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Life jackets save lives on the water

When you are out with your boat, you should always have enough life jackets for each person on board. If you ever get into an emergency with your boat, it is important that you and your passengers have a way to survive in the open water and not to drown. If you crash with your boat, it can be that you quickly run out of strength and you can no longer stay afloat on your own, no matter how well you or your passengers can swim. A life jacket doesn’t cost a lot of money, but it can save lives. In most regions, it is also compulsory for everyone who is on board a boat to have at least one life jacket. For this reason, we offer you high-quality life jackets from us. All of our life jackets meet the highest standards and can therefore be essential for survival.

Make no mistake buying life jackets!

The evaluation of the accidents shows it again and again: many lives could be saved if life jackets were worn more often. The life jacket is unfortunately very unpopular. It interferes with having fun in the water, does not look good and also costs money – according to popular belief.

It doesn’t have to be like that. More and more and better models come onto the market every season. The manufacturers cover the needs of their customers more and more precisely. Get an overview here and find the right one for your purposes!

Who needs a life jacket?

Life jackets are generally suitable for anyone who moves on or in the water and wants either help with swimming or emergency aid with them.

The life jacket is particularly recommended for children. In this way, parents can also enjoy the bathing fun and do not have to be constantly afraid that something will happen. The whistle that is included in many models helps to overcome the children’s aversion to the life jacket.

The life jacket is a (legal) obligation in numerous activities. Whether you are canoeing, sailing, surfing, water skiing, rafting or similar activities, the life jacket belongs on the body here. Something happened too quickly.

On motor and sailing boats, the life jacket is a legal requirement as an emergency aid in most areas. Always check with the local authorities.

There are now life jackets for dogs too. A life jacket makes a lot of sense, especially for insecure and older dogs. Movement in the water is beneficial for the joints and the circulation.

What do life jackets cost?

The simplest models are available for as little as $ 20. The price range is open at the top. As with every product, the same applies here: Quality has its price. Lifejacket quality can determine whether or not your life will be saved in an emergency. So don’t save in the wrong place!
What should be considered when buying life jackets?

The biggest differences in life jackets are in the security against fainting / buoyancy (should the life jacket serve as a life jacket or as a swimming aid) and the variant (inflatable or made of solid material).

Life jackets from a buoyancy of 150N (for children from 80N) are safe from fainting. However, it still depends on whether heavy, weatherproof clothing (e.g. oilskins) is worn. The heavier the person (including clothing), the higher the buoyancy must be. In any case, life jackets with 275N buoyancy are ohm-proof
Particular attention should be paid to:

  • Intended use – Is the vest worn all the time (must be comfortable and ensure freedom of movement) or is it only put on in an emergency (comfort less important, function is more important)?
  • Application – Will the life jacket be used on a calm lake or on the rough sea?
  • Weight class – how heavy is the user?
  • Buoyancy – strongly related to weight class. At least 8 Newtons of buoyancy per 10kg body weight.
  • Faint safety – faint-proof life jackets with collars usually guarantee that an unconscious person automatically turns into the supine position and thus the airways remain free.
  • Features – Are there any useful accessories? Crotch strap, rescue strap, lifebelt, whistle, reflector, flashlight, GPS location, etc.
  • Maintenance – automatic life jackets must be serviced regularly (manufacturers recommend every 2 years).
  • Inflatable or solid – both have many advantages and disadvantages.
  • Statutory Regulations – Are there statutory regulations for your intended use?

How to find the right life jacket for your dog

Would you like to buy a life jacket for your dog, but you don’t know which one? This guide will help you choose.

In contrast to the life jackets for us humans, there is only one type of life jacket for dogs: solid vests. Anything else doesn’t make sense either. Nevertheless, there are differences between the models: in quality, material, type of closures, buoyancy, etc.

You can’t go too far wrong with your choice. All models presented here (almost all) support and secure your dog while having fun in the water. Your personal preferences and your budget should decide.

There are models for less than 20 dollars that fully serve their purpose. However, it may be worth investing a little more. Dog life jackets are usually heavily used, which demands a lot from the material used. More expensive models usually come with clever extras.

To make the right choice, please pay attention to the following points:

  • The life jacket should fit snugly without constricting.
  • Your dog’s freedom of movement must not be restricted at all.
  • The sizes refer to either the chest circumference or the length of the back.
  • The center of gravity of the buoyancy should be in the chest area.
  • The life jacket should have reflectors and be available in a signal color to increase visibility.
  • If possible, the life jacket should not have any protruding parts so that your dog cannot get caught anywhere.

