solar panel attached to tent

Power supply when camping

Especially when camping, it is difficult to ensure a reliable power supply for cell phones, cameras or lamps. Some campsites offer sockets, but these are either associated with extra charges or guarding the device to be charged. And sometimes you don’t set up camp at a campsite. So what do you do when you set up your tent outside of any civilization? You need a completely autonomous power source. So it was time to think of an alternative to the socket.

For us on the road trip through Canada, a combination of a powerful USB charger and a compact solar charger has proven to be a good alternative to a socket and Co.

We are always on the go during the day. In the meantime, we leave the solar charger hanging on the outside of our tent in the sun and charge the large battery. The solar panel generates electricity even when it is cloudy, so that in the evening the power bank is always charged to such an extent that we can have our cell phones charged overnight.

USB charger
We use the power bank with 20,000mAh. The power bank has two USB outputs and can supply two devices simultaneously with up to 3.4A. In addition, an LED is built into the additional battery so that it can be used as a flashlight. An illuminated power button is also practical. The color of the lighting indicates how far the battery is charged.

Solar Battery Charger
We charge the power bank with the foldable solar charger.
The solar panel is sewn into fabric, foldable and therefore very compact.

Loops are sewn to the charger on all sides, making attachment easy and flexible. For longer hikes, the panel can also simply be attached to the outside of the backpack.

The combination of solar cell and battery is very simple, very robust and reliable. It also has the advantage that we collect electricity in the power bank throughout the day instead of just charging the cell phone.

Do you need more juice?
In regions where less direct sunlight and mixed weather can be expected, we recommend using a slightly larger panel. In this way, a sufficient amount of electricity can be “collected” even when it is cloudy. In addition, for example, the PowerPort solar charger has 21W and two USB outputs that are powered simultaneously.

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Here you will find our solar chargers.

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