Portable Solar & Gasoline Generator

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Portable Generators

Whether you want to generate electricity for your home, business or leisure activity, there is a portable generator that is made for you! Mobile generator sets are the perfect solution for campers but also for tradespeople – they are lower in weight and on average they are also quieter than larger devices. Important for the operation of certain devices: A 12 volt connection.

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Solar generators are your personal, portable outlet. Switch it on, connect a device with a plug and use electricity – no matter where. Charge the batteries beforehand from an electrical outlet or using renewable energies and take it with you like a giant power bank.

Or you can connect solar panels on the go and use the power of the sun directly for your devices. If the sun is shining so strongly that you have more electricity than you need, you can automatically charge the integrated battery while it is in operation. If clouds pass by and you lack power, the integrated battery will help you out. The sophisticated electronics control both the discharge via all of its power sockets and the simultaneous charging of the battery.

It can be charged from almost all available energy sources and is as flexible as you want it to be. Sometimes you have plenty of sun to recharge, but you need to be careful with your weight: bring more solar panels and leave the batteries at home.

And then there are situations in which you need a lot of electricity, but cannot catch a ray of sunshine far and wide: Install more batteries and leave out the solar panels.

So you can equip yourself for all situations just as you need it. Most systems have a modular structure and all areas have been developed in such a way that they can be relied upon to supply you with electricity when you need it. Our storage generators naturally meet the highest demands in terms of safety, technology and construction.