Where are life jackets used on dogs?

Many dog ​​owners put the life jacket on their dog every time they go into the water. Regardless of whether it is a stream, lake or sea. They know that the vest supports the dog and enables him to have a lot of fun in the water.

In addition, something can happen to your dog at any time: panic attack, cramp in the leg, epileptic fit, faintness, etc. Dogs react instinctively, which is not always right.

If dogs are passengers on a boat, a life jacket is a must (in Sweden, for example, it is even a legal requirement). If, for example, a large wave comes and shakes the boat, your dog can quickly fall overboard.

Some athletes take their dogs with them in canoes or on SUP. A life jacket is also highly recommended there.

Life jackets for dogs are also used in the medical field. Paralyzed, old, sick or operated dogs often do physiotherapy in the water. This method of treatment is very successful. To keep the dog safe, the therapists put on life jackets for them.

Scared and water-shy dogs may also benefit from a life jacket. What is definitely not recommended is forcing your dog to swim. There are dogs that don’t want to go into the water. That has to be accepted.

Advantages of life jackets for dogs

Swimming is much more strenuous for dogs than running. A life jacket is a great help for your dog. Your dog no longer needs to worry about the upward impulse, only the forward impulse.

Especially when swimming is a lot of fun, it is very easy for your dog to miscalculate and suddenly lose his strength far away from the shore. In an emergency, the life jacket will carry your dog on the surface.

Some dogs take a more vertical position when swimming and kick more wildly than other dogs. The dog life jacket brings you into the better, horizontal position. This means, among other things, that the snout is above the water and your dog can breathe better.

Reflective strips and signal colors ensure that you can see your dog at all times. Especially when bathing from a boat, it can quickly happen that you cannot find the dog immediately on the surface of the water.

A carrying handle is attached to all dog life jackets. With this handle, you can pull your dog out of the water or guide him during therapy. Usually a ring is attached under or next to the handle to which the leash or a rope can be attached.

How is a dog life jacket put on?

Putting on the vest is quick and easy. The life jacket consists of a piece of solid material that is placed over the dog’s back and wrapped around the chest. There are two straps around the chest and one around the collar.

First the belt is buckled around the collar, then the two belts around the chest. Tighten the straps fully so that you can easily get your fingers between the life jacket and your body.

Make sure that the rear of the two chest straps is behind the rearmost rib. This gives the vest additional stability.

How to buy the right life jacket for your child

Children love the water. A beautiful summer day at the lake with the whole family is hard to beat when it comes to quality time. Unfortunately, there is a certain danger associated with wet pleasure.

Children live in their dream world and forget everything around them. That should also be the case. We can all remember how beautiful it was in this children’s dream world.
Children live in their dream world and forget everything around them.

It is all the more understandable that parents’ constant security thinking can get on their nerves. There is hardly anything more embarrassing than having your parents constantly shouting out instructions to you.

The right life jacket for your child can ensure a lot of relaxation and enhance the family experience. Your child can indulge in their world of experience without hesitation and you too can enjoy the day. Alternatively, armbands can also be worn. Check out our new in-depth article on armbands.

Choosing the right life jacket for your child is admittedly not that easy. First and foremost, it should be safe and reliably protect your child. It should also be comfortable to wear and not look “embarrassing” or your child will refuse to put it on.

Choosing the right life jacket for your child is admittedly not that easy.

The manufacturers know this and support you with it. Cool designs and the signal whistle will help you to convince your child to put on the vest.

Pay attention to the weight and size information provided by the manufacturer so that the life jacket fits your child as perfectly as possible. If it does not fit, if you bought the life jacket online, you can send the product back to the seller within 14 days and order a different size.

Does a life jacket even make sense for your child?

It all depends on the situation and your attitude towards security. A life jacket is certainly a must or even a legal requirement on boat trips and water sports (kayaking, fishing, sailing, etc.).

A life jacket is highly recommended for your child in and around natural waters. Currents, floating debris and cloudy water make it difficult to provide help in emergency situations. The “wilder” the water, the safer the life jacket should be for your child (keyword: faint-proof).

And what about the pool? Most people are probably of the opinion that a life jacket is excessive. But you shouldn’t care about the opinion of others. It is your child and you are responsible for their health and safety.

Light and cool life jackets such as the very popular Confidence Jacket are particularly suitable for the pool.

What you shouldn’t care about either is looks. In any case, there are now very cool life jackets for children in all colors and shapes.