How to plan your perfect camping holiday

Camping tips: how to plan your perfect camping holiday

Whether with your own tent, a caravan or in a rental bungalow – camping is totally popular. We will tell you the advantages of this individual travel trend and present you our best camping tips.


Off to adventure – these are the advantages of camping

There is hardly a more flexible, cheaper and sociable way to vacation than camping. And the best thing is that you can choose the right campsite and route for every taste. There are campsites by the sea, in the mountains, in big cities and in the quiet nature. So it doesn’t matter whether you prefer a quiet hiking or cycling holiday or if you like to chill on the beach all day. Since campsites in particular are rarely fully booked, there is nothing standing in the way of a spontaneous trip.


How to find the perfect campsite

You can find a good overview of campsites in America or Canada on the website. Reviews and pictures of other campers can be read and viewed on Tripadvisor.
Various camping guides are also highly recommended. You can also get this as a printed book, sorted by region and updated every year in bookshops or online.


How much is a camping holiday?

Within the United States, the cost of a tent or pitch per night averages between $ 25 to $ 70, depending on the country, season, and campground facilities. Fixed accommodations such as bungalows and houses are significantly more expensive than tent and parking spaces and are priced at about the same level as holiday homes.
Incidentally, camping is most expensive in California. Here the average price is around $ 50 a night.
Camping in Sweden, Canada or Austria is almost half cheaper. Remember that there are also travel, food and equipment costs.


“Glamping” – the trend of glamorous camping

There are now many campsites that have a similar high standard as a hotel complex. In some places there is a supermarket, a laundrette, private sanitary facilities, restaurants, a swimming pool or even an entertainment program. Nevertheless, a vacation there is cheaper than in a comparable hotel on site. If you go on a round trip, it is worth combining rather simply equipped places and so-called “glamping” places. So you can enjoy a little luxury in between and still save your budget.

Your first camping holiday thats how you prepare


Your first camping holiday – that’s how you prepare

First, of course, you plan where to go and then get your camping utensils accordingly. For starters, you can certainly borrow some equipment from friends. Or you can have a look in our shop, there you will surely find the right one and what you still need.
If you are still an inexperienced camper, you should test your equipment before you travel. This saves you time and nerves while on vacation. If you have already set up and dismantled your tent, it will work much better the second time.

If you don’t feel like spending a lot of time setting up the tent, you can buy a practical throw tent. This builds up on its own and the folding also works in a few seconds. If you have problems with the construction on site or notice that you have forgotten something important, please ask your camping neighbors for help. As a rule, campers are very helpful among themselves.
Before you go on your camping holiday, download the holiday preparation apps that might be helpful to your mobile phone. So that in case of doubt you don’t run out of battery at the wrong moment, pack a power bank, which you can also find in our shop.


Camping tips: this should be on the packing list

Depending on whether you camp or live in permanent accommodation, it may well be that you have to do without a lot of everyday luxury. Find out as much as you can beforehand what will and will not be available on site. You can use our camping packing list as a guide for packing.

Also consider when planning:

Is there a power connection? Do you need an adapter?
What is the local infrastructure like? Is there e.g. Public transport or bike rental?
How far is the campsite from the nearest town?
If the place is in a larger city anyway, you can still get everything you could need on site.
In general, only pack things that you definitely need and use. So you have less to carry and can enjoy your vacation without unnecessary ballast. It is also better to pack less clothing and some (hand) detergent instead. Slight soiling is easy to wash out even with a hand wash.

Eating and drinking on a camping holiday

For your camping holiday, there are foods that are quick and easy to prepare and that can also be kept well when refrigerated. It is best to check in advance whether you can shop on site, otherwise some basics and snacks should not be missing. A solid food supply for the camping kitchen consists, for example:

UHT milk
Oatmeal or cereal mix
Soluble coffee and tea bags
fruit and vegetables
Pesto or tomato sauce
Spices (salt, pepper)
Sausage / cheese / spreads
Dried fruit

If you want to cook on site, a pot, some camping dishes, a camping stove and possibly a travel kettle should not be missing.
You can find all these things in our accessories.

Now we wish you a lot of fun with the preparations and of course with your camping holiday.
Write to us about your experiences you made on vacation and we will reward you with a great voucher.

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