Outdoor Pants

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Not only a good outdoor jacket, but also functional and well-fitting outdoor pants for women and men is an important part of any outdoor equipment. We provide you with a wide selection of pants with different properties for different areas of application. All of our outdoor pants are tested by us, so we only offer you the best pants for your next outdoor trip.

Outdoor pants for different areas of application

Ideally, the properties of outdoor pants for women and men should be based on the region, the temperature and weather conditions and the purpose for which the outdoor pants for women and men are used. When compiling our range, we therefore take special care to present you with a wide range of differently equipped trousers, which, depending on their individual configuration, are suitable for certain areas of application.
In order for you to get a good overview of our range of outdoor pants, we have set up a number of sections, each of which gives you clues as to which functions and features are in the foreground for the pants they contain.

  • So that you can remain completely flexible in your movement during sporty outdoor activities, many of our outdoor pants are manufactured in such a way that the material and cut allow you the greatest possible freedom of movement. Especially among our various softshell pants, cycling pants, sports and climbing pants, you will find numerous particularly flexible and supple outdoor pants with ergonomic cuts.
  • If you like to exercise intensely and do sweaty outdoor sports, optimal moisture management and a pleasant body climate also play a role. That’s why sporty outdoor pants for men are typically lightly constructed and breathable. You can find many particularly breathable models under our hardshell, softshell, trekking and sports pants.
  • You can also protect yourself against wind, wet and cold with suitable outdoor pants. Among our numerous waterproof hardshell pants, insulating winter pants, trekking pants and cycling pants you will find different models that keep you warm and dry even in adverse weather conditions and low temperatures.
  • Our travel trousers with mosquito protection are ideal for long-distance travel or the Scandinavian summer. You will also find outdoor pants here that provide UV protection. Especially when traveling, zip pants can be a good alternative for you, as you can quickly adjust their length as needed.

Additional equipment details for outdoor pants

In addition to the basic properties mentioned, according to which you can classify and classify our various pants, some outdoor pants in our range are also provided with special equipment details that make them real special equipment for certain areas of application.

For example, you can find specially reinforced trousers suitable for climbing harnesses for use in the mountains and on climbing walls. You will also find, for example, light and quickly ready-to-use waterproof rain pants for use on bicycles. You can also use special winter trousers with thick and highly insulating linings that protect you from the cold and wet, especially when snowshoeing, skiing or ice climbing.
Depending on your individual requirements, you will find the right outdoor trousers for women and men here.