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8 REASONS TO CHOOSE INFLATABLE Kayaks or Inflatable Boats

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I have been using a variety of inflatable boats for several years because they are not only fun, but also extremely practical. Inflatable boats have many advantages and are ideal for people of all ages, with and without boat experience. Here are the 8 reasons why you should buy an inflatable boat.


Most rubber dinghies weigh less than 20 kg, many even less than 10 kg. Rolled up, many boats fit in your luggage and can be transported on the plane at no extra charge. Even on excursions, you will rarely ask yourself whether your inflatable boat still has room. With a hard shell boat or a conventional kayak, you need a roof rack or a very large vehicle, which you are spared with an inflatable boat. The low weight and the minimal space requirement are perhaps the greatest advantages of inflatables.


An obvious advantage is the small space requirement. While you need a garage or parking space for other boats, you can simply store your inflatable boat in a closet or in the storage room.


Of course there are inflatable boats in different price ranges. Nevertheless, the inflatable kayaks and boats are usually significantly cheaper than the “normal” models.


Most models are designed to be open. The open design and the fact that most inflatables are quite wide allows a lot of additional luggage. No matter whether you go on a camping trip or go fishing, your equipment is sure to fit

5. A sleeper is comfortable

You won’t find any sharp edges on an inflatable boat, of course. Most inflatable boats also offer plenty of legroom and free choice of space.


Many good inflatable kayaks have a stable bottom and a relatively wide construction. Paddling while standing is much easier than in hard-shell kayaks, which require more skill from the paddler.


No matter what type of inflatable boat you choose, all are characterized by their stability. The wide construction and air-filled side parts make tipping over or capsizing almost impossible. Inflatable boats are therefore perfect for all ages.


Inflatable boats are very durable and resistant. If the inflatable boat is damaged, it can be repaired very easily with cheap repair kits. Some boats even include a set.



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Inflatable boats are not all inflatable boats. A basic distinction is made between fully inflatable boats that do not require a shelf and inflatable boats with aluminum or wooden floors. There are also inflatable boats that have an inflatable shelf.


If you want to buy an inflatable boat, you should first think about how you want to use the boat. The rubber boats without shelves are commonly referred to as “bathing boats”. They are light, inexpensive and especially designed for the leisure sector. You will see that there are already good swim boats for less than 100 dollars.

Robust inflatable boats with integrated rod holders and less conspicuous colors are suitable for anglers.

The boat with a stable shelf is called a rigid hull boat. The rigid inflatable boats are often used with an outer boat motor and can be so robust that they can even be used for expeditions in the Antarctic.

Inflatable boats with paddles are usually steered with their backs to the direction of travel. An exception are inflatable kayaks, in which the paddler sits facing forward.

Every inflatable boat, no matter what price category, loses air over time. In cheap or inferior models, seams and the material itself are susceptible to air loss. In high-quality boats, the valve is usually the leak. A very good bathing boat should be checked and inflated at least once a week. With a cheap boat you will find that you can pump some air every day. The older a rubber dinghy is, the shorter the pumping intervals become.


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