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Going On A Camping Trip With The Motorcycle

Have you ever ridden your motorcycle to camping? Then you know exactly how much fun it is to load the essentials onto your motorcycle and to sit on the motorcycle and drive off. Here we offer you many practical products for everything to do with camping with a motorcycle. On a camping trip with the motorcycle, it is important that you do not take too much with you. You don’t have as much storage space on your motorcycle as in your car. You can stow the camping accessories in your backpack and in the side pockets of the motorcycle. So it is important that you take things with you that are not too big. The tent should be rather small, the sleeping bag shouldn’t be that big and you also need a small and practical camping stove. Take a look around us, there you will definitely find products that are ideal for your next motorcycle camping holiday!

Being independent, discovering the world off the beaten track – for many motorcyclists this is the epitome of freedom. Camping equipment is the perfect addition. Tents and sleeping bags are natural allies of the motorcycle tourist. More intensity and immediacy of the experience is not possible.

Motorcycles and camping have always belonged together: as the ideal combination to discover the unknown and enjoy freedom. That is why we offer an extensive range for camping and other outdoor activities: from tents to cookware, from folding chairs to flashlights. And because the equipment shouldn’t eat up the holiday budget, the camping and outdoor products are available at low prices.

“Tents and sleeping bags for motorcycle trips are always a compromise.”

On the one hand, it should be big enough for luggage and motorcycle clothing to find a safe, dry place. On the other hand, it should be light and as small as possible on the machine. Again, the choice depends on the requirements. A single-walled tent saves weight and volume, but is only recommended for really dry areas.

Just in case – the tent range at Campers-Shop

From a pop-up tent that can be set up in seconds to a six-person villa with a spacious living room, Louis has a wide variety of tents for a wide variety of uses and requirements. The right tent for you is sure to be included.

The sleeping bag

The sleeping bags in our store are all filled with synthetic fibers. They are therefore very robust and insensitive to moisture. The question still remains whether a mummy or blanket sleeping bag. Advantages in terms of weight, pack size and insulation performance speak in favor of the mummy shape. Blanket sleeping bags, on the other hand, offer more freedom of movement and can be opened completely and used as a blanket.

“Today, modern materials make some conveniences transportable on a motorcycle.”

Camping furniture and motorcycle, how do they go together? Definitely better than many might think! Modern materials and ingenious (folding) constructions make some amenity also transportable on a motorcycle. Even if you don’t have a lot of space on your motorcycle or in your backpack, you will find the optimal equipment for your next camping trip with us.