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An inflatable boat is a great hobby. If you are interested in boats but don’t want to invest a lot of money in a boat right away, you should consider getting an inflatable boat. You can either move the boats with a paddle, or you also have the option of attaching an electric or gasoline outboard motor. We offer you different inflatable boats, for different purposes and in different sizes. Inflatable boats also have the great advantage that you can easily transport the boat. You can simply stow the boat in your trunk and inflate it quickly by the lake or river. It is also possible to use an inflatable boat as a dinghy for your large ship. An inflatable boat is just fun! Take a look at our offered boats in the shop, there you will definitely find the right boat for you.

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More and more water sports enthusiasts are recognizing the serious advantages and the many possible uses of inflatable boats. Inflatable boats are used in various different water areas around the world. Today’s inflatable boats are used in extreme offshore waters, polar seas or from small garden ponds to extremely large, strongly flowing rivers.

Advantages of an inflatable boat:

Light boat body
Compared to a rigid hull boat, an inflatable boat body is much lighter due to its construction with light air.
Its own weight is therefore much lower than that of plastic, metal or wooden boats.
Thus the inflatable boat can be maneuvered easily.

Soft hull
Soft, air-filled ventilators forgive small collisions with solid objects such as jetties, boat walls or perspectives.

Foldable hull
The body of the dinghy can be easily folded up, so that it is small to pack and transport, making handling and storage much easier.

Repair possibility
Small damage can be quickly repaired with the appropriate repair material.

Cheaper to purchase and use
Due to the construction with air chambers as a means of buoyancy, the material and production costs as well as the general handling are much easier.

Disadvantages of an inflatable boat:

Thin boat skin
The thin boat skin makes a dinghy easily vulnerable to contact with points or sharp objects.

Shorter lifespan
Inflatable boats usually have a correspondingly shorter lifespan than boats made of aluminum or metal due to the materials and plasticizers used.

Advantages of inflatable boats in transport:

A pure rubber dinghy can usually be pulled behind by one person at the towing eye in the front area of ​​the dinghy on the shore or on the land area due to its own weight in the assembled state. To make things even easier, transport wheels can be retrofitted to the boat transom on some inflatable boats or small slip trolleys can be used. Inflatable boats can be easily carried to the water by two people when set up or lifted over objects and obstacles. For example, if you can only overcome several water obstacles by land, you have an advantage with a rubber dinghy.

Disadvantages of the dinghy in transport:

In the dismantled state, the handling of an inflatable boat looks different. Due to the unstable rubber boat material, which only reaches its stability when fully inflated, the rubber boat is more difficult to grip or more difficult to fix and handle with muscle power as a whole. Inflatable boats are therefore folded up in an airless state and transported in the transport bags supplied by the manufacturer.

Advantages of the inflatable boat under construction:

Inflatable boats are dismantled on site on the shore area, inflated with an air pump in a few minutes and then launched into the water for use. The soft air body forgives a collision with e.g. objects in the water (boat dock, bathers, etc.) because this tube body gives way accordingly.

Especially water sports enthusiasts such as divers or raging bathers were able to avoid various bruises and major injuries.

Rigid hull boats must be transported to the water with a boat trailer and can usually only be launched on slip ramps. In some cases, such ramps are also subject to a fee.

Disadvantages of the inflatable boat under construction

Due to the thin rubber boat skin, a rubber boat is susceptible to pointed and sharp objects, which can easily penetrate the boat skin and thus damage it. For example, sharp-edged stones, broken shell remains, shrub remains cut off to a point, etc. on the bank area, as well as materials carried along such as knives, fishhooks, etc.

All inflatables, depending on the manufacturing quality, lose air! As a rule, a good recreational inflatable boat needs to be refilled once a week to keep the inflatable hose tight.

Advantages of the inflatable boat purchase:

Inflatable boats with a pure air body are much cheaper compared to rigid hull boats, which is mainly due to the lower material requirements. Depending on the quality of the inflatable boat material used, the purchase price naturally rises here as well. Due to the lower weight and packing mass, the shipping and delivery costs are also lower.

Disadvantages of the inflatable boat in service life:

The main disadvantage of an inflatable boat is its lifespan. Plasticizers used in the rubber dinghy material, which evaporate from the PVC material over time, so that it becomes hard, brittle and gas-tight and is irreparably damaged after about ten years even with careful handling.

Benefits of repairing an inflatable boat

If an inflatable boat chamber is damaged, the entire inflatable boat does not sink, as further separate inflatable chambers provide further buoyancy. In a rigid hull boat, the hull is usually full and sinks to the bottom of the water.

Usually it is small damages in the inflatable boat skin, which can usually be repaired immediately with the supplied patch material. Find the point of damage and clean it … glue and patch on … done!

Here are a few more advantages of an inflatable boat and why you should buy an inflatable boat.

Most inflatable boats weigh less than 20 kilograms, and many even less than 10 kg. When rolled up, many boats fit in your luggage and can therefore be transported on the plane at no extra charge. Even on excursions, you will seldom wonder whether there is room for your inflatable boat. With a hard-shell boat or a conventional kayak, you need a roof rack or a very large vehicle, which is spared you with an inflatable boat. The low weight and the minimal space requirement are perhaps the greatest advantages of inflatable boats.

An obvious advantage is the small footprint. While you need a garage or parking space for other boats, you can simply store your inflatable boat in a closet or in the storage room.

Of course there are inflatables in different price ranges. Nevertheless, the inflatable kayaks and boats are usually much cheaper than the “normal” models.

Most models are designed to be open. The open design and the fact that most inflatable boats are quite wide allow a lot of additional luggage. Whether you’re going on a camping trip or fishing, there’s sure to be space for your gear

You will of course look in vain for sharp edges on an inflatable boat. Most inflatables also offer plenty of legroom and a free choice of seats.

Many good inflatable kayaks have a sturdy bottom and a relatively wide construction. This makes paddling standing up much easier than in hard-shell kayaks, which require more skill from the paddler.

Regardless of which type of inflatable boat you choose, they are all characterized by their stability. The wide construction and air-filled side panels make it almost impossible to tip over or capsize. Inflatable boats are therefore perfect for all ages.

Inflatable boats are very durable and resilient. Should the inflatable boat nevertheless be damaged, it can be repaired very easily with inexpensive repair kits. A set is even included with some boats.