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Between walking the dogs at 5 am and spending as much free time as possible exploring the outdoors, I rarely go anywhere without a headlamp. Not only are they incredibly easy to throw in my pocket or pack, but they come in such a wide variety of options that there’s a perfect headlamp for all of my low light adventures. It’s one of those things, like a first aid kit, that’s so easy to bring that there’s really no good excuse for not having one. But how do you know which headlamp is best for you? With all the different stats and styles to choose from it can seem almost impossible to find the right one, but hopefully this buyers guide will help point you in the right direction.

3 reasons why (and when) a headlamp makes sense when traveling.

Suddenly the power goes out in the middle of the night and you literally stand in the dark. Not a nice idea, is it? Especially not if you are currently traveling in a foreign country. A headlamp for traveling, e.g. a rechargeable USB headlamp brings light back into the dark quickly and easily. Read here why and especially when it is important to pack a headlamp.

I still remember the Monkey House Hostel in Bali, where my husband and I stayed with a friend of ours for three nights. We slept in a 6-bed dorm and it is always a good idea to have a little light with you.

At the latest when everyone is asleep, but you still need light because you have to search for something in your backpack or want to read a book (and (still) don’t have an eBook reader), a headlamp is worth its weight in gold. At other times it was super practical because the toilets were a few steps away from the dormitory and you had to walk through the small garden in the dark. Also ideal because I had my hands free!

A headlamp for traveling is also useful and practical in so many other situations!

When you need a headlamp to travel

In the event of (regular) power cuts
Admittedly, this will probably only happen very, very rarely in Europe. However, if you e.g. planning in Asia and visiting relatively untouristic or remote areas there, it can happen that there is often a power cut.
Your rescuer in need is a headlamp!

With limited power availability
This also applies to remote areas. In some regions of the world, electricity is only available for a few hours a day or night. If you set out in such a region, it won’t hurt if a headlamp finds its way into your backpack.

So you are relatively independent at least at night and outside of electricity times and have your own light with you.

For overnight stays / activities
Of course, you do not need a headlamp for all overnight stays or various activities. But I immediately think of a few options when a headlamp makes sense when traveling.

  • In the hostel. As I said: This way you won’t disturb your dorm comrades if you want to stay awake a little longer.
  • In the (night) bus. Buses usually have emergency lighting on at night, but this doesn’t make much sense if you still want to leaf through a magazine or write a diary.
  • When camping. With the night comes the dark. It doesn’t hurt if you still have light in the tent before you go to bed. You may also need light on the way to the washroom or toilet.
  • While hiking. Not only at home, but also abroad, it is advisable to take a headlamp with you on hikes. Is it e.g. in a cave, it is essential. And even in the event that the night surprises you earlier than expected, you are at least better prepared for the way back than completely without it.
  • While walking. At sunset on the beach and then back home. However, if your accommodation is not directly on the beach and you still have a long way to go, I recommend packing a headlamp. The way to our accommodation in Thailand, Ko Samui, was poorly lit at night and so we were able to draw our attention to cars at least early on.
  • To the sport. If you e.g. like to jog and like to go in the early morning or evening hours, a headlamp is your ideal companion: not only illuminates your path, but also draws attention to you at an early stage.
  • On a safari. Excursions in the evening or at night are particularly popular on safaris. You may not need the headlamp on the safari itself, but you may need it in the camp where you spend the night.

I see the greatest advantage of a headlamp in the fact that you have your hands free at all times. You can easily carry something with food or other things (backpack, equipment, etc.). You certainly couldn’t do that with a normal flashlight (so convenient).

But there is nothing wrong with wearing it like a normal flashlight, if that is more practical. And thanks to the elastic straps you can e.g. hang up sometimes. It therefore serves as a ceiling lamp in the tent. You probably couldn’t do that easily with a normal flashlight.

Our headlamps from our online shop are great companions when traveling and are absolutely sufficient for hostels, bus trips, camping, fishing or if the power suddenly fails. Now it only depends on whether you prefer to charge via USB or use batteries.

In case you don’t like headlamps at all, I can recommend a mini flashlight. This is also not noticeable in terms of space and weight and saves you in one or the other situation just like a headlamp for traveling.However, you have to accept small drawbacks in terms of lumens and visibility (larger models offer more again) – but it is absolutely for traveling sufficient.

And alternatively, of course, your SmartPhone does too!

Has a head torch or mini flashlight ever saved you from the dark? Or do you have to get one first? Let us know.