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At customers can easily pay with Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

That is how it goes:

  • You simply choose your favorite products and put them in the shopping cart, then you go to the checkout.
  • For the payment method you now select “Bitcoin” as the payment method.
  • In the next step you accept the terms and conditions, the information on the right of withdrawal and the data protection declaration and click on “Buy now”.
  • You now have 30 minutes to pay with Bitcoin or other digital currencies:
    Either you have a wallet on your mobile phone and take a photo of the QR code or you click on the QR code and the payment link is transferred to the browser.
    Alternatively, you can copy it with the mouse.

The Bitcoin payment at works like a prepayment, only that it is there immediately. Our customer service will be informed about your payment via email and SMS and will send the ordered goods as soon as possible.

If there are problems or questions, we are always available by phone, live chat or email.

All items that we have in stock are with you 95% of the time in about 5 days if you order by 2 p.m. and pay by Bitcoin.

Of course, it is also possible to pay for the products in our shop with Bitcoin and take them with you there.

We wish you good luck with your payment and lots of fun with your new products!

The product price (shopping cart value) is automatically converted 1: 1 from USD when buying with bitcoin or another token! (Our system automatically uses the current real-time market price of the various tokens)

>Here you can see the actual crypto-prices<

How do you buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Buying Bitcoin and other crypto-tokens is very simple.
Here we would like to briefly explain how it works.

  • The most important things you need are: a computer, a smartphone and your credit card.
  • Open a free account on a crypto exchange. We recommend that you use the Bitmart exchange or Coinbase here, as we have had very good experiences and it is also very easy to buy and sell bitcoin and co.
  • After you have created your free account, you can simply click on “Buy Crypto” and you will be directed to a payment page. There you enter how much you want to invest, for example, 100USD, then you choose the currency you want to receive and click on pay.
    Then all you need to do is enter your credit card details and the bitcoins will be credited to your internal account.

If you want now, you can also send the crypto currency to your mobile phone wallet. That makes paying even easier! Simply download the crypto-wallet from Atomic-Wallet and install it on your mobile phone.

Now you can send the coins from the exchange to your phone. But please do not send the coins back and forth too often, note that a small transaction fee is due each time and this is automatically deducted from your crypto balance.

We recommend you to use the Bitmart exchange or Coinbase to buy crypto. >> Click here to go to Bitmart <<  >>Click here to go to Coinbase << accepts the following Coins: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash !

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