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Stay in shape for your next camping trip

Here we offer you a variety of different training devices that will help you keep fit. Nothing is more important than keeping your body fit for the next strenuous camping or hiking trip. We have carefully selected our products so that we can offer you good quality. With fitness equipment, it is important that they are extremely robust and last a long time. You don’t want a dumbbell to fall on your foot 😉

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Your online shop for fitness equipment

As passionate strength athletes, we have high standards for bodybuilding and fitness equipment. And this is reflected in our products: Quality and sustainability, as well as functionality and safety, are clearly in focus. Because regardless of whether you are 18, 45 or 65: the joy of fitness and the success of effective exercises depend on the right training device. With a wide range, many years of experience and comprehensive service, we are your ideal training partner for weight training, fitness and aerobics. Whether for your own home or for the gym – discover new products now and set up your own home gym!

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Professional training equipment for everyone – get started now!
A chin-up a day, keeps the doctor away? Could work, because regular pull-ups contribute to physical fitness – as do exercises on the abdominal trainer, back trainer or weight bench. And that’s why not only pull-up bars, but also dipper stations and other training equipment await you here in the Gorilla Sports online shop. No matter whether you train regularly at home, want to do something specifically for your health or need new equipment for your gym: Gorilla Sports is your strong partner. We offer you stable and safe equipment for effective training – discover our large selection right away, as well as extensive service and support. Click in!

Fitness Shop: high-quality weights for targeted exercises
Power machines, lifting weights, testing your own limits – is that exactly your world? Then you are spot on in the weight training area of ​​our shop. No matter whether strength training for women or men, whether young or old: Finger dumbbells, weight plates, dumbbells and barbell sets support you on your way to more strength and endurance. View professional studio equipment now!

Functional fitness training: more than a fitness trend!
Sport is murder? Quite the opposite, we would think. Because regular exercise is good for your health. And last but not least, fitness training also defines the body – and helps us to feel good all round. In the functional fitness area, kettlebell sets, vaulting boxes and more for cross-training as well as push-up bars await you in the online shop. These devices support freer training and help to improve performance. It’s not just health-conscious people who use it to train certain muscle groups – get started with functional fitness indoors and outdoors!

Aerobic exercises: stay in shape dynamically!
My home is my castle. And so that you can not only eat and sleep there, but also do something for your body, we have the right equipment for your very own fitness studio at home. Do you value defined arms and legs? Do you regularly do aerobic workouts? Would you like to train your stamina and endurance and be independent of wind and weather? Or do you love yoga? Then start browsing: gym dumbbells, steppers, yoga mats, exercise balls, trampolines, skipping ropes and much more are waiting for you in the online shop.

Sports wear & accessories: perfectly equipped for fitness training
There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing – this also applies to weight training. Because no matter whether outdoors or regardless of the weather at home or in the fitness center: with functional fitness clothing you are ideally equipped for your tasks. By the way: In the online shop, you will find clothing as well as a large selection of accessories for your next sports unit – from ropes to racks for balls. Find out more now and get started with professional gym equipment!

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