barbecue tongs are also recommended. For example, you prevent grill meat from being pricked too often with a fork and losing its juiciness.

If you use a cartridge grill, you should make sure you take enough cartridges with you on your camping holiday. This is especially true if you want to go on outdoor camping tours.

For your gas grill, you have to think of an adequate gas supply. Abroad, the gas bottles and connections are different, you should consider this before you leave and take care of the missing accessories.


The selection of camping grills offers the right grill for every preference. Most campers grill with a gas grill. If you are traveling with a vehicle, you have your gas bottle on board anyway to heat or get warm water. So this use is just right. When buying your grill, pay attention to the pack size and possibly also the weight. You should consider in advance where you want to stow the grill while driving. In addition, it is certainly practical if your grill can be set up quickly and easily.

In the meantime, there is the largest selection especially with gas grills.

This must be taken into account when there is an open fire or barbecuing in the forest

That the rules are so strict is due to nature conservation. Animals are driven out when the outdoor holidaymaker searches for firewood in the forest and then lights a fire. Therefore, open fire without a permit is mostly forbidden. “A permit is required in the forest and at a distance of less than 100 meters from the forest”. The permit must be applied for in the responsible office. In general, a fire must be constantly monitored and there must be no fire risk.

In an open fire, natural remains or branches lying around must be burned, plastic waste or treated wood must not be burned. Be especially careful when leaving the fireplace and check that everything is really extinguished.
It is best to inquire beforehand whether it is allowed to cut down trees in the forest for a fire. Otherwise, gamekeepers could fine you.

Also make sure that the surrounding wood does not catch fire. It is best to enclose the fireplace with larger stones so that the fire cannot spread itself and lead to unwanted fires in the forest.

Always be very careful with food lying around. If bears are at home in your camping area, the smell of food could attract these bears.
It is best not to store fresh food directly in your camp, but rather at a distance from your campsite. If possible, it is best to hang your food at a height above the floor so that bears or other animals cannot get their food.
If a bear has found your food supply, do not try to drive it away, that could only make bears aggressive and then the bear could attack and defend the food.

The best thing is to always keep fresh food such as meat or sausages in an airtight container to keep the smells as small as possible.

But campfires that produce some smoke can also help keep animals such as bears out of their camp.
The best thing is of course if you keep the camp fire going all night. This keeps animals out of their camp and away from the tents.

The last step is of course to carry a weapon or knife to defend yourself. However, these should only be used as a last resort, since the animals in the forest are mostly under protection and high penalties can be for killing an animal.

We wish you an enjoyable camping holiday!