Inflatable Pools

If you don’t always manage to go to the beach, or if you don’t have a fixed pool at your house, an inflatable pool is an ideal alternative. We offer you, various pool models, at low prices. Take a look around our shop, there you will definitely find the right pool for you and your family.

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Pools for the garden

Having your own pool is something beautiful. We can enjoy summer refreshment right on our doorstep – at any time and without having to travel there. A pool is also a real little family paradise because it never gets boring.
At Pools Shop we have a large selection of different pools so that you can find the right one.

Inflatable pools

Big differences shape this pool model. While the standard versions, which are more similar to the baby pools but are slightly larger, can be had for around 50 dollars, there are also luxury versions of the inflatable pools. Although these only offer space for two to three adults plus a child, they are also available as thermal whirlpool baths. Connected to the electricity by an electrician, the water can be heated to 68 to 104 ° F. Inflatable pools are therefore also a real alternative for the cold winter. In addition, some versions offer a whirlpool function, so that the warm water is also made to bubble. Due to their technical functions, these pools cost several hundred euros. While cheaper pools can also come up with playful summer or marine motifs, the more expensive pools with heat function are rather simply monochrome. The pool is easily inflated by a blower, which considerably shortens the set-up time. The water can be removed and refilled at any time through a water drain valve with a cap. This saves the user from having to dry-clean this pool, which has a relatively small volume of water. Although most versions are supplied with a repair kit, the pool should not be installed on a surface with sharp stones, as in this case the material quickly suffers and the inflatable cover is perforated.

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