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In our store you will find high-quality ski and snowboard gloves at reasonable prices. In our product selection, we pay attention to quality and good value for money.

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Warm hands with the ski gloves from

The sun shines, the sky is blue, the snow has conjured nature into a magnificent winter landscape – the perfect weather for a ski adventure. In addition to suitable clothing, comfortable ski shoes and a high-quality ski helmet, round waterproof and breathable gloves your outfit and your equipment perfectly off. So you bend cold and aching fingers and can fully concentrate on your departure.

In the Campers-Shop online shop you will find a wide selection of children, ladies and gentlemen ski gloves in different sizes and colors at reasonable prices. No matter if you choose the black model or rather the eye-catching model in red – with the gloves of Campers shop you always have warm hands. We help you find the ideal gloves for you. For this we have summarized the most important clues that will make you facilitate the choice of suitable model.

That draws a good ski glove

Good children, ladies and gentlemen ski gloves are characterized by the fact that your hands are neither cold nor overheated or overheated after an extensive tour. This is ensured by tuned, breathable materials. Depending on the use and personal discretion, more and sometimes less isolated gloves are recommended. The latter usually consist of fleece or synthetic fibers and are particularly suitable for spring or warmer winter days. Depending on the model, they also serve as a basis for a thicker winter glove that can be attracted to it. For cold, wet days, however, ski gloves with a wind and waterproof membrane made of leather or synthetic materials are recommended. These reliably protect your hands against moisture and wind and are usually quick-drying and particularly durable. There are also leather or leather-like materials for a good grip and better control over your sticks.

Even a good comfort is very important when choosing new gloves. To do this, an elastic waistband, ergonomically preformed fingers and a clean processing of the seams contribute. Reinforcements on the wrists or the thumb joint also protect injurious points if you want to overthrow.

Finger glove or mitten?

If you are looking for new ski gloves, you will certainly notice that there is this a finger glove and as a mittler. Both models offer their respective advantages:

Mittens convince, for example, with improved cold protection. Since the surface of the fingers is reduced compared to finger gloves, less heat can escape. For this reason, they are especially suitable for children, ladies and gentlemen, which will be cold very quickly.

By contrast, finger gloves are particularly suitable for warmer days or those who do not freeze so fast. They offer you more freedom of movement and improved control of your sticks. With these ski gloves, you should make sure that you choose the right size. If the gloves have too much size, this leads to a loss of feeling your fingers as well as your movements. With too small size, the isolation of your gloves can not be guaranteed. Also, this leads to a limitation of the carrying comfort, since you have to work practically against the material every movement. To find the right size, you can orient yourself to the manufacturer’s instructions that you can remove from the individual size charts. You will find these on the respective product pages.

Ski glove or snowboard glove?

How do Ski gloves differ from snowboarding gloves?

Ski gloves, as well as snowboard gloves for women, men and children, convince with excellent warm insulation and waterproof as well as breathable properties. Only at a second glance can first and yet crucial differences be determined.

Especially the freedom of movement differs very strong in both models. At the ski alpine, this is particularly important to have maximum control over the sticks. For this you need feeling in your hands and a good grip.
That lacks snowboard gloves. They are designed primarily to protect your hands when plunge. For this reason, Snowboard Gloves need so-called protectors that stiffen the snowboard glove in a fall and prevent the wrinkling of your wrists.

Therefore, we recommend that you decide for gloves that are matched to your sport. As a result, injuries can be prevented and you can concentrate fully on your sport.

At Campers Shop you will find a wide selection of gloves for women, men and children in the category Snowboard Gloves, which support you with your next snowboard adventure in the best possible way!

So you care for your new ski or snowboard gloves

After a long day on the slopes, it may happen that your clothes and your equipment no longer look like new. Proper care is therefore attached.
Men and ladies’ ski gloves and mittens made of functional materials such as polyamide or polyester can usually be easily washed in the washing machine. Before you put the gloves in the washing machine, you should close all tear and Velcro closures. When washing, you prefer to use only a fine washing medium and choose a gentle cycle.

Ski gloves that have leather shares should not be cleaned in the washing machine. In this case you should wash them after use by hand. For this we recommend you to wash you with warm water and a mild soap cleaner.

After washing, you put your wet gloves in a towel and expresses the water from the finger portion to the opening on the wrist. Then you can hang it down on a warm place with the opening down. After drying you knead them best so they will be soft and comfortable again. Then they are ready for the next adventure on the slopes!

More detailed information can be found from the recommendations of the respective manufacturer. With the right care, the quality, size and color of your ski gloves remain for a long time. This prevents for example, the fading of black gloves is prevented and white gloves remain long radiant white!

Now discover the large selection of ski gloves for women, men, and children

In the online shop of Campers shop, a variety of skiing gloves in different sizes, colors and cuts are waiting for you. Whether in black or white, as a mittler or as a finger glove, in Gr. 7 or in Gr. 11 – We have the perfect winter glove for you in stock! Offer online from head to toe for the next ski holiday and look forward to exciting descents with your new ski gloves from Campers Shop.

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