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We provide the best knifes for your outdoor trip. Our mission is to provide the premium best quality of our products in the world, our award is our happy and satisfied clients and secondly, our returning clients, if you are looking for a better quality knife at a good price, then Campers-Shop is the right place for you.

Buy outdoor knives & pocket knives cheap online

A good knife and tools with small pack sizes are among the most important items of equipment for survival and camping equipment. The pocket knives, multitools, saws and axes from our online shop are characterized by their low weight, extreme robustness and versatility. They master the demanding tasks that tools and knives have to cope with in outdoor activities with ease.

Especially in the outdoor area, it is the small utensils and gadgets that make the difference between a one-sided and an ambitious hobby outdoor enthusiast. Of course, good equipment includes a knife, which in turn you can choose from our wide range. The decision for a simple folding knife with a large or medium-sized blade or a multifunction device that combines several functions is entirely up to you.

Rattle knife or multitool?

A good knife cuts reliably over a long period of time without presenting an extraordinary source of danger. For this reason, it is precisely outdoor folding knives that are selected by many hikers. The knife can be used as a tool, for separating a rope or for carving. Numerous hikers use your knife to take a meal with it and thus save packing load in the tableware area. The preferences and needs are as diverse as our selection of outdoor knives and tools at

Long-term durability

In the field of tools, the selection is just as varied, since each area of ​​application requires a specific tool. The classic tool is the hatchet and the saw. Only with these utensils is it possible to assemble the necessary firewood for a warming fire or the grill in just a few moments. In addition to the multitool, there is also a small shovel. Thanks to high-quality materials, it penetrates even very dry soils. At we partially offer shovel, hoe and spade connections in one tool.

Reliable functionality in all ways

It basically doesn’t matter whether it is a knife or a multitool. One should only value high-quality workmanship and robust material. Otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy the tool or the new outdoor knife for very long. It would also be fatal if the knife went limp in the middle of a mission and there is no replacement on site. This overview summarizes the different knives and tools from

  • Multitool
  • Folding knife
  • Machete
    – Spade, shovel, hoe
    – Hatchet, saw

Pocket knives: the indispensable all-rounder

Small and light: These are the requirements that knives and tools have to meet on longer trekking tours and hikes. Thanks to its compact size, a pocket knife can also be stored in your pocket and is therefore immediately available when you need it. The cleaned blades and the tool can be folded into the joint of the booklet for safe transport. Knives in credit card format or light-weight knives, whose reduced form lies exceptionally well in the hand despite the absence of grips and decorations, do an excellent job here. Other models offer specially shaped blades, fold-out tools and additional functions for a wide range of applications.
Multitools: foldable all-rounders

Multitools are small tool boxes for your pocket, from which various tools and a knife can be unfolded. Thanks to their well thought-out shape, the tools, whose main function is a handy pliers, lie perfectly in the hand. The opened tools lock firmly so that stuck screws can be loosened with the tool just as easily as with a screwdriver. The impressive range of functions gives you a tool with the right tools for every application. The multitool can be attached to a belt in a leather case and is immediately available when you need it.

Compact axes and saws

The outdoor saws, axes and machetes from our online shop serve well if you have to work your way through thick bushes on your hike or if you need firewood for the evening campfire. With the sharp saw blade of the outdoor saw, smaller branches can be cut easily. With the multifunctional axes you can cut firewood, dig or use the leverage of the tool to clean up. Reinforced handles that are non-slip in the hand make working with the tool easier. offers perfect tools for all cases

It doesn’t matter whether you shovel your SUV freely in rough terrain or if you have to help an avalanche victim in an emergency: folding spades and shovels are indispensable tools in nature. When camping, you can use them to knock the pegs into the ground and create a small ditch around the tent as a drain. On trekking tours and hikes away from civilization, a foldable shovel ensures hygiene after the spade.

In addition to knives and tools, you will find knife sharpeners and small emergency tools in our online shop that you can easily attach to your keychain. Our friendly service team will be happy to advise you on all questions relating to the items offered by