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Heating the tent – How to heat the tent quickly and correctly

Tent heating tips & instructions

In this guide we tell you everything about heating the tent. You are probably already familiar with it if you have already spent time in the tent in colder temperatures. The night can be a torture here. It is particularly bad if you do not have enough blankets or warm clothes with you and really literally freeze during the night. In addition to a bad mood, you usually also get a bad cold. With simple tricks you can heat the tent, we will tell you how it works and what you have to pay special attention to.


Can you heat a tent?

Well, everyone can ask the right question. To put it in a nutshell, you cannot generally heat a tent well. This is because the tent is not insulated. If you heat up the tent using firewood or an appropriate heating device and then switch it off, it does not take long for all the heat to dissipate.

TIP! When buying a tent, choose a high-quality model. So you have fewer problems afterwards. In our shop we show you the best models and tell you what to look for when buying.

For the first time, this sounds worse than it actually is. We will of course give you the best tips on how you can still heat the tent so that it is cozy and warm.

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CAUTION heat the tent!

If you decide to heat the tent, be very careful! In most cases, firewood or gas is required or fire is used. This can be life-threatening in a tent! Since you want to heat the tent, but also have to ventilate it at the same time, you come up against the limits here. If you do not ventilate accordingly and heat with fire, the gases produced can even be fatal. For this reason, we strongly advise against it!

With our tent heater you can heat the tent, for example. This stove is powered by gas, so be careful and never cover the stove. If you want to heat the tent using this stove, place it close to the entrance, but not directly into the tent. And definitely turn off the oven as soon as you go to sleep. This is the only way to go to sleep safely and comfortably.


Heat the tent safely

You can heat the tent a little safer with a tealight heater. This way of heating the tent is much safer and also intended for it. There are various forms of heating, which are usually made of aluminum. Tea lights come inside, then you can place a pot or kettle over them that warms up. The body warms up and the tent slowly heats up. This way of heating the tent works relatively well and is also quite safe.

However, keep in mind that this is also fire. So make sure that you have a large tent with enough space to place the stove. Do not place the stove near the feet, as there is a risk that you will knock it over and there will be a fire.


Tent heating alternative

Heating a tent is very unusual and is only done in extreme situations. Of course, cold nights in a tent are not pleasant, but that’s still part of it. The much better choice is to choose a high quality sleeping bag from the start. Buy one that has been specially made for the cold season, in our shop we have many suitable sleeping bags. Although this is a bit expensive, it is of the highest quality and you will not need anything to heat. The sleeping bag itself will keep you warm all night.

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If you only camp from time to time on cold nights, you can also fall back on a cheaper sleeping bag. There are enough inexpensive models, which are also very good and keep the body warm. You can also take a warm blanket with you in an emergency. We have attached a short list of some recommended winter sleeping bags in the lower price range. Take a look at our sleeping bag category.


Take a sleeping mat with you. These are particularly cost-effective and also help keep you warm. You should never sleep in the tent on bare ground. Also, don’t make the mistake of putting too much clothing in your sleeping bag, because that doesn’t help. With a high-quality sleeping bag, thermal underwear is sufficient. However, you should never do without a hat, because a lot of the heat is lost in the head.

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If you still want it to be a bit warmer before going to sleep, just take a hot water bottle with you. Here you can simply boil water and put the hot water in a bottle. Then wrap them in a towel. For the first hour you have a cozy hot water bottle.

CONCLUSION: Tent heating tips

If you are not going on an expedition and have to sleep in the tent at extreme temperatures, always heat the tent carefully! This is because it can simply be dangerous and is always associated with a certain residual risk. If you choose good clothes and appropriate equipment from the start, you don’t have to heat the tent.

Have you ever had a problem with the cold in your tent? How did you go about and we heated your tent? Please write us your experiences!

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