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How To Keep A Tent Warm

Camping is our big hobby! But camping isn’t just fun in summer. There are also many things to discover in nature in winter. I also like to drive my jeep into the wilderness in winter and set up my tent there. It’s just great to spend a weekend with my dog in a beautiful snowy landscape. I usually take my camera with me and take pictures of the beautiful nature in winter. If you plan to go camping in winter or in colder temperatures, you should always prepare well. The most important thing is that you read the weather report carefully beforehand. So you already know roughly what temperatures to expect when camping. But of course there are also tricks on how to keep your tent nice and warm in winter. In this article I would like to explain to you how I make myself comfortable in the tent.

Prepare yourself properly for your winter camping trip

Read carefully the weather report for the days on which you are out with your tent. So you know how to prepare. There are many tricks how you can make yourself comfortable in your tent or caravan even in winter. You can keep the tent or the caravan comfortably warm with special 12-volt heating devices. But still take a gas stove or a wood stove with you, with which you can always make warm tea or coffee outside in front of the tent or caravan in order to stay warm in an emergency. Of course, you always have to make sure that you have enough gas bottles or firewood.


Why doesn’t the tent stay warm?

For example, if you want to camp outdoors in winter, you should prepare well. A tent consists only of thin layers and the tent walls cannot store the heat in the tent. After just a few minutes without an external heat supply, you will notice that it is getting quite cold inside the tent. So you have to come up with something how you can keep the tent warm. There is nothing worse than when you lie in your tent freezing at night and cannot fall asleep. But caravans and RV’s are not much better insulated either, of course the walls are a bit thicker there and there is also a small layer of insulation, but without additional heating, RV’s also cool down quickly. It’s just a little faster with tents.

How can I warm my tent?

The worst thing about camping is probably when you freeze at night or can’t even fall asleep because it’s so cold in the tent. But you can do a few things to keep you warm in the tent. For example, you can get a sleeping bag that is very well insulated and is also suitable for low temperatures.

But stuffing the tent with blankets is not a good idea, as the blankets cannot store a lot of heat and also cannot insulate your tent.

What we can recommend to you to spend a warm night in a tent is that you get a small tent heater. These tent heaters are mostly operated with a 12 volt connection. You can connect the tent heater to the battery of your car, for example. The problem with this is that it can be that your car battery is empty in the morning and you can then no longer start your car. Of course that’s bad!

tent heater

What we can highly recommend and also do it yourself when we go camping in winter or at colder temperatures, you can build your own independent energy supply. It’s actually relatively easy, you can easily transport what you need in your car and don’t need any external energy supplies.

Buy a solar panel including a control unit or charge controller and connect this unit to a second battery. You can then charge this car battery during the day with the help of the sun and then connect the tent heater to it in the evening. Then it doesn’t matter if the heating completely drains the battery at night. You don’t have to start your car in the morning with this battery. Then you can simply reconnect this service battery to the solar charging station in the morning and have it charged throughout the day.

solar panel

Such a system is not very expensive either. If you buy the solar system including the charge regulator, you have to calculate around 200 dollars. You may still have the car battery in your garage or you can buy it cheaply at your local hardware store.

A tent heater is also not very expensive. Take a look here, there you will find a suitable heater for your tent. But also remember that the heater is not on the floor of the tent. It could be that you accidentally cover the heating with a blanket or your sleeping bag at night, this can very quickly become very dangerous and a fire hazard. So make sure that you hang the heater on the ceiling of the tent, so the tent heater cannot be covered by a blanket or something similar and can become a fire hazard. If you don’t turn the heating on too warm, it can be that it gets too fast, too warm in the tent and it can also be that the car battery runs out too quickly.

camping in winter

Where should i place my campfire?

In winter it’s just great to have your campfire close to your tent and to be warm by the fire. But always make sure that the campfire is not too close to the tent, otherwise, sparks from the wind could land on the tent and damage your tent or, in the worst case, a fire could arise. So you should place the campfire at a safe distance from the tent to avoid all dangers.

What you shouldn’t do

Please make sure that you don’t have an open fire in the tent. Candles are also a bad idea, as open fires or candles pose a fire hazard.
Even when attaching an electric tent heater to the ceiling, always be very careful. Children should also be very careful as the heaters can get very hot. And also make sure that the heating does not point directly to the outer skin of the tent, otherwise, the skin of the tent could be damaged or even melt.

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