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Satisfied with the work week, you come home from the office. You swap your elegant leather shoes and business look for t-shirts and shorts and get your running shoes off the shelf. Now you can plan your weekend with a great camping trip in nature with your family or friends. Outdoor shoes are available in many versions for different occasions and seasons. Find out which models suit you here.

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Women’s & men’s hiking and outdoor shoes

High quality hiking shoes are part of this when active people like to be outdoors to explore nature. They are an important part of any good outdoor equipment, which must be tailored to the special requirements of the wearer. Outdoor enthusiasts are exposed to adverse weather conditions and not only have to adapt their clothing and backpack to these challenges, but also pay close attention to shoes. On hikes and trekking tours, feet are exposed to special loads, which can quickly lead to painful pressure points, blisters and swelling and even reduced blood circulation if the footwear is incorrect. Hiking shoes tailored to individual foot characteristics are a guarantee for a pain-free hiking tour.

What is important when buying hiking shoes?

All trekking friends who want to go on a hiking tour painlessly will find a wide range of high-quality and comfortable hiking shoes from well-known manufacturers in our online shop, who have been successfully working on further developments in this area for many years. So it’s not just convenience that should lead to a purchase decision. Rather, special quality standards play an important role when buying hiking shoes, because high demands on the shoes relate not only to the inner life, but also to the outer material, the cut and the nature of the sole. Hiking shoes that lead through rough terrain are usually cut to the ankle. In this way, the foot is ideally supported and prevents painful sprains. High-quality hiking shoes have a flexible and at the same time hard-wearing sole that still offers support on smooth surfaces. A hard profile as well as a grippy sole are the important features when it comes to safe hiking shoes that should exist on any terrain. The slippery the terrain, the stronger the profile should be in order to protect it from dangerous falls.

What are the quality criteria when buying hiking shoes?

The special requirements for hiking shoes and also individual preferences determine the choice between synthetic fiber and leather. Both variants offer special advantages that the wearer must evaluate individually. Innovative synthetic fibers such as the tried-and-tested Goretex ensure a high moisture density, but this is no longer guaranteed if damaged. Hiking shoes made of leather offer a particularly firm hold and a high degree of sure-footedness. Texapore Air is one of the most breathable materials. Outdoor outfitter Jack Wolfskin has specialized in the further development of high-performance hiking shoes and has developed a material that offers all-round protection against adverse weather conditions and still gives the foot stability. Texapore Air is permeable to air and the new design allows warm, moist air to escape from the shoe. At the same time, fresh air flows in and thus ensures a comfortable fit. Hiking shoes from Jack Wolfskin are characterized, among other things, by their wind and water resistance, which is guaranteed by the special functionality of the membranes. Hiking shoes from Vaude also ensure solid inner shoe equipment. In solid workmanship, the models impress with a calf leather lining, which ensures a comfortable fit on hikes and trips. The hiking shoes sit comfortably and offer pleasant toe freedom in any position. A special hold is guaranteed by the ideal fit of the hiking shoes. Insoles increase comfort. The upper is easy to care for and at the same time water-repellent.

High processing standards increase the lifespan of hiking shoes

The resilience and durability of the hiking shoes depend not only on the materials, but also on the processing. Two different standards are offered: sewing and gluing the materials. Protection against moisture is increased by gluing. Anyone who attaches great importance to breathability will find an ideal air exchange in sewn shoes. Hiking shoes from our shoes listed here in the online shop of Campers-Shop.com offer a comfortable fit. Campers-Shop.com offers these durable models by the outdoor specialist, which are also suitable for the trail and the bike. The flexible hiking shoes combine all the advantages of cycling and hiking shoes in one model. With us you will find this variant in hard-wearing nubuck leather, a rubber outsole that provides strong support and a comfortable compression midsole. These hiking shoes also impress with a special insert system that is anatomically shaped and adapts easily to the foot. High processing standards can also be found in Columbia Pole models. Outdoor enthusiasts will find hiking shoes from this well-known manufacturer in the outdoor shop, which combines all the properties of a conventional hiking boot with the powerful technologies of modern trekking models.

Which shoes for which requirements?

Hiking enthusiasts will not only find conventional hiking shoes here, but also related versions that offer similar comfort, but are tailored to special external conditions. The hiking boots are particularly suitable for tours through low mountain ranges and forests. They are equipped with a flexible, well-cushioned and hard sole to ensure protection against unevenness. Optimal lateral support gives the foot the necessary stability without constricting it. Many models are made of full leather for this area and are ideal for trekking tours. A special stabilizing element encloses joints and heels and offers a high level of comfort thanks to sure-footedness and optimal cushioning.

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For shorter and less demanding hikes, high-quality trekking shoes are suitable, which are designed according to the same principle as hiking shoes. With us, trekking fans will find, among other things, comfortable models from various manufacturers that convince with a wear-friendly calfskin lining and offer toe clearance. Special insoles and an ergonomically designed fit ensure an optimal hold. The easy-care outer material is water-repellent and offers great comfort thanks to its breathability. The hiking shoes are particularly suitable for trekking tours and hikes. Vaude convinces with a high degree of functionality in different areas of application. The range also includes so-called waterproof boarding shoes, which are a special form of hiking shoes. These models are not only suitable for conventional hikes, but are also used on climbing tours. These special hiking shoes from Vaude impress with a special lamination of the upper material and membrane and are characterized by water and windproofness. The functional sole of Vibram is one of the special advantages of these hiking shoes. If you are looking for hiking shoes with perfect lacing that offer optimal support without restricting the wearer, you will find what you are looking for with our shoes. The manufacturer convinces with hiking shoes, which are equipped with an elastic tongue design, which simplifies the entry into hiking shoes and ensures a wrinkle-free hold and thus increases comfort.


Shoe care before the tour

– Impregnate your shoes with a spray (synthetic material or suede) or a wax (smooth leather).
– Always observe the exposure times.
– Don’t forget your tongue and tabs when waterproofing.

Caution when washing

– It is best to use a sponge or a soft cloth to distribute the wax evenly.
– For pure leather shoes, an even better result can be achieved by slightly warming the wax. However, this only applies to pure leather shoes – never heat the wax if the shoes have a membrane (e.g. GoreTex).

Problems with the smell

– Clean your shoes from the inside with a brush and lukewarm water.
– Use soap only on shoes without a membrane!

Shoe care after the tour

– Remove coarse dirt with water and a brush.
– Remove the laces from your shoes.
– Rub the shoes thoroughly with wax (do not use oil or grease).
– Some types of leather change their color and structure as they wax in – but this is the right care for your shoes.

For synthetic materials or blended fabrics

– Use a spray
– Dry your shoes in a warm, dry place and avoid excessive heat.
– Vaseline can also be used to care for hooks and eyes.

Shoe care during the tour

– Air and dry your shoes regularly (remove the insole).
– Avoid excessive heat, especially with leather shoes, as the leather can easily burn and become brittle.
– For shoes without a membrane, stuffing newspaper helps to absorb the moisture from the inside.
– Shoes with a membrane dry better without a newspaper.

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